642-105 - IUM - Implementing Cisco Unified Messaging

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Example Questions

Cisco Unity is integrated with Cisco CallManager at a company. The customer reports that Message Waiting indicators are intermittent on some extension. You have opened up Integration Monitor to help resolve the issue. Which statement is true? Your client would like to be able to back up and restore the entire Cisco Unity server, including the operating system and SQL database in case of a catastrophic failure of the Cisco Unity server. Which Cisco Unity or third-party utility would you tell them to use? You are running the Cisco Unity Telephone Integration Manager (Cisco UTIM). What information is needed for Cisco Unified Communications Manager integration with Phone View options? What is the proper sequence for installing software on the Cisco Unity 5.0 server in a 24-port voicemail only configuration with the message store located on-box? You are the network administrator at Company . Company has a Cisco Unity system. The Company CEO wants a report that lists the distribution lists available through the Cisco Unity directory.Which report should you run? Cisco Unity 5.0 is being installed on a site using only Exchange 2007. The Message Store Configuration Wizard creates a script file. On which server must you run this script file? A customer with two Cisco Unity servers has had a catastrophic failure on one those servers. They have a DiRT disaster recovery backup and want to restore the database of their failed Cisco Unity server to their functioning Cisco Unity server. What do they need to know? You are the Cisco Unity system administrator at Company . One of the Cisco Unity subscribers' voice-mail accounts is locked. How would you be able to determine when the account was locked? What happens when you as the Internet subscriber call into Cisco Unity to check your voice-mail messages? In the architecture diagram below, which component should be in the box labeled with the question mark? You are attempting to address a message by extension to a colleague on a different Cisco Unity server in another city. Cisco Unity only gives you a match for the Sales Department distribution list at your location because of an overlapping dial plan.You have confirmed your colleague's extension number as 4110. How do you solve this issue? The Cisco Unity DbWalker Utility can test for all of the following items except: A Cisco Unity 5.0 customer requires that the auto attendant be restricted from transferring to outside numbers. Which procedure will best accomplish this task? You are installing Cisco Unity 5.0 with Exchange Server 2000 for a customer. Which two operating system options are supported for this install? (Choose two.) Your client recently deleted a subscriber who was the owner of multiple call handlers on the Cisco Unity system. These call handlers have ceased to function properly. Which Cisco Unity utility can be used to identify these call handlers, and if desired, automatically fix them? You are a Cisco Unity system administrator at Company . You want to add subscribers to the Cisco Unity system.What should you do before you add the subscribers? A customer moved from G.711 to G.729A codec. Users now notice a difference between the audio quality of voicemail prompts and messages. Which utility could alleviate this problem? From which source can the Cisco Security Agent be installed? A 5.0 Cisco Unity system is built as follows: voice mail only deployment Exchange 2003 server configured as the mailstore They must import users as follows: New templates and classes of service have been built. There is no electronic file for import. There is a written list of user names and extensions. The system must be tested before users are added. Which procedure will best test the system and then proceed with the import? The Cisco Unity server is being upgraded from version 4.21 to version 5.0 with Exchange Server 2003 as the message store. Which two steps ensure a successful upgrade? (Choose two.) You are importing subscribers into Cisco Unity using a .csv file. When you attempt to import them you receive errors. You review your .csv file and it shows you have the LAST_NAME, FIRST_NAME, and ALIAS. What are you missing? An organization having three Cisco Unity servers recently combined with another organization via a Nortel Meridian voice mail system. The organization set up a VPIM delivery location on one Cisco Unity server only. Are the other two Cisco Unity servers able to send VPIM messages? Which of the following are standard features of the Cisco Unity software? (Choose two.) The VPIM directory account is created by which Cisco Unity utility? A centralzed Cisco Unity system serves several small remote sites. How can they move to the When would you create a delivery location object in Cisco Unity? You persuade your customer to buy another Brooktrout card for their Cisco Unity Bridge server as messages from