640-722 - CCNA - Wireless Associate - IUWNE

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Example Questions

What is the impact of configuring a single SSID to support TKIP and AES encryption simultaneously? What two statements about beacon frames used by access points are true? (Choose two.) How does an LWAP receive a configuration file? You are in a coffee shop and you have connected to their wireless hot-spot. Your Windows 7 wireless client shows five green bars with a yellow shield. Which statement about the level of signal strength and the WLAN security that is present is true? Access points must discover a wireless LAN controller before they can become an active part of the network. In which order does an access point try to discover a controller? Which method of encryption does the 802.11i standard use? A wireless bridge is being installed near an airport. An organization informs the city council about complying with max power levels that could be used and settings on any 5GHz channels used that might interfere with the airport radar. What organization is this? When using a Cisco WLC version 7.0 with a default configuration, how is a remote management HTTPS access connection secured? Cisco Client Management Frame Protection is running on a mobility group with two controllers. Which two MFP requirements protect the network? (Choose two.) A client is attached to the Cisco Unified Wireless Network using controllers. When the client is using WPA2 and EAP authentication, where are the wireless encryption keys located during the active user session? (Choose two.) What is the EIRP value for a transmitter that has a transmitter capable of 15 dBm, an antenna that has a gain of 12 dBi, and a cable that connects the transmitter to the antenna that has 1 db loss? Which module does the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client integrate into the AnyConnect client package for access to both wired and wireless networks? Configurations are commonly uploaded and downloaded to a WLC. Which options are other examples of a file that can be uploaded from a Cisco 2500 Series WLC? What is the equivalent of 26 dBm in milliwatts? Which option describes why most wireless phones and tablets do not use 802.11a/n and 40 MHz channels? Which two statements about AES-CCMP are true? (Choose two.) Which two actions would you use to begin to troubleshoot an access point that fails to join a wireless LAN controller successfully? (Choose two.) What does RF determine? What WCS report displays hardware type, software distribution, and CDP information? When adding a controller to manage through Cisco WCS, which address type is used and which SNMP function does the Cisco WCS perform? Which spread spectrum technique uses 11-bit chips to transmit 1 bit of data over a 22-MHz channel? The introduction of consumer phones and tablets into enterprise WLANs can have an impact on 802.11a/b/g/n deployments. The Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are very common examples. Which statement best describes the abilities of these devices? Which open standard defines the combination of Extensible Authentication Protocol with Advanced Encryption Standard for providing strong wireless LAN client security? How many dBm is 40 mW? On the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller GUI, what sub-menu option under the Command menu will transfer code and configuration files to the controller? The administrator has noticed that the configuration on a controller is different than in Cisco WCS. How can the administrator fix this issue? What is a function of the service port on a WLC? A lightweight AP has been deployed in local mode in a network that consists of 10 wireless LAN controllers in a single mobility group. The AP has been configured to use primary, secondary, and tertiary Cisco WLCs. Due to a major power failure, all those Cisco WLCs are unavailable. Which step does the AP take next? Why are wireless analog video signals that are operating in the 2.4-GHz band particularly harmful to Wi-Fi service? When an AP, in its default configuration mode, connects to a Cisco WLC, which methods are available for remote management access to an AP? Which single tool helps to troubleshoot client-related issues in a WLAN? When a guest client is authenticated, which type of connection is created between the controller- based AP and the client? Which device divides a signal between two antennas? What is the maximum number of lightweight APs that can be supported from a single Cisco WCS Navigator management console with Cisco WCS and Cisco WLC running version 7.0 code? What increases bandwidth and resists multipath problems by carrying data in subcarriers? Which path do you take to manage the results of a report that had been run on network utilization? A controller is connected to a Cisco Catalyst switch. The switch port configuration looks like this: interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/10 switchport switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,20,30,50 switchport trunk native vlan 20 switchport mode trunk Which controller CLI command assigns its management interface to the native VLAN interface of the Cisco Catalyst switch? Which two statements best describe LWAPP? (Choose two.) When using Cisco WCS version 7.0, which two features are available for the client troubleshooting tool when a Cisco Compatible Extensions v5 wireless client gets connected? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about WiMAX technology? (Choose two.) What is Cisco WCS Navigator? When a wireless guest network is implemented using auto-anchor mobility in a controller-based wireless network, which controller is responsible for a guest client's IP address and their security configuration? In a typical wireless network using WPA, WPA2, or VPN, why is it still possible for a rogue client to launch a DOS attack? Which statement best describes the ability of a wireless client to access and transmit a data frame to an AP? Which official port should be used when configuring external RADIUS authentication on a Cisco WLC version 7.0? Which two statements best describe the LAG configuration between a Cisco WLC and a Cisco Catalyst switch? (Choose two.) The administrator needs to create a report that shows all controllers, APs, and Cisco 3300 Series MSEs in the WLAN, including hardware and software information. Which report includes this information? Which statement about ZigBee technology is true? Which statement about customization of a web page that is used on a WLC to authorize guest users is true? Which modulation technique allows you to achieve a data rate of 54Mb/s in the 2.4GHz-band?

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