640-863 - DESGN - Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions Exam

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Example Questions

Which two of these are functions of an access point in a Split MAC Network Architecture?(Choose two.) Data link switching is typically used in which Enterprise Campus Module layer? A lightweight access point is added to a working network. Which sequence will it use to associate itself with a wireless LAN controller? In the Cisco branch office design, what categorizes an office as large? A customer has the following Enterprise Campus design requirements: at least 10 Gbps of bandwidth network runs of up to 40km no concern for transmission medium cost Which transmission medium should you recommend to this customer? Which two statements about designing the Enterprise Data Center Access submodule are correct? (Choose two.) Which of these is the equation used to derive a 64 Kbps bit rate? Which two statements best describe intradomain route summarization? (Choose two.) Which two of the following statements represent a preferred wireless LWAPP implementation?(Choose two.) Which statement accurately describes one difference between a small office and medium office topology? Which statement identifies a benefit obtained when using a top-down network design plan? Which Cisco security solution offers protection against "day zero" attacks? Which statement can a network designer use to describe route summarization to an IT manager?

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