500-215 - SP Mobility Technology Systems Engineer Representative

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Example Questions

Which three sections are standard CLI command prompts on the Cisco ASR 5000? (Choose three.) Which option is the unique differentiator that sets Cisco ASR 5000 apart from competitors? Which card is used in the Cisco ASR 5000 model to manage system functions? Which statement about SS& message routing and addressing methods is true? Which controller task is used to facilitate IP routing across and within contexts? Which of these is a characteristic of the Alert model? Which in-line service do most customers currently use? What feature is used to bypass SGSN on data path? Which functionality in SGSN is in charge of the activation, modification, and deactivation of a GPRS session? How many Packet Service Cards are located in a fully loaded Cisco ASR 5000 chassis? What is the main function of cluster mode support? What is the Cisco ASR 5000 operating system software based on? Which option lists the types of card that fit into the front of the Cisco ASR 5000 chassis? What is the name of the logical interface between SGSN and BSC nodes? Which logical interface is the communications path between the SGSN and the Cisco GGSN? Which Cisco GGSN task is used to generate a list of current session manager tasks to aid in system recovery? Which of these are considered historical summary reports? Which option describes one main benefit of the Cisco ASR 5000 inline services? Which statement about SGSN when it is serving a 2G network is true? Which bus interconnects RCCs and line cards? Which option is one of the three identifiers of the area ID? Which two statements about Cisco SGSN are true? (Choose two.) How many VLAN tags may contain each physical port on an Ethernet 1000 line card? Which card has the resources to run multiple services? Which statement is a characteristic of the GTPP group configuration? Which two capabilities are part of the MME solution? (Choose two.) Which reference point is used between the UTRAN and the Serving Gateway for user plane tunneling when a direct tunnel is established? What level of User Privilege is required to create new user accounts on the Cisco ASR 5000 platform? How many operator policies are supported? What is the service application called in the 2G environment? What does CDR stand for within the context of GTPP billing? What did Cisco create to address the issues raised with SGSNs without moving to Direct Tunnel? How do you configure the system to store CDRs on the local GTPP Storage Server? Which types of Cisco ASR 5000 services are needed for communication between a Serving Gateway and Packet Data Network Gateway? LTE was introduced in which 3GPP release? Which subsystem task is responsible for distributing the SCTP between the eNodeB and the MMEMGR tasks? Which type of Cisco ASR 5000 service is needed for communication between a Cisco MME and a Serving Gateway? How many QoS Class Identifiers are defined in LTE technology? Which option is a characteristic of the online software upgrade on the Cisco ASR 5000 Series? What is the subsystem task that is responsible for performing a centralized IMSI lookup? In which two ways do subscriber-aware stateful firewalls complement Internet firewalls? (Choose two.)