642-355 - CSSDS - Cisco Storage Networking Solutions Design Specialist

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Example Questions

Which of the following designs would provide your customer with the highest performance and port utilization? What are three benefits of storage consolidation? (Choose three.) Which Cisco MDS feature alleviates a head-of-line blocking condition when occasional bursts of traffic exceed the capacity of an end device to receive data? How are Cisco MDS 9000 distributed device aliases synchronized between all switches in the fabric? A customer has a need to synchronously replicate data from the primary data center to a standby data center that is 30 kilometers away. The customer owns the fiber between the two data centers and uses the link for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity today. The Gigabit Ethernet connection is heavily utilized and generally remains at 90-percent utilization. The customer expects that the replication traffic will require approximately 30 MBps, and is looking for a low-cost solution. Which replication solution would you recommend? Which tool requires the Cisco Fabric Manager Server License in order to operate? You are implementing an FCIP solution for SAN extension between two data centers using the Cisco MDS 9000 platform. For redundancy, there are two Metro Ethernet paths between the data centers. How can you specify the primary and secondary path for each FCIP tunnel? Which two kinds of applications require sustained throughput and are sensitive to latency? (Choose two.) Which two items are necessary when implementing a highly available SAN design? (Choose two.) Which SFP and media-type combination should you recommend for a high-speed 10-kilometer link between two Cisco MDS switches? Your customer wants to implement a SAN with redundant fabrics supporting 600 device ports. Which two Cisco MDS 9000 Family configurations will meet the customer's needs? (Choose two.) Which two of these statements correctly identify how Cisco MDS Series switches increase the overall resiliency of SAN extension? (Choose two.) Your Cisco MDS 9509 configuration requires 2000 watts of power and is configured with two 2500W power supplies. If 110V power is provided to the switch, in which power mode does the switch operate? A customer has two data centers connected by dark fiber and also has a requirement for synchronous data replication between the data centers. If the data centers are 48 km apart, what is the most cost effective solution? A government agency data center that is used for tax processing is located in an earthquake fault zone. A backup data center, located 300 km away, is linked to the main data center over an OC-3 connection. Which of the following provides the best solution to extend the SAN for business continuance and for support of their IP applications? Which are two characteristics of the Cisco MDS Series fan modules? (Choose two.) Which technology should be used to provide transparent low latency FC transport across a metropolitan area? Select three characteristics of the Cisco coarse wave division multiplexing (CWDM) solution. (Choose three.) A customer would like to deploy a low-cost solution to implement an asynchronous database-replication application across a distance of 100 kilometers. Select the lowest-cost solution that will meet the requirements. What should you do to allow iSCSI hosts on multiple subnets to connect to a single GigE interface on an IPS module? Your customer has a number of data storage requirements: servers are not responsible for volume management or data migration storage is provisioned in real time legacy and heterogeneous storage assets can be consolidated and fully utilized data can be protected using simplified snapshot and replication techniques data can be assigned to different classes easily Which solution would meet these requirements? Your customer has 40 servers attached to the edge switch in a core-edge design. Each server's average throughput is between 22 and 35 MB. How many 4 GB ISLs should be provisioned between the edge and the core, and what will the ISL oversubscription ratio be? Your customer has implemented an IPS-8 for FCIP connectivity to remote sites. How can this customer prevent unauthorized hosts from connecting to the Cisco MDS 9000 fabric through the FCIP interfaces? A customer has deployed a number of Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Directors in its data center. Some of the directors were deployed with a pair of 4000W AC power supplies and some were deployed with a pair of 2500W AC power supplies, depending on their locations within the data center. The customer has a pool of spare 4000W power supplies. The power supplies to some of the directors have been configured in combined mode in order to support line card configuration. One of the 2500W power supplies to an MDS 9509 configured in combined mode fails. The administrator has no additional 2500W power supplies as spare. The administrator replaces the failed 2500W power supply with a 4000W power supply. What will be the combined-mode power capacity of the MDS 9509 running on 220V AC power? What is an advantage of Cisco MDS 9000 Distributed Device Alias Services over Fibre Channel aliases? A customer has 12 hosts, each capable of a sustained I/O rate of 75 MBps. The customer wants to connect these hosts to the fabric with a 32-port line card. For optimal performance what is the maximum number of hosts that should be connected to any four-port, host-optimized quad? What are two ways of preventing unauthorized hosts from connecting to the management interface of a Cisco MDS 9000 Family switch? (Choose two.) Which of these provides fabric-based virtualization for multiple independent software vendors? Your SAN environment requires redundant fabrics with redundant connectivity for 40 database hosts at 2 Gbps of throughput per host. Which two of these configurations are possible? (Choose two.) Your customer has implemented an IPS-8 for iSCSI connectivity to workgroup servers. How can this customer prevent unauthorized hosts from connecting to the Cisco MDS 9000 fabric through the iSCSI interfaces? Which of the following is the recommended design practice for routing from Cisco MDS to remote iSCSI host subnets? Which statement is true concerning the Cisco MDS switch when operating in native interop mode? What are two MDS features that increase the efficiency of a multiple switch Fibre Channel fabric? (Choose two.) Select three advantages of using fabric-based storage virtualization instead of host-based virtualization. (Choose three.) Your customer uses a custom change-management application. The customer wants running configuration files from Cisco MDS 9000 switches to be saved automatically to an FTP server every night. How can this be accomplished? A customer recently deployed a pair of Cisco MDS 9216i Multilayer Fabric Switches to support an ERP application. The MDS 9216i expansion slot is still unused. The customer examined other infrastructure services and applications to determine if they should leverage the SAN storage capacity, and decided that it would be beneficial to attach eight Microsoft Exchange servers to the SAN. Each Microsoft Exchange server generally drives approximately 50 MBps of disk throughput and has two Fibre Channel host bus adapters. Which line card should be used to support the Microsoft Exchange server SAN connectivity? Which MDS 9000 feature provides protection against rogue hosts impersonating legitimate hosts? How does Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) enhance manageability in an environment with VSANs? A customer is concerned about the security of its SAN. It wants to prevent unauthorized hosts and switches from connecting to the SAN fabric. Which technology should be enabled on the Cisco MDS 9000 SAN to accommodate this customer requirement? Your customer is using an IPS-8 module in its data center to provide FCIP connectivity to 20 remote sites. It has encountered connectivity problems at four of the remote sites. After investigating, the customer's network administrator found that the IPS-8 is sending 2300-byte packets, but the receiving switches at the four remote sites do not support jumbo frames. What should you do? Which SAN extension topology is a low-latency, cost-effective, high-bandwidth solution that is suitable only within a limited geographical area? What effect does VSAN technology have on typical capacity planning for a storage network? What is the definition of fan-in ratio as it applies to SANs? A customer has recently deployed a number of Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Directors in a new data center. At the time of deployment, it was discovered that 110V AC power circuits had been installed instead of the high-voltage 220V AC circuits that had been ordered. The customer decided to install one of the directors and use the 110V AC circuit. The MDS 9509 is configured with two 2500W AC power supplies. The power supplies are configured in redundant mode. What is the redundant power capacity of the MDS 9509 in this scenario? What is the best mechanism to use to isolate backup traffic from other mission-critical traffic? What is the principal cost advantage of a collapsed core SAN design compared to a core-edge design if each connects the same number of host and storage ports? Which Cisco MDS 9500 Series feature addresses the customer requirement for five nines (99.999-percent) availability? What are three key benefits of implementing a SAN using iSCSI? (Choose three.)