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Question :-

You are currently implementing HA (High Availability) campus solution on the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS), and have done he following . Installed the standby server with its own ELAN and Contact Center LAN IP addresses . Obtained two IP addresses for the managed IP addresses ELAN and the Contact Center LAN . Configured the hosts file and the DNS that will reflect the new managed IP addresses . Marked the server as active with all of the managed IP and standby server IP addresses on the active server under server mode configuration screen What is the next step in the deployment of campus HA?
Configure the standby server manually as a standby with the same information that was entered at the active server
Configure a backup location, run immediate backup of the active server, and run a restore of the same backup on the standby server
Enable shadowing on the active server and synchronize the database
Enable shadowing on the standby server and synchronize the active server database

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