600-211 - Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA Networks (SPCDMA)

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Example Questions

What command must be used to enable IPSec on the Foreign Agent service for the Cisco ASR 5000? Which command can be used to view NAT statistics per IP pool on the Cisco ASR 5000?? What network element executes bearer binding in a PMIPv6 LTE network? What is an attack in which the attacker sets the source IP address and port to be the same as the destination IP address and port where the IP address is the address of the target machine and the port is an open port on the target machine? Which access network element is responsible for delivering the IPv4 address and/or IPv6 prefix to the UE?? Which interface carries signaling information between PCF and PDSN? What does the X-Header Insertion feature on the Cisco ASR 5000 enable the operator to do? What is the default ruledef type on the Cisco ASR 5000 if the rule-application parameter is not defined? Where are EDR records stored by default on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which task facility in the Cisco ASR 5000 maintains Diameter connections? Which network element sends the Re-Auth-Request? Which context is used on the standalone PDSN to configure IP Pools for Simple IP on the Cisco ASR 5000? IPSec Encapsulating Security Payload uses what IP protocol number? What protocol is used to initiate a PPP negotiation between Mobile and PDSN? What message and interface are used by PCF to establish a new data session on the PDSN? Which ruledef configuration can be used for charging of HTTP traffic to the site www.acmenews.com on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which statement accurately describes Mobile/UE in a dormant state? Which access ruledef configuration can be used to match all traffic destined to port 8080 sourced from the subscriber on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which is an attribute in MIP RRQ? Which describes NEMO-Tunnel on HA? What interface uses PMIPv6? Which option best describes how charging rule definitions are analyzed on the Cisco ASR 5000?? What UDP port is used between PCF and PDSN for the A11 interface by default? Which Cisco ASR 5000 CLI options are available actions that can be taken when NAT allocation is in progress?? Which option describes the GRE protocol? Which message is sent from the PDSN to the AAA server to indicate a new subscriber data session? Where does the UE/Mobile obtain its IPv6 prefix? Which protocol is used during PPP negotiation to assign an IP address to the mobile device for a simple IP call? Which configuration sequence in HA on the Cisco ASR 5000 is used to link the Diameter endpoint HA-Gy with the credit-control group HA-Gy and the Active Charging Service HA? What is the result of the "authentication mn-aaa renew-and-dereg-noauth" configuration command on the Cisco ASR 5000 HA? Which configuration in an AAA group defines the attribute name by which the system will be identified in Access-Request messages from HA? Which statement is correct when 'domain cisco.com default subscriber cisco.com' is configured on the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN? What is the default port used for in Mobile IP Registration messages between FA and HA? Which bit in HA Registration Revocation message is used by PDSN/FA to determine Mobile notification? Which RFC specifies the Diameter base protocol? Which IPv6 prefix is sent by the HSGW in Router Advertisement? Which statement best describes the role the Cisco ASR 5000 serves when implemented as a MPLS-CE? Where is ECS rulebase referenced on the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN in order to apply rules defined in active-charging service? Which option best describes Attribute-based tunneling on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which node performs the EAP authentication function in eHRPD? Which interface is used to establish a Mobile IP tunnel between the PDSN/FA and HA? What command will display information pertaining to a L2TP session of a specific subscriber on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which configuration will set the next hop address for post processed traffic on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which underlying protocol is used for RADIUS messages in CDMA? Which query is used in Diameter peer discovery to obtain the IP address of the selected service in DNS? What does the Cisco ASR 5000 PDSN do when subscriber's authentication is not found in subscriber's domain alias in source/AAA context? Which CLI command on the Cisco ASR 5000 will configure stateful firewall protection for subscribers for DoS attacks?