the Cisco Unity server to an Octel node take too long to be delivered. How do you determine if this corrected their problem? Your customer wants to set some subscriber mailboxes to use the Visual Message Locator feature. On the Subscribers > Features page you gave the subscriber access to the feature, yet it is not functioning. Where else do you need to configure this feature? There are three sites at your customer's installation. At sites A and B, Cisco Unity is integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Site A uses an extension range of 2000-3000, Site B 3100-3500. At Site C Cisco Unity is integrated with an Avaya PBX using DTMF integration with an extension range of 3200-3700. Can subscribers at all three sites use the cross-box login feature and not affect subscriber messaging? The secondary Cisco Unity failover server can have the Exchange mailstore installed on-box under which conditions? Your client has used the Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Backup utility to back up the Cisco Unity version 4.0(3) Unified Messaging server. The client has decided to perform the restore to a new server installed with Cisco Unity version 4.0(4). Which statement is true? Your customer has asked subscribers to go through the first enrollment process before system cutover. Which report will identify the users who have completed the first enrollment? In a Cisco Unity Bridge installation, where are updates to Cisco Unity Bridge subscribers stored? You are configuring a Cisco Unity Unified Messaging system to communicate with a non-Cisco voice-mail system that uses the AMIS protocol. As a part of your work, you use the Configuration Manager utility. When you press the Create AMIS Account button, what has been created? In a Cisco Unity 5.0 system a customer requests a warning tone indicating the caller is close to the maximum message length. Where will this option be configured? You have completed setting up your call handlers. What utility can you use when dialed in to verify that calls are routed to the correct call handlers? Your customer wants to allow auto attendant callers to reach the Sales Conference Room but does not want to give that telephone a mailbox. Using best practices, how does one accomplish this? Cisco Unity 5.0 is installed in a mixed Unified Messaging and voice mail deployment. Which report shows the level of usage of audio text? You are installing a Cisco Unity 5.0 system for a customer. You have installed Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition. You have installed SQL Server 2000 and MSXML 2.0. Which of the following choices best describes which software components will be installed when you run the Cisco Unity Server Preparation Assistant? A 24-port Cisco Unity for Lotus Domino unified messaging system is being deployed. Where the Lotus DUCS csServer should be installed? Your customer asks you to install Cisco Unity 5.0 with Exchange Server 2000. For the following operating system options, which two are supported for this install? (Choose two.) What is true about a DiRT disaster recovery backup? (Choose one.) Your client is concerned about virus attacks on the Cisco Unity Unified Messaging server. What would help to prevent virus attacks? A Cisco Unity installation is configured as follows: 72 ports Cisco Unified Communications Manager NEC NEAX 2400 with 9-port PMG units (5) first 36 Cisco Unity ports for Cisco Unified Communications Manager second 36 Cisco Unity ports for NEC NEAX 2400 While messages left on the Cisco PBX cause the MWI indicators to light, messages left on the NEC do not. What needs to be done to make the MWI indicators light on the NEC PBX phones? Which of the following reports will allow you to obtain information regarding the access frequency of different call handlers on an extensive call handler touring plan? You are a Cisco Unity system administrator at Company . You are creating new accounts. You want Cisco Unity to lock the voice-mail account if there are more than five invalid password entries for these accounts.What would give you control over these settings"? You have two Cisco Unity servers within one organization. The PBXs they are using are not networked and they do not have overlapping dial plans. Your customer has requested that subscribers are able to address messages to subscribers homed on either Cisco Unity server. What do you need to do on the default location on both servers? When a CEO receives a call it is forwarded to the CEO's assistant. The first redirect deposits the call into the CEO's mailbox. The CEO wants the call to be redirected to the assistant's mailbox instead. Where would that change be made? You thought you had assigned the Text to Speech feature to certain users in a class of service, however after importing them using the Bulk Import Utility the feature is not working for any of them. What could be the cause? What is the correct procedure for adding a new subscriber on a Cisco Unity for Domino system?