500-452 - Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Exam

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Example Questions

What is the primary characteristic of Cisco WAAS Express? Which type of Cisco Prime dashboard provides a broad overview of the health of the network and sites? What is one way to implement security consistently across hub-and-spoke routers? Unified monitoring is configured by using which two options? (Choose two.) Which routing protocol is typically used to peer with an MPLS provider? What is the typical DSCP code for voice? Which percentage of companies plan to migrate their WAN to the Internet? Cisco WAAS Central Manager can provide application information even without the use of which option? What is the preferred method for an IPv6 transition? In which way does Cisco PfRv2 active monitoring work to ensure link quality? Which option can enhance traditional IP routing so that you can improve application performance on the WAN while increasing bandwidth efficiency? What is Cisco CWS? Cisco NCE is a component of Cisco ISR G2. Which other product is an example of an NCE? Which cloud-based SAAS solution provides industry-leading security and control for the distributed enterprise? Along with IPsec, strict access lists, and CWS, what should you include when using a direct Internet connection as part of your Cisco IWAN security solution? How is a TrustSec tag used with a site-to-site VPN? DMVPN spokes have which type of permanent tunnel to the hub? Cisco Threat Defense is based on which product? The lean branch office relies on the WAN to provide a majority of its application services. However, essential infrastructure services can be hosted locally. What is one example of an infrastructure service for a hospital or medical office? Which management platform is the Cisco IWAN solution of choice for providing visualization of performance routing? Which versatile, high-performance product provides up to three times better performance for IPsec on the ISR than without the product? How do Flexible NetFlow and unified monitoring differentiate between compressed and uncompressed network traffic when Cisco WAAS is introduced into the environment? Which platform supports SSO? Which option is a primary management tool for Cisco IWAN? What should you do to all three planes of the Cisco IOS router? What optimizes application traffic flow on the WAN side of the network? With HQF, which minimum percentage must be assigned to class-default? Which WAN topology can support more than two endpoints? In which way does Cisco PfRv3 passive monitoring work to ensure link quality? Which option does FlexVPN leverage? Why has visibility into network applications become a problem for IT? What can replace traditional fixed PSTN lines? Which cloud-based SaaS solution simplifies management and orchestration of a WAN infrastructure? What is the logical encapsulation of an IP packet when attempting to hide its contents? Flexible NetFlow has the ability to view both key and nonkey fields. What is one example of a key field? Which type of product is Cisco UCS E140S? Which two are components of Cisco PfR? (Choose two.) Which two characteristics comprise a hybrid WAN design? (Choose two.) If customers want to automate and simplify the deployment of one or more new Cisco Catalyst switches, which feature should they use? What should you do to increase availability and provide a separate failure domain? Which type of data and analyses does Cisco Threat Defense collect to establish behavior baselines? What is one example of a typical enterprise WAN deployment model? What is the purpose of a Cisco PfRv3 smart probe? What is Cisco Cloud Connector? What does a spoke use to determine the address of a target spoke with which it wants to establish a dynamic VPN connection? Which URL is used to verify that Cisco CWS is working as configured? With which type of integrated services routers can you perform zero-touch deployment of remote equipment? Which set of actions is an element of QoS? What is the best way to design a network to ensure that Cisco NSF operates according to specifications? How can you customize the Home view of Prime Infrastructure?