640-878 - Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2

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Example Questions

When configuring a new VLAN on Cisco IOS switches, which configuration parameter is required? What is dual IOS mode on the Cisco ASR 1001 Router? Which three statements about service provider network requirements are true? (Choose three.) Which spanning-tree mode can be used to map several VLANs to a single spanning-tree instance? Which two statements about NAT444 are true? (Choose two.) You are enabling OSPF on a router and notice that all the Fast Ethernet and the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces have the same OSPF cost of 1. Which single configuration change can you make in router ospf configuration mode so that the Fast Ethernet interfaces have a higher OSPF cost than the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces? Which three statements about VLAN implementation in a Layer 2 switch environment are true? (Choose three.) During the BGP route selection process on Cisco routers, which BGP attribute is examined first, to determine the best path to use? Which IPv6 address block is reserved for 6to4 tunneling? Which statement about Cisco IOS XE software is true? Which statement is true about enabling IS-IS routing and using the net command to configure the NSAP address? On Cisco IOS XR software, which two of the address-family command options in IS-IS configuration mode are valid? (Choose two) On Cisco IOS XR software, what is the default commit option? On the Cisco ME 3400 switch, spanning tree is enabled by default on which type of switch port? Within an MPLS domain, which table is used by the ingress edge LSR to make forwarding decisions when an unlabeled IP packet is received? ISPs use which protocol to establish peering sessions in an Internet exchange point environment? Which procedure is used as the last resort disaster recovery procedure to completely replace the currently installed IOS XR software on Cisco IOS XR routers? Which BGP attribute is also used for loop prevention? Which IP addresses are matched by the permit access-list entry? What is a requirement for performing Cisco IOS ISSU on the Cisco IOS XE-based ASR 1006 and ASR 1013 routers? Which type of service provider is responsible for offering backbone connectivity services to other service providers? A VLAN is a logical grouping of switch ports that belong to which two of these? (Choose two.) On Cisco routers, the address-family configuration command in BGP configuration mode is used to enable which BGP feature? On Cisco IOS XR software, how is LDP enabled on an interface? Which two statements about NAT64 are true? (Choose two.) Within an MPLS domain, which table is used by the label switch routers to make forwarding decisions when a labeled packet is received? Which spanning-tree mode uses the name command to configure a region name? Cisco IP NGN service providers can offer multiple services to their customers by using which type of technology in their core networks? You have just enabled IS-IS on the lab testing network. You notice that IS-IS is not using the optimal path selection based on the interface bandwidth. Currently, the IS-IS routing process seems to be selecting the best path based on the hop count. What configuration change can you make to cause IS-IS to select the optimal path based on the interface bandwidth? Which two statements about the BGP weight attribute on Cisco routers are true? (Choose two.) Which segment protocol provides fast and predictable convergence (typically within 50 ms) in Layer 2 Ethernet ring topologies? Which Cisco router platform supports running either the Cisco IOS or IOS XR operating system? When is a route-policy configuration needed on a Cisco IOS XR router using RPL? Which two statements about carrier-grade NAT are true? (Choose two.) Which two statements about the link state routing process are true? (Choose two.) Which first-hop router redundancy protocol uses the active virtual gateway to assign a virtual MAC address to the active virtual forwarders?