600-511 - Designing with Cisco Network Programmability for ACI

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Example Questions

For which ACI constructs are health scores calculated? Which description of OpFlex is true? Before you design an ACI fabric, it is important to understand existing application interactions. If you do not understand them entirely, which approach can you use? Which ACI construct provides the policy-based definition that comprises the communication, performance, and security needs of an application? Which statement about designing a migration approach of an existing Data Center network to Cisco ACI is true? Which statement about the programming model and APIs available to automate network functions within ACI is true? Which statement about a whitelist security model is true? Which method does ACI fabric dynamic load balancing use to provide optimal balancing of flows across the fabric? Which type of ACI switch provides Layer 3 connections to outside networks? The use of the Cisco Bi-Di 40G transceiver provides cost effective transition to a 40G ACI fabric through transmission over which cabling plant? In which two ways are EPGs defined? (Choose two.) Which two constructs make up a security policy within the Cisco APIC? (Choose two.) Which option is an ideal environment in which to deploy ACI? Which two options are two provisions of ACI for security? (Choose two.) Which two types of data formats are supported by the RESTful APIs? (Choose two.) Which two options are two intended uses of Layer 3-External in the ACI fabric? (Choose two.) Which two options are components of a device package? (Choose two.) A session is authenticated to make API calls via the REST API of the Cisco APIC. Which option is the default token timeout for that session? Which option does the Cisco ACI fabric use to support management automation, programmatic policy, and dynamic "workload-anywhere" models? Which two benefits of ACI help improve the time required to deploy an application? (Choose two.) Which network devices should be connected to the spine? Which statement about OpenStack and ACI is true? Which two ACI features assist with application service-level assurance? (Choose two.) Which two methods to scale bandwidth and capacity enable capacity planning and scaling in the ACI fabric? (Choose two.) Which statement about the infrastructure requirements for an ACI fabric is true? Which option is for migrating an existing Data Center network to Cisco ACI? When building a contract, what is the function of a filter? Which statement about bridge domains is true? In an ACI topology, what is the minimum required number of Cisco APICs? Which overlay protocol does Cisco AVS for vSphere use to allow the ACI fabric to extend over an existing network infrastructure? Which two options are benefits of the ACI fabric beyond forwarding traffic from physical and virtual servers? (Choose two.) You want to satisfy the business, risk, and customer requirements. Which option is a consideration when you select and design an ACI fabric? OpenStack integration with the Cisco APIC is provided through a plug-in to which OpenStack Project? If flowlet switching and dynamic flow prioritization are enabled, which two statements about ACI fabric load balancing are true? (Choose two.) When designing an ACI fabric for a VMWare environment, which two options are supported vSwitch options? (Choose two.) Where should network services be placed in an ACI fabric? Which two benefits are achieved through database sharding within the Cisco APIC cluster? (Choose two.) What is the purpose of the mgmt tenant? You have an application named "E_commerce" in tenant "Production", which is composed of three tiers of servers (web, app, and DB). Each tier sits in a different EPG (epgWeb, epgApp, and epgDB). Which action should be performed first to measure the performance or packet loss of this application?