642-104 - UCSE - Unified Communication for System Engineers Exam

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Example Questions

Your customer says that messages from the Cisco Unity server to an Octel node take too long to appear. After you explain the message flow from the Cisco Unity server to the Octel node, your customer agrees to purchase another Brooktrout card for the Cisco Unity Bridge server. How do you determine if the installation of the Brooktrout card corrected the problem? Your client has installed the Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Backup and Restore utilities on the Cisco Unity off-box Exchange message store server. Which statement is true? What should you set up before you add subscribers? What happens when a subscriber account is deleted from the Cisco Unity Administrator? (Choose two.) You have been asked to configure a Cisco Unity voice messaging system to deliver messages for subscribers with accounts on a non-Cisco Unity voice messaging system using the AMIS protocol. When configuring the delivery location object for the AMIS target system, which information must you supply about the system to which messages will be delivered? Your client's 200-call handler application is experiencing problems. It seems certain "one-key" selections do not send the caller to the appropriate call handler. You suspect that your customer configured some "one-key" options incorrectly. Which report or utility in Cisco Unity can you use to investigate this problem? Your customer has a Nortel Meridian 1 telephone system. What is the approved integration method for this phone system? The Cisco Unity db Walker utility can test for all of these items except: Which two objects should you configure prior to adding subscribers? (Choose two.) Your customer has added five new subscribers to the Cisco Unity system. The new subscribers are in the product management department but they are not able to access the same system features as the other 12 people in the product management team. They are unable to access the Cisco Unity Personal Communications Assistant, and the conversation for the five new subscribers is different from the original 12 subscribers in product management. What should be done to correct the problem? A new Cisco Unity subscriber notifies the administrator that MWIs are not being turned on or off at their telephone. On further investigation, the subscriber notes that on occasion, the MWI light on the phone flashes briefly and then goes out again. What is the most likely cause of the problem? Your customer says that when subscribers access their voice mailboxes, they hear a message about an outage. They can listen to some of their messages but are unable to act on them. You explain to the customer that the off-box message store server is off line. Your customer calls a while later and informs you that the messaging server is back on line. How do you confirm that the server is operating? The customer wants to set a call handler to play a school closing announcement and then hang up after playing the greeting once. What are the correct call handler settings? Cisco Unity is integrated with Cisco CallManager at a company. The customer reports that Message Waiting indicators are intermittent on some extensions. You have opened up Integration Monitor to help resolve the issue. Which statement is true? You are integrating Cisco Unity with a NEC NEAX 2400 telephone switch. Which operation system should be installed on the Cisco Unity server? You are installing a 72 port Cisco Unity system at a site with two telephone switches, a Cisco CallManager, and an NEC NEAX 2400. You installed and configured three Intel Dialogic D120 voice cards in the server and integrated both switches using the Unity Telephony Integration Manager. You configured the first 36 ports to work with CallManager and ports 37 72 to work with the NEAX 2400. When you test the integration none of your calls are transferred to a subscriber. Why doesn't the integration work? As the administrator of a Cisco Unity messaging system, you have been asked to provide information on the amount of disk space used by each subscriber on the Unity system during the past seven days. How can you accomplish this task? You are installing a Cisco Unity system as a 36 port voice-mail only solution for a customer that uses Microsoft Exchange for their e-mail system. On the Cisco Unity server, you are installing Windows 2000 with correct Service Pack, Microsoft Exchange 2000, SQL 2000 and correct Service Pack and Cisco Unity 4.0. Which statement is true? What are the three fields you must complete when adding a new subscriber before Cisco Unity will allow you to save your work? (Choose three.) You are going to install a Cisco Unity system using Microsoft Exchange 2000 as the back-end message storage. Your customer has a mixed voice messaging environment where a few of the sales offices are using Octel systems as their voice mail. Senior management at the corporate office wants to be able to send voice mail to all employees using Unity's distribution lists. The Unity server has SMTP, AMIS, Bridge, and VPIM networking enabled. How can you deliver messages to the sales offices using Octel voice-mail systems? You want Cisco Unity to lock the voice-mail account if there are more than five invalid password entries for new accounts you create. What would give you control over these settings? You are installing a 24 port Cisco Unity 4.0 for Exchange in a Unified Messaging configuration. On the Cisco Unity server you are installing Windows 2000 with the correct Service Pack, MSDE 2000 with correct Service Pack, Microsoft Exchange 2000 with correct Service Pack, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Cisco Unity 