500-254 - Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Service Engine - SISE

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Example Questions

Which Authentication Policy option should be selected for MAB rule to support Central Web Auth? Which URL should you enter into the SCEP Certificate Authority profile to enable Native Supplicant Provisioning? Which three conditions can be used for posture checking? (Choose three.) What is the Cisco ISE default admin login name and password? How are access control lists implemented on a Cisco WLC in a Cisco ISE authorization policy? What are the Cisco ISE posture building blocks? What is the default authorization rule in Cisco ISE? Which three encryption policies does MACsec support? (Choose three.) Which option represents the default action or actions that ISE 1.x 1.0 takes when the endpoint usage count exceeds licensed endpoint values? Which of these is not a default behavior of Cisco ISE 1.1, with respect to authentication, when a user connects to a switch port that is configured for 802.1X, MAB, and web authentication? Which statement is correct about Change of Authorization? Which two statements are correct regarding Cisco ISE Guest Services? (Choose two.) Which three network information items are required to set up Cisco ISE? (Choose three.) Which of these is NOT a high-availability option that is available for Cisco ISE deployments? What is the default period for Cisco ISE to automatically purge expired guest accounts? Which statement is true about 802.1X closed mode? Which two statements are correct about Change of Authorization? (Choose two.) Which Cisco ISE component intercepts HTTP and HTTPS requests and redirects them to the Guest User Portal? Which three client provisioning policies can an administrator create to provision different resources? (Choose three.) Which two EAP authentication methods require only a server certificate? (Choose two.) What is the limit of groups that Cisco ISE can retrieve from an Active Directory? What are the three default Cisco ISE identity user groups? (Choose three.) Which global command is used to activate 802.1X on a switch? What are two methods to verify that Cisco ISE is properly connected to AD? (Choose two.) Which of these is NOT an Inline Posture node operating mode? Which network information device sensor is sending in the RADIUS accounting packet? Where is the license installed within Cisco ISE deployment? Which three Cisco TrustSec enforcement modes are used to help protect network operations when securing the network? (Choose three.) If MAB is enabled before WebAuth in Policy -> Authentications, what option must be selected if authentication fails, in order for users to have the ability to log in to the guest portal? Inline Posture nodes support which enforcement mechanisms? Client provisioning resources can be added into the Cisco ISE Administration node from which three of these? (Choose three.) What is the recommended time zone for Cisco ISE installations? If there is a firewall between Cisco ISE and an Active Directory external identity store, which port does not need to be open? What is the process for Cisco ISE to obtain a signed certificate from a CA? The 802.1X protocol supports which two port types? (Choose two.) The default Cisco ISE node configuration has which role or roles enabled by default? Which of these is NOT a Cisco ISE deployment recommendation? Which element is not included in the redirect URL? Which two commands are needed to configure 802.1X open mode? (Choose two.)