642-279 - Installing TelePresence Video Immersive Systems Exam

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Example Questions

What must be done if the VCS gatekeeper requires H.235 authentication for registrations? Default call rate for T3 per codec without presentation in kbps Which Cisco Telepresence infrastructure component is an optional component that can be used to connect to the PSTN? What is the most appropriate troubleshooting measure to use if there is no control or preview image of the document camera from the GUI? Which site occupies the center screen in a call that involves four Cisco Telepresence T3 sites? When you are troubleshooting the initial operation of the Cisco Telepresence TCU, what is a proper troubleshooting step to take when there is no TCU GUI on the collaboration screen? Which two features are part of the TCU? (Choose two.) When viewing the Cisco Telepresence Server status, what information is provided in the Conference Status section? When you assemble a Cisco Telepresence T3 system, what is the first step you should take? Which of these describes the correct way to set up a T3-to-T3 call? For a Cisco Telepresence T3 system, what is the maximum power consumption, including lighting? For the Cisco TelePresence Server, what is the bandwidth requirement for each connected T3 site? What would you normally check first if none of the three collaboration screens has an image? Which type of user is a Cisco Telepresence Server MSE 8710 blade for the MSE 8000 chassis most suitable? What is the correct sequence to upgrade the Cisco Telepresence Server? Which call detail is required to set up a call to a Cisco TelePresence T3 system? Which two steps would you follow to initially set the system settings? (Choose two.) When planning a Cisco Telepresence T3 installation, what is the first thing you should do? Which Cisco Telepresence Server diagnostic tool shows the most recent shutdown and upgrade events? Which Cisco Telepresence infrastructure component allows for call control, OCS interoperability, and FindMe call routing? How are the IP addresses of the left, center, and right Codec C90 configured? Which method can you use to remotely issue commands to the TCU? When configuring a Cisco Telepresence Server MSE 8710 blade from the web interface of the MSE 8000 supervisor blade, what is the first thing that you need to do? What is the recommend latency needed in order to provide a user with a good Telepresence experience? Which one of the following options describes a Cisco Telepresence multipoint call? What is the most plausible cause for a TCU that seems to be hanging with a black screen and a cursor after the device.properties file has been modified and the TCU has been rebooted? Where is the devices properties file stored on the TCU? What do you need to do when troubleshooting web interface problems with the Codec C90 after you upgrade to the latest software version? Which statement about the endpoint management feature of the Cisco Telepresence Server is correct? Which of these is an optional component of a Cisco Telepresence T3 system? What is to default IP configuration setting on a Cisco TelePresence Codec C90?