642-262 - Implementing Cisco Unity Connection

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Example Questions

Which Java Runtime Environment is the minimum requirement for user workstations? What is one of the voice recognition capabilities of Cisco Unity Connection? Which main navigation section provides Cisco Unity Connection with monitoring and troubleshooting services? Which protocol is used to exchange information between VPIM networked voice-mail systems? What are the minimum system requirements to install Cisco Unity Connection? What is the maximum number of supported ports for a single-server implementation using Platform Overlay 2? Which two match criteria are used to find users by alias? (Choose two.) Which choice most accurately describes the licensing components for Cisco Unity Connection? Which call handling element initiates the call flow through the Cisco Unity Connection? Which statement best describes the difference between DRS and COBRAS? Which item controls access to advanced Cisco Unity Connection features? How many phones and mailboxes may be supported with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition? Which Cisco Unity Connection call handling element provides subscriber information for incoming callers? Where is COBRAS intermediate data stored? Which two Cisco Unity Connection components use default schedules for processing incoming calls? (Choose two.) Which item on the Phone System Integration page reduces the port requirements for voice mail? Which statement most accurately describes the services required to integrate the Cisco Unity Connection with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager? Which Database engine is used in Cisco Unity Connection? Which two options represent call transfer methods available in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose two.) Which two of these items are Cisco Unity Connection components assigned to partitions? (Choose two.) Which statement describes the COBRAS installation location? What is the maximum number of voice-mail subscribers that can be deployed in a Cisco Unity Connection digitally networked solution? Which action most accurately describes the primary function of COBRAS? Which digital network join method requires the administrator to exchange credentials between all digitally networked Cisco Unity Connection servers or server clusters? Which option controls call transfer settings in Cisco Unity Connection? Which component is required for the COBRAS import tool for Cisco Unity Connection v7.0 and higher? Which two types of modifications can be made by the Cisco Unity Connection Bulk Edit utility? (Choose two.) Which URL is used to retrieve the COBRAS applications? Which two of these methods can be used to integrate Cisco Unity Connection to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) Which situation most accurately describes conflict resolution during the COBRAS import process? What is the maximum number of phone system integrations that is supported by the Cisco Unity Connection? How many standalone Cisco Unity Connection servers can be digitally networked to provide a larger voice-mail deployment? Which Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition version can be used for all platforms and browsers? Which technique is used by the second node to synchronize the system clock? Which statement most accurately represents the local server configuration when implementing VPIM networking? Which product creates a script that can be used with a USB drive for hands-free installation? Which two methods can be used to view the log files for a Cisco Unity Connection installation?(Choose two.) Which credential does RTMT login require? Which two methods can be used to create private distribution lists? (Choose two.) Which two products provide connectivity to circuit-switched phone system integrations? (Choose two.) What is the maximum number of integrated messaging subscribers that can be deployed in a Cisco Unity Connection digitally networked solution? Which Cisco Unity Connection component provides a set of standard features for new subscribers? Which of these networking components are tested and verified (if they are configured) during a Cisco Unity Connection installation? Which Class of Service selection controls remote access to secure messages? Which two key strokes or sequences are used to navigate in the Cisco Unity Connection installation wizard?