642-181 - Cisco Unified Presence Design and Implementation

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Example Questions

If a user attempts a Click-to-Call using IBM Lotus Sametime and the call gets rejected, which option is least likely to cause the problem? A Cisco Unified Presence Solution integrated with Microsoft is being deployed. Which component is optional? Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator troubleshooting tool is not available from the client interface? A Cisco Unified Communications solution is being deployed as follows: includes Cisco Unified Presence integrates with Microsoft Office Communications Server used for remote call control of Cisco Unified IP phones What must be taken into consideration for scalability? Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is being deployed with advanced features such as: multipoint video message retrieval ad-hoc web conferencing Which component(s) is/are not required? Which option is a peripheral component of Cisco Unified Presence? When migrating from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 5.x to Release 6.x, what is the fastest way to assign line appearances to users? The Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is integrated with the Cisco Unity Connection for Unified Messaging. Which functionality will not be present? With how many CUCM clusters the Cisco Presence can be connected? What type of users must be created on Cisco Unified Communications Manager when Cisco Unified Presence users are created? Users of a Cisco Unified Presence solution are configured with directory synchronization. What is required for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator logins to authenticate with the directory? Cisco Unified Presence services can be stopped and started from which three places? (Choose three.) Which is the most important issue to be aware of when bulk assigning user licensing for presence users? Which of these Cisco Unified Communications Manager services is not required for integration with Cisco Unified Presence? An IBM Lotus Sametime deployment with the Click-to-Call plug-in requires which Cisco solution? To view Cisco Unified Personal Communicator call flows, what needs to be configured? Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator file will be least helpful in troubleshooting? A Cisco Unified Communications user needs to have presence added. Which two options must be enabled in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Capabilities Assignment section? (Choose two.) A Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is configured as follows: as a device in Cisco Unified COmmunications Manager Release 6.x user name is UPCXXXXX How many user licenses are consumed when a primary phone is not set? Which Cisco Unified Communications component does not interface with the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator? What is the fastest way to verify configuration and integration with Cisco Unified Presence? Which function is not available on the client interface of the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator? In which application are user accounts for Cisco Unified Presence server created? Which Disaster Recovery function is missing in Cisco Unified Presence? When configuring the Cisco Unified Presence connection to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which two options must be created or configured? (Choose two.) Which capability is not provided by the Real Time Monitoring Tool for Cisco Unified Presence? Using the Real Time Monitoring Tool, which Cisco Unified Presence log file is least likely to be gathered by the administrator? Which option allows for user presence information to be shared between clusters? Which option best describes the BLF presence status of Cisco Unified Communications Manager? In what order should components be upgraded in the Cisco Unified Presence solution? Cisco Unified Presence Release 6.0 is being installed. Which two tasks must be accomplished prior to installation? (Choose two.) To populate a Cisco Unified Personal Communicator contact list, what must be configured by the administrator? When Cisco Unified Personal Communicator with Active Directory is performing a directory search, what is one way to improve the response time? You have recently upgraded as follows: From: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 5.x Cisco Unified Presence Release 1.x To: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 6.x Cisco Unified Presence Release 6.x Which feature is not found in the later releases? Once a Cisco Unified Presence installation is completed, which two presence services must be activated before using Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two.) When configuring users in a Cisco Unified Presence solution, what is the best way to ensure user consistency? Which two descriptions are functions of the SIP presence engine and the SIP proxy? (Choose two.) Cisco Unified Personal Communicator has the ability to register with which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions? (Choose two.) Cisco Unified Presence can support up to 5000 users on which hardware platform? Cisco Unified Presence Serviceability is similar to which other type of serviceability? Which two solutions are supported with Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two.) The phone status of a user is not updating automatically during use. What is the most likely problem? IBM Lotus Sametime is being used with Click-to-Call functionality via the Cisco TCSPI plug-in. Which design consideration is the most essential? Which Cisco Unified Presence interface provides for calendar integration with Microsoft Exchange? Cisco Unified Presence works with which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions? (Choose two.) Cisco Unified Presence allows administrators to configure contact information for which two aspects of the MIB2 system group? (Choose two.) Microsoft Office Communicator is being integrated with a Cisco Unified IP Phone for remote call control. What is the purpose of the Cisco Unified Presence server? Which software components are unsupported in Cisco Unified Presence Release 6.0.1? When a user is enabled in Cisco Unified Presence, which technology is unsupported? In which application are Cisco Unified Presence users licensed?