400-101 - CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam v5.0

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Example Questions

Which data plane protocol does EIGRP Over the Top use? What are the minimal configuration steps that are required to configure EIGRP HMAC-SHA2 authentication? You are tasked with configuring a router on an OSPF domain to import routes from an EIGRP domain and summarize the routes to Which statement configures the summarized route and provides equal-path route redundancy? Which two values comprise the VPN ID for an MPLS VPN? (Choose two.) Which two options are causes of out-of-order packets? (Choose two.) For which two conditions is Cisco Express Forwarding recursion disabled by default when the BGP Prefix Independent Convergence functionality is enabled? (Choose two.) Which two statements about IS-IS are true? (Choose two.) Which two options are advantages of NetFlow version 9 over NetFlow version 5? (Choose two.) Which two mechanisms can be used to eliminate Cisco Express Forwarding polarization? (Choose two.) Which technology can be used to prevent flooding of IPv6 multicast traffic on a switch? Which Layer 2 tunneling technique eliminates the need for pseudowires? Which circumstance can cause packet loss due to a microburst? What is a disadvantage of using aggressive mode instead of main mode for ISAKMP/IPsec establishment? What is the function of the command ip pim autorp listener? Which two options are interface requirements for turbo flooding? (Choose two.) What is a cause for unicast flooding? A GRE tunnel is down with the error message %TUN-5-RECURDOWN: Tunnel0 temporarily disabled due to recursive routing error. Which two options describe possible causes of the error? (Choose two.) Which option is the origin code when a route is redistributed into BGP? Which two options are reasons to manipulate the delay metric instead of the bandwidth metric for EIGRP routing? (Choose two.) A configuration includes the line ip nbar port-map SSH tcp 22 23 443 8080. Which option describes the effect of this configuration line? Which option is the default number of routes over which EIGRP can load balance? Which mechanism can be used on Layer 2 switches so that only multicast packets with downstream receivers are sent on the multicast router-connected ports? Which statement about the function of poison reverse in EIGRP is true? You are configuring a DMVPN hub to perform CBWFQ on a per-spoke basis. Which information is used to identify the spoke? What is a key advantage of Cisco GET VPN over DMVPN? Which two options are BGP attributes that are updated when router sends an update to its eBGP peer? (Choose two.) Under Cisco IOS Software, which two features are supported in RADIUS Change of Authorization requests? (Choose two.) Which two statements about the default router settings for SSH connections are true? (Choose two.) The session status for an IPsec tunnel with IPv6-in-IPv4 is down with the error message IKE message from failed its sanity check or is malformed. Which statement describes a possible cause of this error? Which statement is true when using a VLAN ID from the extended VLAN range (1006­4094)? Which two statements about the function of the stub feature in EIGRP are true? (Choose two.) Which two options are reasons for TCP starvation? (Choose two.) In which type of EIGRP configuration is EIGRP IPv6 VRF-Lite available? If two OSPF type 3 prefixes have the same metric, and are within the same process, which prefix(es) are installed into the routing table? Which two Cisco IOS AAA features are available with the local database? (Choose two.) Which type of OSPF packet is an OSPF link state update packet? Which BGP feature enables you to install a backup path in the forwarding table? Which statement about the OSPF Loop-Free Alternate feature is true? Which service is disabled by the no service tcp-small-servers command? Two routers are trying to establish an OSPFv3 adjacency over an Ethernet link, but the adjacency is not forming. Which two options are possible reasons that prevent OSPFv3 to form between these two routers? (Choose two.) What is the destination MAC address of a BPDU frame? Which two options are BGP attributes that are updated when router sends an update to its eBGP peer? (Choose two.) In a nonbackbone OSPF area, all traffic that is destined to the Internet is routed by using a default route that is originated by the ABR. Which change in the configuration of the OSPF area type causes traffic from that area that is destined to the Internet to be dropped? What is Nagle's algorithm used for? Which technology can be affected when switches are used that do not support jumbo frames? Which BGP feature allows a router to maintain its current BGP configuration while it advertises a different AS number to new connections? How does EIGRP derive the metric for manual summary routes? Which technology can create a filter for an embedded packet capture? Which statement is true about IGMP? Which two statements about private VLANs are true? (Choose two.)

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