640-461 - Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications

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Example Questions

How many passwords are utilized for each user in Cisco Unity Connection? What type of CDR and CMR files can be downloaded from the call manager server? What is the most important factor that contributes to network design availability and reliability? Which behavior can be configured with the snr calling-number local command? Which file extension is used with the Bulk Administration Tool to automatically populate and insert data into the database when adding users in bulk? An IP phone has a line calling search space and a device calling search space. If a call is made from the IP phone, which calling search space is used? In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Native Presence, what two things is a watcher monitoring in real time? (Choose two.) When creating a Cisco Unity Connection user template, which element should you configure to automatically play a "This department is closed" message at specific hours? Which network component would cause variable network delay? Which standard will support call forwarding? Which two options allow the maximum message length to be adjusted in Cisco Unity Connection? (Choose two.) Which two directory services are supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration? (Choose two.) In which mode is CTI used with Cisco Unified Personal Communicator? Which command is used to determine if an MGCP gateway is registered with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server? What is the accepted maximum limit for good-quality voice connection delay? Which option will only display for unassigned directory numbers? Which two options are features in Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two.) In which situation are user PINs maintained by the local Cisco Unified Communications servers? What is the default alert level of a performance counter object in Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool? How does the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express match an outbound VoIP dial peer? In which section of the user template is CoS configured in Cisco Unity Connection? When troubleshooting a phone that is unable to get an IP address from a DHCP server, what is the first thing to check for on the phone? How does Cisco Unified Personal Communicator control the desk phone of users? What application uses the Cisco Unified Operating System for administration and configuration? What is a benefit of using FRF.12 in a Frame Relay network? Which is a method of modifying the System Default Greeting for a CUCM integrated user in Cisco Unity Connection? Which type of user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager has an interactive login? An engineer is troubleshooting call quality issues between central headquarters and a remote branch location. When on an active call, the engineer watches the call statistics on the IP phone and notices that the max jitter is 100 ms. What is the maximum amount of jitter that the engineer should set to maintain a high-quality call? When you attempt to add a phone to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express using the GUI interface, the error "No New Phone to Add" appears. Which command is causing the error? What would be the result if a user logs into Cisco Extension Mobility using a device profile that is not subscribed to the Cisco Extension Mobility Service? A user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration has been added to the Standard CCM Admin Users group, which includes the Standard CCMADMIN Administration role, but the user cannot add new users. What is the cause of this issue? Which statement about Cisco Unified Presence and LDAP is true? What component does Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express use to match outbound dial peers? Which method can be used to retrieve a call that is placed on hold from a Cisco IP phone? Which is a voice signaling protocol that is used between telephone company Corporate Offices around the world? Which license capability must be enabled for Cisco Unified Presence to work with a specific user? What should an administrator have access to during a system backup? Which protocol allows Cisco Unified Communications Manager to take control of a specific port on a gateway? Which report can be generated by using the User Reports feature of the CAR tool? Users report that all external callers are leaving urgent voice-mail messages. Where can this behavior be changed? After obtaining a License Unit Report from Cisco Unified Communications Manager, it shows you have 19 license units remaining. How many Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925 handsets will this quantity of licenses support? In which two locations can an end user configure their Call Forward All settings? (Choose two.) What does Cisco recommend as the maximum number of ports and users for Cisco Unity Connection on a single server? Which statement about Cisco Unity Connection user templates is true? Which two Cisco Unified Communications products allow for CSS creation? (Choose two.) How can an administrator determine which codec is being used between two endpoints while a call is in progress? An end user reports that they are unable to control their Cisco IP phone using Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and cannot make any calls. Which situation can cause this issue? When you reset an IP phone via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration page, which method briefly shuts down a registered phone and brings it back up? When someone is troubleshooting a network issue, what should be the first step acccording to troubleshooting methodolgy? In which location is Cisco Unified Presence enabled for a specific user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

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