640-460 - IIUC Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications (IIUC)

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Which codec is less processor intensive? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. You need configure a voice port that will terminate a loop or ground start line from the PSTN or a PBX. Which type of voice port you will configure? What is the relationship between a call leg and a dial peer? Please match the phrase to the correctly completes the statement for each task. (1)to be on the same subnet as the router (2)with a static IP address or IP address unnumbered (3)to be the same as the service engine (I)Configure the service engine interface (II)Configure the service-module IP address (III)Configure the Cisco Unity Express IP default gateway Identify the VoIP network component that provides CAC, bandwidth control and management, and address translation. You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. What will happen to a call that is transferred when no second line is available? APSC(config-telephony-service)#transfer-system full-consult An ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) offers an Internet data service for making telephone calls using VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Most ITSPs use SIP, H.323, or IAX (although H.323 use is declining)[citation needed] for transmitting telephone calls as IP data packets. Customers may use traditional telephones with an analog telephony adapter (ATA) providing RJ11 to Ethernet connection.What are two benefits of using an ITSP for long distance telephony services? Which Cisco Unified Communications layer is the call processing layer? Which four of the following are Cisco-supported IP telephony deployment models? Whhich statement is true abou the difference between voice VLAN and native VLAN? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. Your company has successfully installed the CUE module in its router's chassis. Which two configuration items are necessary for the module to function properly? What protocol does a Cisco IP phone use to indicate to the switch how much power is needed? Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the ability for the LAN switching infrastructure to provide power over a copper Ethernet cable to an endpoint (Powered Device). This capability, once referred to as "inline power", was originally developed and first delivered by Cisco in 2000 to support the emerging IP Telephony deployments. IP Telephones, like desktop PBX phones, need power for their operation and Power over Ethernet enables scalable and manageable power delivery and simplifies deployments of IP Telephony. As Wireless networking emerged, Power over Ethernet was also used to power these devices to allow for deployments in locations where local power access did not exist. While IP telephones and wireless access points are the most intuitive uses for PoE, the advent of 802.3af standardization of PoE opens the door to a new generation of networked-attached devices such as video cameras, point-of-sale devices, security access control (card scanners), building automation and industrial automation just to name a few. When a Cisco switch supply PoE to an IP phone? What protocol is used to monitor and provide control information about the quality of an RTP session? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. is setting up Call Transfer for its Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express solution. uses 5-digit extensions and wants to transfer calls outside the network to the CEO's home. The CEO's telephone number is 877-666-3333. Which configuration command will allow this to occur? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. is setting up Call Transfer for its Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express solution. uses 5-digit extensions and wants to transfer calls outside the network to the CEO's home. The CEO's telephone number is 877-666-3333.Which configuration command will allow this to occur? What device enables Call Admission Control in a CME environment? Which protocol provides VoiP packet sequence numbering? In a Cisco UCM multisite WAN with centralized call-processing deployment model, what redundancy feature should be configured on remote site routers to provide basic IP telephony services in the event of a WAN outage? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. One user from your company wants to use a signaling protocol on the voice gateways that require registration with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which protocol should you suggest to him? Which two of the following signaling protocols are peer-to-peer protocols? (Choose 2.) Identify the preferred voice quality measurement approach for VoIP networks. An analog telephone is connected to a _______ port on a router? Identify three quality issues that can result because of a lack of network bandwidth. (Choose 3.) In telephony, an automated attendant (also auto attendant or auto-attendant, or sometimes autoattendant or AA) system allows callers to be automatically transferred to a user's extension without the intervention of a receptionist. A receptionist, who acts as the telephone operator, can be reached by pressing 0 on most systems. Although an automated attendant is usually a feature on modern PBX and key phone systems, it is possible to provide one on standard lines and phones .Which best describes the auto-attendant in a Cisco Unified Communications environment? The call leg and the dial peers are both logical connections used to complete an end-to-end call. You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. Which value should you assign to option 150 for DHCP to operate correctly in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express environment? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. You are setting up the partially automated telephone. What is the key command to use? What protocol needs to be enabled on an ATA if a fax machine is connected to the ATA? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. Which two are considered endpoints in a Cisco Unified Communications solution? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. You use IP phone A to place a call to IP phone B. How many RTP streams are required for the call to be successfully completed? A PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is a telecommunication standard used in the Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN, for carrying multiple DS0 voice and data transmissions between two physical locations. PRI was developed specifically for industrial or large quantity users. PRI is an industrial ISDN line while the Basic Rate Interface, or BRI, is used to cater to home and small enterprises. Which three characteristics apply to ISDN PRI? (Choose three.) Which statement is true about Cisco Unity Express AIM Module? What is the maximum number of phones are supported on Call Manager Express? Please match the description to the signaling type it corresponds to. (1)events that occur on the trunk, including seizure, wink, and answer (2)tones such as ringing or busy and announcements such as "no longer in service" (3)digits dialed or called party number that can be sstem-specific or variant-specific (I)Address Signaling (II)Supervisory Signaling (III)Informational Signaling You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. You need to configure a Cisco Unity Express system with a voicemail pilot number of 1900, an AutoAttendant with pilot number of 2900, and an Administration via Telephone pilot number of 3900. What is the minimum number of SIP dial peers required? What is required to convert a G711ulaw call to G729? A call leg is a virtual connection to set up a call whereas a dial peer is a physical connection to complete an end-to-end call. Configure Hunt Group so that all incoming PSTN calls always go to extension 5001. If extension 5001 is not available, route the call to extension 5002. If both extensions are busy or unavailable then send the call to Voicemail. About this question, we do not have proper answer, if you have then please contact us. You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com and you want to install a new UC500 solution. Which information from the existing numbering plan that helps you design an effective VoIP dial plan? (Choose all the apply.) What codec is required for fax pass-through and/or modem pass-through? What is the default VTP mode on Cisco switches? What is the Layer 2 overhead (in bytes) for Frame Relay traffic? Which three headers are compressed by cRTP? (Choose 3.) Which of the following best describes a function of RTCP? Which protocol is used to inform the IP phone of its voice VLAN ID? What device is responsible for converting analog voice packets from traditional voice formats to IP packets? Please match the protocol to the characteristic. (1)SIP (2)SCCP (3)H.323 (4)MGCP (I)Peer-to-Peer (II)Client/Server You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com.You need to assign voice VLAN 110 on a Cisco IOS switch. Which command should you use? You are CCNA VOICE associate in .com. You are setting up phones for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. Which three commands should you use first?

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