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Question :-

You are working for a large service provider. The engineering team has requested that operations roll out new four-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet line cards in every 7600 Series Router chassis in the network in advance of announcing new services that will use these high-speed interfaces. During the meeting, engineering and the certification lab state that they have fully tested the new line cards with no problems identified. Realizing that it has been over a year since the Cisco IOS Software was last upgraded in the network and a Cisco IOS upgrade is required, what questions should you ask of the engineering team before proceeding with scheduling maintenance windows to upgrade the network? (Choose two.)
What configuration changes are required to support the new services?
Does the Cisco IOS Software have to be upgraded before inserting the new line cards?
How long will the outage be while the software is upgraded?
Is the memory on the supervisor engines sufficient to support the new Cisco IOS release and line cards?

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