642-164 - UCCX - Unified Communications Contact Center Express Implementation

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Example Questions

In addition to writing information to a trace file, the Cisco CRS System sends standard event logging messages to a syslog server through which service? What issues notification messages for CRS engine errors? What is the maximum number of agents supported on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express deployment? How many languages can be installed for the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) and the Cisco Supervisor Desktop (CSD)? Which configuration object can have skills assigned to it in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? Which two steps check out a database connection from the connection pool? (Choose two.) Where are users managed and their data stored in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? What tool is used to estimate the hardware server resources required for an IPCC Express deployment? What allows you to monitor the system performance of the Cisco CRS System (CPU, memory, etc.)? What is the maximum number of CTI ports supported by a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 5.0 Standard deployment? In the CRS Application Editor, where do you start the debugger? Which three feature enhancements are included in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 5.0 Supervisor Desktop? (Choose three.) Where do you enable the CRS engine? What is the Flush Input Buffer setting used for in the Input tab of the Menu step? What formula do you use to calculate the number of agents in a Call Center? A preview outbound dialer uses which source and destination resources? You are designing a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express system with three requirements: 250 configured agents 150 agents maximum logged in at any given time 30 agents able to make outbound calls How many seats should be purchased? What can help expose problems with script logic or validity by simulating the execution of a script? Which agent will be selected when the Resource Selection Criteria is set to circular routing? Which phone type has the following support matrix for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? version 4.0 unsupported version 4.5 supported version 5.0 supported Which action blocks further inbound and preview outbound calls when an agent is presented with a preview outbound call? The use of 7845-I2 or 7845-H2 servers allows Cisco Unified CCX 5.0 to support more of which of the following? Which deployment option is invalid for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express v. 5.0? An organization wants to collect an account number from a customer via IVR prompting. Then, using a keystroke macro, they want to pop the account number into the account number field in the agent's CRM desktop application. The keystroke macro will also initiate the CRM desktop application, executing a database lookup from the CRM Database server to retrieve the customer record. Assuming the organization wants the lowest cost solution, what product does this organization need for this capability? What is the maximum number of agents supported for CCM co-resident installations? Which step library is included in the license for Cisco Unified CCX Standard? If the Call Redirect step sends a caller to a device that does not exist in the CallManager, which branch of the step is executed? When would the Cisco Supervisor Desktop fail to show an agent that is logged in? Which two Customer Response Solution deployment scenarios are valid for Cisco Unified Communications? (Choose two.) Which two releases require physical media to be ordered and received prior to patching or upgrading Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? (Choose two.) In a high availability scenario, what is the longest expected downtime for a Cisco Agent Desktop failover? How can you configure the Prompt step to play different prompts following subsequent timeouts or retries? Which feature is added when upgrading from the Enhanced to Premium Cisco Unified Contact Center Express? What does it mean for a variable in the Application Editor to be defined as a parameter? Which server or servers combine with redundant Cisco CRS engines to make a valid Cisco CRS 4.0 deployment? If an existing script is uploaded to the CRS, what does it ask? An Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 4.0 deployment requires support for 20 concurrently logged-in agents. The agents are split across two remote sites, and the high-availability Cisco CRS Engine, Database Server, VoIP Monitoring, and Recording server processes run at a central data center. The agents will be using CAD with Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960G and end-point monitoring. Very little recording and silent monitoring will be performed, and no historical reporting will be done during call center open hours. Assume the minimum number of servers is desired. How many Cisco Unified Contact Center Express hardware servers would be required for this Cisco Unified Contact Center Express deployment? What is the main function of the CRS Editor? When using the Call Subflow step, can variables be shared between the parent (calling) flow and the subflow? Which interface is used to configure debug parameters for log files? CiscoWorks IP Telephony Environment Monitor (ITEM) provides what two serviceability capabilities? (Choose two.) Which step is designed to prompt a user to press or say a single-digit number to perform a specific function? When a valid SQL Query in a DB Read step returns 0 rows, which branch of the step will be executed? Which configuration enables a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express server to fail over to a secondary Cisco Unified Communications Manager server when the primary server fails? What formula do you use to calculate the number of Voice Gateway ports? In CRS Administration, what is created on the Communications Manager when you add a Unified CM Telephony group? What is a benefit of using subflows? By which ways does remote monitoring allow the monitored call to be selected? (Choose two.) In Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, where is wrap-up data enabled? What types of orders are exempt from using the IPCC Express Configuration and Ordering Tool?