600-210 - Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility UMTS Networks (SPUMTS)

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Example Questions

Which IP protocol number is used by GRE? According to 3GPP standards, which option is the interface between the Charging Data Function and the Charging Gateway Function? Which option describes how IPsec is used for L2TP configuration on GGSN? Your company is adding additional subscriber IP network ranges and requires many-to-one NAT to be configured on the Cisco ASR 5000 for the subscriber IP network The public IP range is, and each IP has no more than 100 subscribers. Which configuration option accomplishes this task? Which option describes how the Diameter relay agent routes messages to Diameter servers? Which two functions does the SGSN perform? (Choose two.) When the failure handling mode is configured as Terminate, which behavior is expected on the GGSN when the OCS sends the diameter result code=4012 within the MSCC in CCA-U message? Into which state does a UE in a GPRS network move after the ready timer expires? Which option describes the message that establishes the direct tunnel between RNC and GGSN? In which two ways is GRE used in GGSN? (Choose two.) During the network-initiated PDP activation procedure, which network entity provides the GGSN the address of the SGSN, which the subscriber is attached to? Which two services does GPRS support? (Choose two.) Which failure code is sent in the authentication reject message when a UE with USIM fails to receive the AUTN as part of the authentication and ciphering request from the SGSN? Which two options are benefits of Port Resource Pooling? (Choose two.) An airport is providing free one-hour mobile Internet service for passengers. At the end of the free one-hour service, the PCRF sends a Diameter command to the mobile packet core to stop the free service. Which Diameter command is sent by the PCRF? Which option describes how DNS snooping is used on the Cisco ASR 5000? Which organization developed and maintains the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System? Your company wants to limit bandwidth for Skype traffic. You have been tasked to configure Application Detection and Control using the Cisco ASR 5000 to detect Skype traffic for all subscribers. If Skype traffic is detected, limit the uplink and downlink data rate to 32 kb/s. Which required configuration is needed to complete this task? Which option is the page response for a PS paging request in 2G access? Which option describes the advantage of using L2TP over IPsec versus IPsec only? Which description of a smurf attack is true? Which MPLS/BGP functionality can the Cisco ASR 5000 GGSN run in a service provider network? Which version of GTP supports piggybacking of GTP messages? What is the standard Subsystem Number for the Gf interface in the UMTS domain? Which option provides a secure connection between two endpoints as it encapsulates the IP payload? What layer of the OSI model does the BSSAP+ protocol map to? How does an S4-SGSN identify a peer node as an SGSN or MME when GUTI-to-RAI mapping is unavailable? Which two AVPs will be sent by the GGSN within the CCR request when an update PDP request with IEs: NSAPI value 6, and Linked NSAPI value 5 is received? (Choose two.) Your company has decided to implement URL blacklisting for the ACME company rulebase and discard any blacklisted matches found in subscriber HTTP traffic. Which configuration accomplishes this task? Which node is configured with a Network Mode of Operation value of 1 to be able to support combined attach and routing area update procedures? Which two options describe two reasons for deploying MPLS on GGSN? (Choose two.) In which two circumstances is Diameter Peer Discovery needed? (Choose two.) Which two services require a status check on the Cisco ASR 5000 if no Context Request Message is sent from SGSN to MME over the S3 interface? (Choose two.) Which option lists the contents of the flow label in a GTPv0 header? In which two scenarios is a create bearer request sent from the SGW to the SGSN on the S4 interface? (Choose two.) Which option lists the correct order of the SS7 routing flow in the Cisco ASR 5000 SGSN system? Which interface in the UMTS doamin uses the BSSAP+ layer? Which option describes how a PDN connection context is identified at the PGW? Which part of the OSI model contains the Signalling Connection Control Part protocol? What two routing keys can be used to filter SS7 messages? (Choose two.) In which two ways does SGSN detect and know when GGSN has restarted? (Choose two.) For inbound Inter-System RAU, which message sends the SGW change indication to the old SGSN? Which two functionalities does an update PDP context request sent from the GGSN to the SGSN provide? (Choose two.) Which statement about the sgtp-service configuration on the Cisco ASR 5000 SGSN system is true? Which option describes the ICAP protocol? Which statement describes HTTP header enrichment and its uses? When Wi-Fi offloading is enabled, which authentication protocol is used by the TTG over the Wm interface to authenticate/retrieve subscription information at the time of PDP activation? Which action does an S4-SGSN take when it receives a secondary PDP context request from the UE? Which two configurations are required for narrow band SS7 configuration in the Cisco ASR 5000 system? (Choose two.) Which two options are functions of the Diameter base protocol? (Choose two.)