500-210 - SP Optical Technology Field Engineer Representative

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Example Questions

In an NCS 2006 multishelf configuration, what is the name of the shelf that holds the node configuration? How many 100G transponders are supported in the NCS 2006 chassis? The 10G Wire Speed Encryption line card encrypts the payload of which protocol? Which action does the MF-4x4-COFS module perform on the signals entering its add/drop ports? How many shelves can be subtended from a node controller shelf in an NCS 2006 multishelf configuration? Which two methods can be used to start Cisco Transport Controller? (Choose two.) Which file is exported by Cisco Transport Planner and is used to provision nodes during installation? Which two options are two modes of operation in the 2-port CFP line card? (Choose two.) Colorless add/drop eliminates physical port dependency for which wavelength characteristic? In Cisco Transport Planner, which report do you reference to determine which wavelengths are used in which portions of the network? During Automatic Node Setup, if cards are not already installed, what will the setup tool do during slot setup? Which two characteristics of the NCS 2000 describe add/drop and express patch panels? (Choose two.) Besides the controller cards, in which other location is the NCS 2006 database stored? In which type of configuration are the MD-48 add/drop modules unusable? Between which types of endpoint are optical channel network connections made? Which document is designed to be a problem-solving aid? Which color represents a circuit that passes all design criteria in the Cisco Transport Planner Optical Results report? Which type of connector is used on the 16-WXC-FS and associated mesh patch panels? What does the Functional View show in Cisco Transport Controller? Which Cisco Transport Controller tab under Maintenance-DWDM displays the power value for every point that has a power monitor in the shelf? In Cisco Transport Controller, which type of user can provision all settings on the Wire Speed Encryption card? What does setup do with passive units? Which type of architecture employs nLight ROADM? Which option describes the purpose of the USB ports on the external connection unit of the NCS 2006? In a mesh ROADM node, how many degrees is an omnidirectional add/drop unit accessible from? Between which types of endpoint are optical channel client connections made? Which document do you refer to for information about procedures (release 10.0 and later)? Which feature enables the output Cisco Transport Planner to directly provision an NCS 2000 network element? Which two options are the two basic building blocks of the mesh patch panel? (Choose two.) Which environment does Cisco Transport Controller run in? How many 50 GHz channels does the 16-WXC-FS support on each port? Which technology allows 100G transponders to accept multiple wavelengths at their input, without requiring demultiplexing of the composite signal? Which two options are the two modes of operation for the 10 port SFP+ line card? (Choose two.) Which combination and quantity of ports does the AnyRate Xponder card have? Which card is the NCS 2000 Optical Service Channel built into? How many shelves can be combined into a single network element with NCS 2000 multishelf management? Where within Cisco Transport Controller can the user view the software release level for all nodes in the network? How many slots does NCS 2006 have? In addition to encryption, which other operation does the 10G Wire Speed Encryption line card perform? Which type of fiber connector does CXP optics use? How many ports does the 16-WXC-FS have for add/drop and degree expansion?