642-144 - IPTX - IP Telephony Express Exam

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Example Questions

You are the network technician at . You want to sends all incoming PSTN calls over an FXO port to an Attendant at extension 9659. What command should you use? The next step in your IP telephony installation plan is to configure your Cisco CallManager Express router to connect to the PSTN. The telco is delivering a T1 PRI configured for ESF/B8ZS. You have only purchased enough capacity to support 12 voice calls. Which controller configuration best supports your installation requirements? Which of the following QoS mechanisms does Cisco CME use for voice packets from locally connected IP phones? (Choose all that apply) When you are at your desk and you wish to pick up your voice mail, you dial an extension number to reach CUE. What is this extension number known as? Which of the following legacy voice components are similar to an ephone-dn? Which of the following IOS voice components are created automatically by Cisco CME when installing a IP phone? (Choose all that apply) You are working with a small organization that would like to provide a different greeting for some of its departments. How many active Auto Attendants are supported by CUE? Which of the following endpoints are supported by Cisco CME3.0 and below? (Choose all that apply) Incoming calls to your store are answered by the front desk. Calls are parked at an extension and an announcement is made for an employee in the appropriate department to pickup the call. The accounting department has been extremely busy and you wish to be able to park up to 5 simultaneous calls for this department on extension 102. How can you accomplish this? You are the network administrator for a company . Your newly appointed trainee wants to know what the maximum number of simultaneous conference calls allowed in Cisco CME 3.0 and below is. What will your reply be? What IP telephony device will take a call from the LAN to the WAN? Which of the following LOS voice port functions allows an incoming call from an analog FXO port to be routed to an IP phone? You need to configure your single button IP phones so they can answer both internal calls to their 4 digit extension and also their DID number. Which of the following ephone-dn configurations should you use? The Neilson Farm has tried without success to use both Cisco Fax Relay and T.38 faxing services with Cisco Unified CallManager Express. The only faxing service that seems to work is fax pass-through. Which port type is connected to their fax device? The Clinton Howe Wieghts and Measures Company wants to send CDRs to a syslog server. Which two options are required? (Choose two.) Which three of the following represent advantages of using two VLANS for connecting Cisco IP phones to a switch? (Choose three) Where do the CUE GUI files reside when enabled? What must be configured on the Cisco Unity Express host Router prior to installation of the CUE module? Which of the following statements are true regarding Conference capability on Cisco CME 3.0 and below? The network administrator at has downloaded the cme-gui-xxx.xx.tar file ("xxx.xx" represents the version number of the file) for Cisco Unified CallManager Express. Which file will be extracted? What two are features of the Cisco Unified CallManager Express QCT? (Choose two.) Which three of the following platforms does Cisco CME 3.0 support? (Choose all that apply.) The new trainee technician want to know which of the following voice gateways can support H.450 call forwarding. What will you reply be? (Choose all that apply.) Which pre-configuration task is necessary for VoiceView Express? The new trainee technician wants to knowwhich date formats can be configured in Cisco CME for display on IP phones. What will you reply be? has received its router from Cisco and is ready to install Cisco Unified CallManager Express. Where will the company find its Cisco Unified CallManager Express software? Which two of the following must be configured to allow users to bind transfer calls to both internal and PSTN numbers using H.450.2 supplementary services? (Choose two) is interested in deploying an IP telephony solution for their facility and two remote test sites. The facility has approximately 450 employees and will require a Cisco CallManager. Each of the test sites has 75 employees, and each test site will require a Cisco CallManager Express. currently has an IP WAN connecting these sites, but it will be used for data only. Which Cisco CallManager Express deployment model would characterize each of the test sites? How are Cisco CallManager Express files obtained? Which of the following statements regarding a shared ephone-dn is valid? (Choose all that apply.) Which of the following statements are true regarding H.450 implementation in Cisco CME 3.0? (Choose all that apply) Which of the following is a supported legacy voice mail integration method with Cisco CME 3.0? Which three files constitute the CUE system software? (Choose three) Which of the following legacy voice components are similar to an ephone? What are two main purposes of QoS marking? (Choose two) Which of the following is provided by the Cisco CallManager Express? (Choose all that apply.) What could be the reason why a client would prefer a key system to a PBX? (Choose all that apply.) Which Cisco CME components can be migrated to a SRST? (Choose all that apply.) You are the network technician at . is using Cisco CME 3.0. You want to enable H.450 call transfer from an IP phone. What must you configure on the VoIP dial peer? What can a user do to access the following speed dial entry? Ephone 1 Fastdial 1 1000 name marketing. You wish to allow only your executives to call international numbers. What must be configured to prevent other employees from dialing international numbers? Your IT manager wants you to configure CUE to use the GUI interface. Which two configuration steps must be executed? (Choose two.) What could be the source of the problem when you encounter a situation where incoming callers to an analog FXO port on a Cisco CME system receive dial-tone only? Which protocol is required for an IP phone to register with Cisco CallManger Express? You are the network technician at . has several IP Phones that use the following configuration. Tftp-server flash P00303020214.bin. Telephony service. Load 7960 - 7940 P00303020214-bin. Max-ephones 48 Max-dn 288. Ip source address port 2000. Create enf-files. The IP phones fail to download firmware. What is the cause of this problem? What is the purpose of the NTP service? You have been asked to configure an FXS port on a voice enabled router. Which commands will be necessary to configure port 1/0/0 to support ground start signaling, ring cadence for Germany, ring frequency of 25hz., calling name James Switch, and a calling number of 408-555-1212? Which of the following is most likely to cause irregular and unexpected gaps in the voice stream? Which of the following protocols are supported by Cisco CME for call transfer? (Choose all that apply) Which of the following solutions are supported with Cisco CME3.0 and below? (Choose all that apply)