350-040 - CCIE Storage Networking Written Exam

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Example Questions

You are working with a customer to configure FICON on a Cisco MDS switch. In order to make sure that the customer can modify the FICON port parameters for the MDS switch from the mainframe, which of these must occur? Select the description of how the trespass feature works: What SW_ILS frame is used to perform Principal Switch Selection? A Brocade 12000 in its native corePID mode (1) is connected to VSAN 1009 on an MDS. What is the correct output of the "show vsan 1009" command? What is true about MDS FCIP Profiles? Which two setups are correct for capturing a PLOGI and a PLOGI Accept from a Fibre Channel target using SPAN? (Choose two.) What statement is NOT correct for Inter Vsan Routing? What is the function of the Link Reset Protocol within the Link Control Facility? Which are effects of a Build Fabric (BF) ILS? (Choose two) You connect 2 switches together with an ISL. Which frames would be used for negotiations between the 2 E_Ports? Select two. You can upgrade the software on all fabric and module switches without any disruptions by use of the install all command for the system software images except which one? Which scenarios require assigning FICON port numbers? Assume you have a class 3 connection. A switch port interface has 12 buffer credits. If a host with 24 buffer credits logs into this port, how many buffer credits will be made available to this host to transmit to other Fibre channel devices logged into the same Fibre channel switch? What method of load balancing is flow based? Set all ports in a 48-port line card to 1 GB dedicated, with all remaining options set to the defaults. You have two available 1-GB switchport mode dedicated ports on a 48-port line card. You should attach an LT04 tape drive. If you decide to allow the tape drive to run up to its line rate, what should you do? When attaching to the following switch vendor, a VC_Ready flow control may have to be disabled and B2B Flow control enabled: On the 9120 an additional lSL is required and ports1-4 and 6 are already occupied. What additional port can be used? Initiator 10 111 establishes an iSCSI discovery session through portal 10. 1.1.2 and only finds fibre channel targets on VSAN 1. What is the most likely cause for no targets discovered inVSAN5? What iSCSI virtual target name was dynamically created over interface iscsi 1/1? The Domain Identifier Assigned (DIA) SW_ILS command indicates which two of these? (Choose two.) Your company has configured FC-SP between two Cisco MDS switches. What will happen after configuring the Fibre Channel ports for MDS1 and MDS2 in "fc-sp auto-passive" mode? You are asked to design a full-mesh core solution using the following equipment: 3 x 9509, fully loaded with 32 port FC modules (D8-X9032) 3 x 9506, fully loaded with 32 port FC modules (D8-X9032) The solution requires 4 Gb/s of bandwidth for the ISLs between switches. What is the number of available physical ports for fibre channel host and storage connectivity within the physical fabric? FICON (for Fiber Connectivity) is a high-speed input/output (I/O) interface for mainframe computer connections to storage devices. You have two Cisco MDS 9509 switches for a FICON connection. FCIP is used between the two switches. On each switch is one 24-port module, two 32-port modules, and one 48-port module. What is the first available FICON port number for the FCIP connection on the switches? What TCP feature reduces the chances of an oversized IP packets from being fragmented? There are three different roles on MDS: Role1 allows show commands only. Role2 allows debug and configure commands, and denies show command Role 3 permits VSAN 10-30 only. User1 belongs to Role1, Role2 and Role3. What can User1 do? Read only zones on MDS switches are implemented using: What SCSI command does a target send to an initiator after the initiator sends the target a write command? What control traffic is NOT prohibited from crossing Inter-VSAN boundaries? What do ARB, R_RDY and IDLE have in common? How can ISCSI protocol health and status can be best determined? "SCSI LUN discovery" is triggered automatically when: What type of ordered set is sent to indicate a condition or state exists in Fibre Channel protocol? Which three state descriptions are true about a standard iSCSI connection? (Choose three.) What parameter does not need to be compatible for a port-channel to come up between 2 switches? There are two 2 Gbps FC links, 2Gbps ISLs port formed into a single port channel connecting two switches together. What is the initial FSPF cost and resulting FSPF cost of the port channel if ISLs failed and one of the FC links becomes inoperable? What must be eliminated to make migration of storage and a HP-UX host non-disruptive? Using Device Manager, how can zoning be enabled between Fibre Channel members in the same VSAN? What technique is used in Fibre Channel to provide reliable clocking? A reason for persistent binding to be enabled on an HBA is to provide what benefit? Based on the following output from show hardware internal fc-mac port gbic-info module command what is the possible cause of an interface not coming up? Module-3# -----------GBIC info for user port 03-------- Present No Module-3# sh hardware internal fc-mac port 6 gbic-info -------GBIC info for user port 06-------------- Present:Yes Tx fault:No Rx Loss: Yes Tx Enable: Yes Read State :read cc_base:passed cc_ex: passed What statement is NOT correct for FCIP compression? You are a network technician of your company. And you are asked to connect two data center SANs located 200 km apart from each other. These data centers will need connectivity between each other for disaster recovery purposes and will be using full Fibre Channel frame sizes of 2112 bytes. You currently own two DSDM connections providing 2 Gb/s per connection between the two sites. According to these design parameters, could a default 2 Gb/s Cisco MDS TE port be used for connectivity? FCID 0x600000 is not a valid FCID in what interop mode? What is used for in-band management of MDS switches? What step must be done in order to use the FCIP feature on a FICON enabled VSAN? Before you can successfully enable the Call Home feature, which of the following must be true? Which FICON port configurations are permitted? Which three commands are needed to enable an iSCSI initiator with the user name 'iscsi-user1' and password 'pa55word' to use local database authentication? (Choose three.) A Fabric Zone Merge Failure between fabric A and fabric B will result if: Persistent binding is: