6006 - Avaya Aura Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation

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Example Questions

A technician is planning to implement the processor Ethernet feature on an Avaya S8510 server that is directly connected to Media gateway G450. Which three commands must be used to configure Processor Ethernet mode on the Avaya S8510 server and to add the G450 to the server? (Choose three) If the Ethernet switch in the Avaya IP telephony system supports spanning tree and port fast features, which two should be configured on Ethernet ports that are connected to IP phones? (Choose two) How many IP address need to be configured for a G450 Media Gateway's Layer 3 switch, Media gateway Processor (MGP), and internal VoIP module? A customer asks that the current subnet mask assigned to a remote Avaya G450 Media Gateway Primary Management Interface (PM) be verified. Which two commands identify the information requested? (Choose two) In addition to the duplicated servers, which other component should be duplicated in a high reliability S8xxx series Server configuration? Which command is used to tell at what time a spontaneous interchange has taken place? Which two statements about S87xx Software Duplication and Hardware Duplication are true? (Choose two) Which Linux command is used to display all current TCP/IP network connections and protocol statistics? Which three methods can be used during the configuration of a system backup using the system Management Interface? (Choose three) A user would like to see a list of number of registered IP endpoints with TCP signaling sockets established for each CLAN or processor Ethernet. Which command would be used? Which hardware is required to implement Avaya IP Softphone in the telecommuter mode? The G450 serves as a router as well as the endpoint for the WAN line. Which physical interface is used to make the G450 a router? What is the procedure to upgrade a duplicated S8xxx-series server? An Avaya telephone user reports that his phone is out of service. Which maintenance command shows whether the phone is attempting to communicate with its call server? A customer will be using Avaya one-X Communication in Road Warrior mode. Which IP address will soft phone users access in Communication Manager 5.2.1 on a platform of S87XX server and G650 Gateways? Which component is duplicated to provide a seamless redundant voice path? Which field "media-gateway" forms is required for the Media Gateway to register back to the original Gatekeeper? A technician has a communication Manager running on S87xx server, G850 Gateway. Most of the phones are H.323 IP 46xx and 96xx series. Upon testing, it is discovered that all the IP phones have no dial tone. All of the hardware has been verified to be working properly. Which two steps should be taken to identify the cause of problem? (Choose two) Which two statements about IP phones firmware updates are true? (Choose two) A technician wants to test and see if the voice channel between two IP phones is shuffled. A command in Site Administration Terminal (SAT) can be used to determine the type of IP connection, and to check if the voice channel is shuffled? RFA used for CM 5.2x and earlier license and /or authentication file delivery. The license files are used to activate software including features, capabilities, releases, and offer categories. Which two statements are true? (Choose two) Which Ethernet port on the S8730 server is used for server duplication when using the hardware duplication feature (DAL 1 or DAL 2 card)? What are two ways of obtaining the RFA Module ID (MID) and System ID (SID)? (Choose two.) In a G430 Media Gateway, what is the only component that is NOT supported? Which three settings need to be configured on a Layer 2 device? (Choose three) Media gateway can be configured to automatically return to the primary Media Gateway when network communication failure is resolved? Which command must be set so the Gateway knows what to do when the network failure has been resolved? When upgrading multiple components in a Communication Manager server/gateway configuration, which specific upgrade sequence id followed? When configuring the LSP/SLS on Media Gateways, the gatekeeper information needs to be administered so that stations register to the gateway during a WAN outage. How would this be accomplished? Which port on the G450 Gateway is used to connect to an auxiliary device that automatically locks or unlocks a door? A customer has Avaya IP phones located at a remote site connected via a remote link. The end users complain that intermitterently there is no audio or only one way audio when on a call. The customer limited the UDP port range in their routers to be 5000 to 6000. Which command in the Avaya S87xx Server is used to find the UDP port range? A customer wants to change the number of rings for all extensions in the customer's helpdesk before the system redirects the Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) system. All extensions of the helpdesk belong to COS 3 and coverage Path 99. Which command must be used to change the number of rings? Firmware download procedure for programmable circuit packs (eg CLAN, IPSI, MedPro) include the Self-download and the CLAN distributed download. Which statement describes the command that is used to schedule the CLAN distributed firmware download procedure? Which hosts the firmware for a 9600 series telephone? During the initial configuration of a Communication Manager5.2.1 system a technician enters the wrong name for a CLAN and saves the screens. What must be done before the name of the CLAN board can be changed/ The S8510 has just been rebooted. A technician wants to know when it is back up, so logging back in can occur. The laptop is connected to the services port and the technician wants to issue ping command that doesn't stop pinging until it is decided to manually stop it. Which ping command should be executed? Which Avaya Aura Communication Manager command shows all media module firmware? A technician is on initial installation and SAMP card is not working. What is the command to verify the version of software on the SAMP card? Which command displays all of the IP addresses of Ethernet Interface on the Avaya S-series Servers? When administering a new Media Gateway, in which three locations is the name administered? (Choose three) A media gateway G430 has been configured with an Avaya server S8300 acting as internal call Controller. Gateway and server are assigned to VLAN 12. Which gateway command must be used to add the internal Call Controller to VLAN 12? Before IPSI cards can become active on a new Communication Manager system, which screen must be accessed to enable IPSI control of the port networks? In the event of network or server failure, the connection preserving migration (CPM) feature preserves existing bearer (voice) connections while the H248 media migrates from one Communications Manager Server to another. What are users expected experience on preserved calls during the migration? In the function of processor Ethernet (PE) in a simplex S88XX primary is allowed for H.248 Gateway Registration. What is H.248 gateway registration implemented in the S88XX Server using Processor Ethernet? After installing a pair of S8730 servers, the customer wants to verify that the active and standby servers can be switched so that the active server becomes the standby and the standby becomes the active Where is this performed? The audio portion of many stable telephone calls can be preserved through the course of system upgrade. When are upgrades on duplicated servers "call preserving?" A customer has 1200 OP phones in their solution and they are looking for redundancy and load balancing. How many CLANs are recommended for their IP phone registration and signaling? Avaya recommends that the technician checks the "Latest Communication Manager Software and Firmative Compatibility Matrix" for software not formative compatibility. What may occur if LSPs or ESS servers are running a different software load than the main server? Communication Manager does not appear to be running. A technician wants to verify that all of the applications have started and are up. There is no access through the system Management interface so logging into Linux is used to check this. Which two Linux commands will give the output needed to verify this? (Choose two) Commercial AC is the primary input power source to the 655a power supply of the G650. What are two nominal ranges for AC power? (Choose two) The S8730 must be installed in a well-ventilated climate-controlled environment to ensure reliable equipment operation. What is the maximum ambient operating temperature allowed for the S8730?