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Question :-

You are a network technician of your company. And you are asked to connect two data center SANs located 200 km apart from each other. These data centers will need connectivity between each other for disaster recovery purposes and will be using full Fibre Channel frame sizes of 2112 bytes. You currently own two DSDM connections providing 2 Gb/s per connection between the two sites. According to these design parameters, could a default 2 Gb/s Cisco MDS TE port be used for connectivity?
No, because the maximum speed that could be configured on these ISLs at this distance and with full Fibre Channel frames is 1Gb/s.
No, unless you have buffer-to-buffer spoofing enabled on the optical switch.
No, because the default buffer-to-buffer credits would not be sufficient at this distance with a speed of 2Gp/s per TE link and full Fibre Channel frame sizes.
Yes, this is within the allowable range for the default buffer-to-buffer credit configuration and would work with full Fibre Channel frame sizes.

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