350-080 - CCIE Data Center Written Exam

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On Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches, where are the virtual output queues implemented, and what is the main purpose of virtual output queues? What interface is created when an FC Port Channel is created on a Cisco Unified Computing System? DCNM is capable of monitoring the network performance of a SAN. What are the three primary areas of this operation? Which Ethernet field is used to differentiate between the FCoE frame and the FIP frame? Given the following configuration, what command can be used to determine the physical path that traffic will be sent out upon? Port-profile type Ethernet name vm-data Switchport mode trunk Switchport trunk allowed vlan 200-210 Channel-group auto mode on mac-pinning State enabled Vmware port-group No shut Port-profile type vethernet name vlan-200 Switchport mode access Switchport vlan 200 State enabled Vmware port-group No shut Which two statements about authentication settings for DCNM-LAN are true? (Choose two.) On a Cisco Nexus 7000 device, on which port type can port security be configured? Which statement describes the FIP function of the FCoE Initiation Protocol? Which statement describes the below output from an MDS switch? Flow ID. 44 Initiator VSAN: 200 Initiator WWN: 50:06:04:8a: cc: 19:12: db Target VSAN: 200 Target WWN: 50:06:04:8c: de: ad: be: ef Target LUN: ALL LUNs Flow Verification Status: Initiator Verification Status: success Target Verification Status: WWN was not found in name server Initiator Linecard Status: success Target Linecard Status: Status not yet checked Feature Status: Write-Acceleration enabled Write-Acceleration Buffers: 1024 Configuration Status: flow verification failed Which statement best describes the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series? When it comes to creating pooled WWN objects, it is important to understand that a Cisco UCS WWN pool can include only WWNNs or WWPNs from which value of ranges? Which two servers support memory extension technology and give list? (Choose two.) Which statements are valid for a local SPAN configuration? (Choose two.) Which three parameters are carried by an iSCSI TCP session? (Choose three.) Which option describes the default roles available to RBAC on Cisco Nexus switches? Which three statements describe the configuration change management feature in DCNM LAN? (Choose three.) Which statement best describes ACL configuration using configuration session mode on Cisco Nexus switches? On the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch, ACL capture sessions are supported on which two modules? (Choose two.) On a Nexus 5000 Series Switch, when a VFC is not online, what are the causes? (Choose three.) ACE can check the health of servers and server farms by configuring health probes (sometimes referred to as keepalives). There are several types of probes. Which three options are valid ACE probes? (Choose three.) Which of these commands will allow you to set end-host mode for SAN connectivity? The FCoE VLAN is used to carry FIP and FCoE traffic for the corresponding VSAN. Which two statements about this mapping are true? (Choose two.) NPV and NPIV are features that are used to overcome resource limitations in which Fibre Channel field? What is the use of an "all configurations" backup in Cisco UCS? What is the main function of the device-alias distribute command? FabricPath brings the benefits of routing protocols to layer 2 network Ethernet environments. What are the advantages of using FabricPath technology? (Choose three.) When will an "all configuration" backup be imported into the Cisco UCS Manager? Which two are benefits of using remote AAA services for Cisco Nexus products? (Choose two.) Which three statements describe user authentication in Cisco DCNM-LAN? (Choose three.) Which two statements about Fibre Channel Class 2 are true? (Choose two.) In the event of a GSS failure in a GSS cluster, which is true? Cisco IOS NetFlow gathers data that can be used in which three of these? (Choose three.) Which two statements about VACLs on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches are true? (Choose two.) Regarding disk scrub, which two of these occur to the data on any local drives upon disassociation? (Choose two.) On a Cisco UCS B250 server, how many physical DIMM slots make up one logical DIMM? Which three are valid methods to monitor and trend SAN port channels with DCNM? (Choose three.) What does the mac packet-classify command do when applied to an interface configuration? What is the purpose of this command in a Cisco Application Control Engine? switch/Admin# show np 1 me-stats "-F0 v" Which statement describes the XML management interface in Cisco NX-OS Software? On a Cisco UCS B250 M2 server that is fully populated with 1333-MHz memory and an E5640 CPU, what is the fastest speed the memory can run at? SNMPv3 authorizes management operations only by configured users and encrypts SNMP messages. Which authentication protocols does Cisco NX-OS Software use for SNMPv3? (Choose two.) Which statement about Cisco Unified Fabric switches is correct? What is the default burst in a LAN QoS policy? Lossless Ethernet for FCoE is achieved through the use of which features? (Choose two.) What is the default Time to Live (TTL) value in Cisco FabricPath? Which command will allow you to display the configured QoS group and the ingress buffer allocated to each QoS group? Which two statements about FCIP Tape Acceleration are true? (Choose two.) Which of the following is an advanced networking function performed by VEM? When creating a role in a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, rules are used to define the type of operations that a role will allow the user to perform. Which two of these parameters cannot be applied as a rule? (Choose two.) When using VSD, traffic flow goes from the virtual machine to which of these?

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