4A0-105 - Virtual Private LAN Services

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Example Questions

How many designated ports are there in a spanning tree topology? MAC explosion is best described as a large amount of MAC addresses being withdrawn and relearned? What are the advantages of running a physical ring topology with a mesh of mesh-SDPs? (Choose 2) Which of the following statements regarding unicastand multicast frames is true for a traditional layer 2 switch? (Choose 2) What needs to be configured in a VPLS in order to forward customer STP BPDUs transparently? Which of the following statements about Spanning Tree Protocol is true? In RSTP, an alternate port is on the same switch as a designated Port. In IEEE 802.1ag, how are loops detected? The following question relates to this command syntax: "config>service# vpls 9000 customer 6 create". Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose 2) What are the limitations of a traditional layer 2 switch? (Choose 3} What is the result of initiating an oam mac-ping to an unknown unicast MAC address in a VPLS instance? How do user VPLSs become associated with a management VPLS for redundant spoke-sdp connections? If the max remote-age timer of a B-VPLS is reached, what happens to the remotely learned MAC addresses in the l-VPLS service? Which of the following needs to be considered when designing Ethernet networks with redundancy? How does the IEEE 802.1ag loopback function differently from the loopback feature in 802.3ah? (Choose 2) In RSTP, which state do all ports initialize in? What is the default Spanning Tree protocol used in a VPLS on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR? Why are provisioning requirements a factor that influence VPLS design? (Choose 2) When ports configured with IEEE 802.3ah EFM are operationally down, what must the device do before declaring the ports are up? Why is MAC explosion a factor to be considered when designing a large VPLS network? (Choose 2) What is the maximum number of VLANs supported on a traditional Layer 2 switch? What is the default service-mtu for a VPLS service? The operation of a VPLS can be best described by which of the following statements? Which of the following is a function of the data plane that must be considered when provisioning a VPLS service? Why is it best practice to set the bridge priority in an STP network? (Choose 2) The "discard-unknown" command has been enabled at the VPLS level. Which of the following statements is true? (Choose 2) The FDB has learned 2 MAC addresses. The first is from a device accessible via a locality defined SAP, the second is from a device accessible via an SDP. Both MAC addresses were learned at the exact same time. If all traffic from these hosts stops at the same time, which address will age out first from the FDB based on default settings? Which of the following best describes the difference between VPWS and VPLS? Why should you configure send-flush-on failure on your PE routers when using active/standby pseudowires? What action will be taken when an MPLS router receives a frame with a label that does not exist in the LFIB? What function in IEEE 802.1 ah helps to limit the amount of MAC addresses learned in the core? What action will be taken when an Ethernet switch receives a frame with a known DA and an outer Ethertype value of 0x0800 on a dot1q encapsulated port? Which of the following describes the overhead added to a customer frame on an Ethernet link in a VPLS service on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR? What is PBB also known as? What must be enabled in order to prevent a loop within a LAG? What configuration is required on the CE device when using MC-LAG? What scaling factors should a network engineer be aware of when designing VPLS networks? (Choose 3) IEEE 802.3ah frames must be untagged. After the "disable-learning" command has been executed at the VPLS level, a new client device originates a frame. What is the result? Which of the following technologies allows for two explicit VLAN tags to be received from a customer device? Which of the following must be true in order to add a port to a LAG? (Choose 2) Which of the following statements relating to VPLS is false? An MC-LAG is configured with default parameters. When a failed interface recovers, the active link reverts to the restored interface. The service-mtu of a VPLS using MPLS encapsulation is set to 9100. What is the minimum MTU value that can be set for the network port if fast re-route facility mode is used on the SDP LSP? What is the name of the feature supported on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR that prevents MAC explosion in large VPLS deployments? To reduce the amount of flooding between PE devices which of the following steps should be taken? How is the Primary Bridge chosen in a VPLS? In Active/Standby pseudowires a failed pseudowire has recovered. Under what circumstances will the active pseudowire revert to the previously failed link? How is it possible for multiple services to be carried over the same MPLS LSPs? Which OAM tool can be used to dynamically learn the MAC address of a CE device connected to a SAP within a VPLS service?