500-451 - Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials

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Example Questions

Along with IPsec, strict access lists, and CWS, what should you include when using a direct Internet connection as part of your Cisco IWAN security solution? Which feature should you recommend if a customer has high-density wireless deployments and they want to monitor bandwidth consumption and manage network resource utilization? Within Cisco ISE, which persona or node is responsible for enforcing policy? Cisco PfRv2 simplifies the approximate number of lines of configuration that are needed for 200 sites from about 11,000 to which number? In which way does Cisco PfRv3 passive monitoring work to ensure link quality? What is Cisco CWS? Which cloud-based SAAS solution provides industry-leading security and control for the distributed enterprise? Which platform supports SSO? Which option can be a source of PI Assurance data? In the Converged Access solution, how does the controller display the access point name when there is no existing configuration for the AP? What optimizes application traffic flow on the WAN side of the network? What should you do to increase availability and provide a separate failure domain? Which installation option is available as of Prime Infrastructure 2.0? What does a spoke use to determine the address of a target spoke with which it wants to establish a dynamic VPN connection? Before you implement BYOD onboarding, which two client provisioning resources should you download from Cisco.com to ISE? Which three algorithms does Radio Resource Management use? Which unique feature of TrustSec is used for end-to-end security policy control? What can be used to replace static ACLs on Internet-facing interfaces? The use of which option is a major difference between DMVPN and Group Encrypted Transport VPN? Which routing protocol is typically used to peer with an MPLS provider? Which dashboard under Overview in Prime Infrastructure 2.0 do you use to identify authentication failures and client status? In the Cisco Unified Wireless Network infrastructure, which combination of devices and/or features best accomplishes high availability? A customer is configuring the IP SLA Embedded Event Manager applet. What is the meaning of this configuration line within the applet: "event track 100 state down"? When Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches are implemented in a stack configuration, which command is used to verify the role of each switch in the stack, and what are the two roles supported? What are the two simplest methods to give guest users access to the Internet? (Choose two.) What is the best way to design a network to ensure that Cisco NSF operates according to specifications? When managing Security Group Access in Cisco ISE 1.2, what is the description of the mapped cells matrix element? Which technology is used to separate internal routing and the external default routing for spoke- to-spoke tunnel setup? Which Cisco product must be purchased to use the Cisco IWAN solution? When the Cisco Catalyst 3850 is configured as a wireless mobility agent, what must be true? Multiple types of cache can be configured for use with NetFlow. Which cache type is exported on a regular basis and used by ART? Which step is one of the typical configuration steps when configuring Flow Exporter for Prime Infrastructure 2.0 or higher? How do Flexible NetFlow and unified monitoring differentiate between compressed and uncompressed network traffic when Cisco WAAS is introduced into the environment? What is one example of a typical enterprise WAN deployment model? On what is the Cisco security approach based? Which product can be used with Cisco IWAN to provide advanced caching and content pre- positioning? Which option is performed exclusively by the mobility agent? Which action is required when configuring Flexible NetFlow on a Cisco Catalyst switch? A network administrator is using the Embedded Event Manager, which is supporting multiple actions initiated from the script. Which two policy actions can be used within the EEM? (Choose two) Which type of application recognition and performance monitoring does the AVC feature enable? Within Cisco ISE, which persona or node handles RADIUS requests and the Sponsor and Guest portals? A customer wants to dynamically monitor the status of a critical route. Which feature should you recommend that the customer use? Flexible NetFlow has the ability to view both key and nonkey fields. What is one example of a key field? Which option describes the benefits of a secure BYOD architecture using SGT? Which access categories are defined in the Wi-Fi Alliance Wireless Multimedia certification? Which option is an advantage of using Cisco Prime Infrastructure as a network management solution? If customers want to automate and simplify the deployment of one or more new Cisco Catalyst switches, which feature should they use? What is one example of a supported hypervisor on the network compute engine? Which separate service performs SBC for voice on Cisco ISR and ASR routers? Which route is needed in the global table for internal users to access the Internet?