640-721 - IUWNE Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials

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True or false: FDMA requires users to take turns transmitting signals. Approximately up to what range do direct infrared systems operate? What is the Default Local Database size for authenticating local users? When creating new configuration profiles in Cisco Secure Services Client, in what format are the files saved? Which governing body analyzes the applications and environments in which wireless networks are used? To seamlessly roam between two wireless cells in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network using controllers, which condition must exist? What is the typical maximum range of a wireless PAN? The 4-way handshake is used to establish which key during the WPA authentication process? When would rate shifting down by a client occur? What is the general maximum coverage area of a wireless PAN? What three roles are defined by 802.1X? (Choose three.) A learning bridge forwards all packets. True or false? One of the advantages of implementing EAP-FAST is that there is no need to implement which item as part of your authentication infrastructure? What are the four types of wireless networks? (Choose four) How are application-specific devices differentiated from laptop computers in the way they support Cisco Compatible Extensions? Cisco Client Management Frame Protection is running on a mobility group with two controllers. Which two MFP requirements protect the network? (Choose two.) You work as a Network Administrator for Tech Perfect Inc. You have to implement a wireless LAN network for the company. After implementing the network, you check all the functions and find that most of its clients try to send data on the same channel at the same time. As a result, a collision occurs in the network and it affects the communication. What is the reason behind this problem? Which CLI command shows the controller configuration in a way that is similar to the way that it is displayed on Cisco IOS routers? Richard works as a network administrator for Fenco Auto Inc. The company has a wireless LAN network. Richard configures 802.11 authentications on all the clients present in the network. A client becomes active on the network and wants to pass traffic on the medium. Which of the following frames does the client use to search all access points in its radio range? When creating a wireless profile in the Cisco ADU and you have selected the WPA/WPA2/CCKM radio button option, what other decision must you make and then configure on this same screen? What increases bandwidth and resists multipath problems by carrying data in subcarriers? Which physical layer encoding technology is common to both the IEEE 802.11g and the IEEE 802.11a standards? A controller is connected to a Cisco IOS Catalyst switch. The following is the switch port configuration: interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/10 switchport switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,20,30,50 switchport trunk native vlan 20 switchport mode trunk Which controller CLI command assigns its management interface to the Cisco IOS Catalyst switch native vlan interface? Which two statements are true about WiMAX technology? (Choose two.) Using Cisco WCS v5.0, which configuration command option allows you to see a summary of all access points in the Cisco WCS database? Richard works as a network administrator for Fenco Auto Inc. The company deploys a wireless LAN network but there is some problem due to the interference of signals. Which of the following tools should you use to determine signal strength, noise level, and potential sources of Which statement applies to TKIP? You are using maps in the WCS to design a wireless LAN network. You add a campus and two buildings to the map. Now you plan to add a new floor area to the first building. The floor types include cubes and walled offices, drywall office only, and outdoor open space. Which of the following do the floor types use to assist the WCS by adding these elements? The central office is currently using a combination of 4400 and 2100 series WLAN controllers running v4.2 and a variety of LWAPP-enabled access points servicing both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The WLAN deployment has been extended to each remote office by implementing a 526 WLAN controller running v4.1 and several 521 access points. Wireless client deployment uses EAP-TLS authentication using a centralized RADIUS server plus 802.11n for performance. After the first remote office deployment, remote office users complain that they are not connecting via 802.11n. What is the most likely cause of this problem? Which AP to Wireless LAN Controller discovery process requires a previous association of the AP with a Cisco WLC? Which client application utility allows wireless configuration on Linux platforms? A company has a wireless network. In this network, collisions occur when more than one device sends data at the same time. Which physical layer function can a network administrator perform to determine whether or not any device is sending data to the channel? A Bluetooth-enabled device is always transmitting. True or false? RF signals offer relatively short range as compared to light signals. True or false? When choosing an EAP type for your Cisco ADU security profile, what must you ensure to authenticate successfully? Which statement best represents the authorization aspect of AAA? Which two tasks does RRM routinely perform? (Choose two.) How are omni antennae in a wireless network most commonly polarized? Which Extensible Authentication Protocol types are supported by the Cisco Unified Wireless Network? Which statement about an infrastructure basic service set is true according to IEEE 802.11 specifications? Richard works as a network administrator for Fenco Auto Inc. The company has a wireless LAN network. All users are working on the Linux operating system. Which of the following is used to set the parameters of the network interface, which are specific to the wireless operation? The existing Cisco Unified Wireless Controller is running v5.0 code for both the controllers and the Cisco WCS. A controller has been configured with an appropriate rogue rule condition to report discovered APs to the Cisco WCS. What default alarm level is used to display all rogue APs in the Alarm Summary? Which open standard defines the combination of Extensible Authentication Protocol with Advanced Encryption Standard for providing strong wireless LAN client security? In what frequency band does 802.11a operate in? In the AP Layer 3 controller discovery process, after the LWAPP Discovery Request is broadcast on a local subnet, what is the next step that the AP takes? Which software is designed for both wired and wireless profile management and can access to Cisco Enterprise networks? The network administrator of a company makes some changes in monitor mode of the access point using a CLI session. This change affects the value of the channels that are monitored in the monitor mode. Which command has he run on the access point? What information is required to add a Cisco WLC into the Cisco WCS? A business customer uses Non-LOS WiMAX wireless network technology. Which of the following data rates is provided to the customer? Why does Cisco recommend using Tftpd32 version 3.0 or later when upgrading wireless LAN controller software to release 4.1 or later?

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