640-905 - MCAST+QOS - Multicast + QoS Exam

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Example Questions

What will be the result of the following command if it were attached to an interface with the priority- group 1 command? Priority- list 1 interface FastEthernet0/0 medium In which direction does traffic shaping operate? Which command can be used to change the amount of bandwidth which can be reserved for CBWFQ or LLQ? Which of the following is true of WFQ? Which of the following multicast ranges are link scoped? Which of the following describes the use of "implicit bumping" using VC bundles? Which of the following signifies that NBAR is being used to classify traffic? Which command is used to enable per- VC CBWFQ on an ATM VC? Which type of distribution tree is also known as an SPT? Which of the following would be considered integrated services or "hard QoS" Which command allows you to verify the elected PIM DRs? How many packets can FIFO queuing store in a single queue? Which of the following describes an EF PHB? Which of the following commands enables a router to dynamically learn QoS information from the Frame Relay switch? Which of the following commands enables flow- based WRED with a scaling factor of 4 and a flow count of 256 on an interface once WRED has been enabled? Which of the following MAC addresses are present in the CAM table of a switch as a result of CGMP Fast Leave being enabled? When using Diffserv, what is the name of the field which determines the PHB for a packet? Which of the following commands is used to configure a static multicast route? Which of the following commands displays Frame Relay traffic shaping information for a specific DLCI value? Which command is used to configure Predictor compression on an interface? Which of the following commands configures CAR on an interface? Which of the following IP Precedence values signifies critical traffic? When Auto- RP is used, what is the default RP- Discovery interval? What type of message is used by SBM to elect a DSBM? According to G. 114 specifications, what is the maximum end- to- end delay that a voice packet can handle? What types of queues does PQ utilize? Assuming multicast routing has already been enabled, which of the following commands is used to enable bidirectional PIM? What is the term for using TTL thresholds to prevent multicast traffic from being forwarded beyond certain boundaries? Which of the following commands is used to view a specific class within a policy map? When MDRR is used, what happens when a packet is larger than the quantum value of the queue? When viewing the output of a show ip mroute command, which flag will only appear on (, G. entries? If a policy is applied to both an interface and a subinterface using the police command, which policy would be in effect for matching traffic? Setting attributes of a packet based on their traffic class is also known as: Class maps default to __ __ mode. Assume you are using the ip pim send- rp- announce command to configure groups for which the router will act as an RP. If the group- list parameter is not used to specify an access list, what group range is advertised by default? Which of the following commands enables the router to act as both a PGM source and receiver? Which of the following provides the most scalable solution for inter- domain multicasting? What is the function of the ip pim sparse- dense- mode command? Which of the following describes a difference between FRF. 11 and FRF. 12? When using PIM- DM, once a branch is pruned from the tree, how long must it wait before it will be able to graft the interface back into the tree? In a multicast network, where does RGMP operate? Which of the following are valid commands used in policy- based routing? Which command is used to display the reverse path forwarding information for a given source address? Which of the following configurations configures a router to use as the RP for the multicast group IP unicast routers make forwarding decisions based on the __ address, IP multicast routers make decisions based on the __ address? Assuming that you are using WFQ with IOS version 12.0( 5)T or higher, which IP Precedence level would correspond to a packet weight of 5461? Which of the following commands enables CGMP on a Catalyst switch? What types of messages are sent by candidate RPs to advertise their availability? What function does the bandwidth command specify within a polic map? How often does a multicast router perform RPF checks?