4.0. The Cisco Unity _____. Your customer wants to allow subscribers to address messages across multiple Cisco Unity servers within the same organization where replication is happening on a regular basis. How would you configure your systems to accomplish this goal? Your customer wants you to install Cisco Unity in a unified messaging environment with the failover option. Each Windows server installation will include MSMQ, NNTP, IIS, MSXML 3.0, and MSXML Service Pack 2. Which Microsoft server software components should be in place prior to installing Cisco Unity? Your client recently deleted a subscriber who was the owner of multiple call handlers on the Cisco Unity system. These call handlers have ceased to function properly. Which Cisco Unity utility can be used to identify these call handlers, and if desired, automatically fix them? Your client is concerned about virus attacks on the Cisco Unity Unified Messaging server. What would help to prevent virus attacks? What is the correct procedure for adding a new a subscriber on a Cisco Unity for Domino system? In an Exchange 2000 environment, which method does Cisco Unity use to send voice mail to other Cisco Unity servers in the same Exchange routing group? Your client has used the Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Backup utility to back up the Cisco Unity version 4.0(3) Unified Messaging server. The client has decided to perform the restore to a new server installed with Cisco Unity version 4.0(4). Which statement is true? Your customer had to change the IP address of the Cisco CallManager and now the integration between it and the Cisco Unity server is lost. Where in Cisco Unity would you enter the new IP address for Cisco CallManager? Which two statements are true about a failover configuration? (Choose two.) You are configuring a Cisco Unity voice messaging system to exchange messages with several nodes in an Octel analog network. As a part of your work, you use the Configuration Manager utility to create an account and mailbox on the Cisco Unity system. When you press the Create Bridge Account button, what has been created? What software does a 24 Port/Session Cisco Unity in a UM configuration with Failover require? You have installed a Cisco Unity Unified Messaging system that uses your customer's Domino messaging environment. The customer is using Domino 6.0.3. In order for the client workstations to work correctly, which version of Domino Unified Communications service must you use? Your customer says that it takes too long for message waiting lamps to be lit when subscribers receive new messages. You check the integration with the circuit-switched PBX and it appears to be good. You decide to set another port in Cisco Unity to exclusively Dial Out MWI. How do you confirm that the problem is corrected? You have three Cisco Unity servers in your organization. Your organization recently merged with an organization using a Meridian voice-mail system. You set up a VPIM Delivery Location on your local Unity server only. Can the other two Cisco Unity servers send VPIM messages? The manager of the Service department wants to set up a direct complaint service where the manager will receive live calls that are identified as coming from this call handler. If the manager does not answer, a message will be taken and sent to the manager. How can you accomplish this using a call handler? Which version of SQL is required for a Cisco Unity system that is set up with 24 Voice Ports/Sessions? According to best practices, which statement lists the order of actions to do when preparing to add subscribers? Your customer has requested that you install Cisco Unity Unified Messaging into the preexisting Domino messaging infrastructure. Which operating system should be installed on the Cisco Unity server? You are the technician installing and configuring a Cisco Unity system. This 32-port system serves 1,000 subscribers. You must configure the ports of the system to provide adequate service to subscribers and outside callers during peak usage periods. How should you configure the ports to accomplish this task? Your client would like to be able to back up and restore the entire Cisco Unity server, including the operating system and SQL database, in case of a catastrophic failure of the Cisco Unity server. Which Cisco Unity or third-party utility would you tell them to use? Which Cisco Unity utility is used to customize settings for a particular telephone switch? What is the proper sequence for installing software on the Cisco Unity server in a 36 Port Unified Messaging configuration? The sales manager wants to have a message taken for the Sales Department delivered to the Sales Public Distribution List. How can this be accomplished using a call handler? A customer reports that some subscribers can no longer access Cisco Unity Assistant. You suspect their class of service has been changed. Which system report can you run to confirm your suspicions? When would you create a delivery location object in Cisco Unity? As the administrator of a Cisco Unity messaging system, you have been asked to provide information on the number and length of call placed by the Unity system to subscribers for message notification during the past seven days. Which report do you run to accomplish this task? You are running the Unity Telephone Integration Manager (UTIM). What is configured during a Cisco CallManager integration? You are installing a 16 port voice-mail only Cisco Unity 4.0 for Exchange. On the Cisco Unity server you are installing Windows 2000 with the correct Service Packs, Microsoft Exchange 5.5 SP4, MSDE 2000 with correct Service Pack, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Cisco Unity 4.0. What is the result of this installation?