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Question :-

You are working as a Tier 2 NOC employee at a service provider. The service provisioning team has opened a trouble ticket indicating that their provisioning application is timing out while provisioning new MPLS VPNs for a large customer. They believe it is a network problem because not every site is experiencing the provisioning failure. No actual customers have reported any network problems. Upon receiving the ticket in your work queue, you perform basic troubleshooting steps and find that ping, traceroute, and Telnet work to all the sites. You begin to doubt that the network is at fault. Which two steps should you take before escalating to Tier 3? (Choose two.)
Suggest that the provisioning team reboot their servers.
Check for packet loss on the network path to the affected sites.
Review all network change requests that were submitted prior to the problem having started.
Verify that the ACLs are not preventing provisioning traffic

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