4A0-109 - Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services Exam

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Example Questions

Which of the following is a trigger to setup an L2TP Tunnel? The pppoe-access-method in the authentication policy context has been set to " none " . What will happen during the authentication of a PPPoE subscriber-host? What is the ultimate goal of Triple Play services? Which of the following is NOT part of an unique subscriber instance? Which of the following about the DHCP relay process is FALSE? Which application is NOT synchronized across two BNGs using MCS? In SLAAC, how is the host's IPv6 address configured? Which of the following is NOT an AlcateHucent RADIUS vendor-specific attribute (VSA)? Which of the following describes the Alcatel-Lucent 7342 FTTU P-OLT? What is the format of the VRRP virtual MAC address? Which of the following describes the port mode required to support ESM over MPLS on an Alcatel- Lucent 7750 SR? What is the correct command to map in the SAP-ingress (sap-ingress id: 100) and the default queue (queue id: 1) to the scheduler-policy? What is an advantage of using Enhanced Subscriber Management? On which interface is SRRP activated? What is the purpose of the SRRP message-path SAP? There can be one SRRP master per which entity? What is the purpose of a capture SAP? Which of the following is a requirement to enable dynamic anti-spoof filtering on a SAP in a VPLS? If PPPoE relay agent is enabled, which PPPoE discovery messages will not be intercepted by the BSAN? What information is typically present in the option 82 attribute of the DHCP Discover message relayed from an Alcatel-Lucent BSAN? Which feature can be used to identify a subscriber that paid for extra services? Which network element will add the PPPoE Relay Tag? By default what does a DHCP client do when it receives multiple offers from DHCP servers? Which of the following about multi-chassis synchronization on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR is TRUE? What is the purpose of the anti-spoofing filter? In an M-SAP implementation, when a capture SAP sends an authentication request to the RADIUS server, which parameters are returned by the server on a successful authentication? After the successful mapping of the incoming traffic of a capture-SAP, what will happen to the DHCP discover packet? How can a given subscriber be mapped to a virtual port? Which of the following is correct about L2TP? What happens when arp-reply-agent is enabled on a subscriber SAP? What process initiates the CoA Request? Which of the following entities would NOT be configured when using a Bridged CO model? Which DHCP message is used to populate the anti-spoofing table? The DHCP clients' formal request to the DHCP server for an offered IP address is contained in which DHCP message type? Which of the following elements is part of the access network? Which device typically inserts DHCP option 82? In the case of wholesale/retail model with an IP-VPN deployment model, where is the IPoE session terminated? Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of high speed Internet service? Which other protocol is required to operate SRRP on BNGs? An L2TP session will be able to encapsulate how many PPP sessions? Which of the following is NOT an Alcatel-lucent RADIUS vendor-specific attribute (VSA)? What is the benefit of SRRP-aware routing? Which feature drops a packet by checking if the IP source address is reachable through the routing table? How many queues per subscriber can be allocated using a high-speed Media Dependent Adapter (HS- MDA)? Which of the following is used to define L2TP reliable control messages? In a numbered PPPoE WAN scenario, the RG sends which address assignment option to the DHCPv6 server in the Solicit message? In the case of a wholesale/retail model with a subscriber session terminated at the retail BNG.which of the following is true? Which of the following is NOT part of the aggregation network? Which of the following is NOT a step in the session stage of the PPPoE protocol? For application assurance, which field can NOT be used to identify an application?