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Question :-

Company CADORNA's INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP Telephony using the Centralized Call Processing model, using Cisco CallManager 4.1(3). The company has 1 HQ and 25 branches interconnected with an MPLS network that provides "full-mesh" connectivity between all sites. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
This topology implies that, from an IP routing perspective on the enterprise side of the network, each site is one IP hop away from all other sites.
From the Cisco CallManager's call admission control perspective, a service-provider IP WAN service based on MPLS is in reality equivalent to a hub-and-spoke topology without a hub site.
This configuration requires that call admission control be performed on the central site link independently of the branch links.
The Cisco CallManager Servers need to be aware of the underlying MPLS network by setting the appropriate Enterprise Parameters.
All of the above statements are true.

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