350-030 - CCIE Voice Written Exam

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Example Questions

Two Unity Servers can be placed in the same Dialing Domain if: Which digital telephony signaling protocol does not support ANI information? In a H.323 network, what function is NOT performed by the gatekeeper? Which type of SIP responses would indicate that a server encountered an error in attempting to complete a SIP request? Which delay in a VoIP network is also known as accumulation delay? An IP phone user just answered an incoming call by lifting the handset. Assuming that the IP phone uses SCCP, which SCCP message will Cisco Unified Communications Manager transmit to this called IP phone immediately after receiving notification about the off-hook event? What statement is an attribute of ISDN Non-Facility Associated Signaling (NFAS)? What standards-based protocol will allow CallManager to seamlessly Integrate with other vendors' traditional PBX systems? A CME site has a group of attendants that answer calls for 3 different companies. The dial-plan for the CME site is listed below. CompanyA: 4085551111 CompanyB: CompanyC: 4085553333 AttendantA: 100 AttendantB: 101 AttendantC: 102 Identify the configuration that will meet the following criteria: 1. Incoming DNIS call to company A, B or C's dial-in number will hunt to the attendant that has been idle the longest. 2. The name of the company that was called should appear on the phone display. 3. Attendants can logout so that calls to Company A, B or C will bypass their phone. Which E1 time slots are used to carry encoded voice only? What issue is most commonly encountered with an analog Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) loopstart port connection to PBX? A company would like to provide marketing messages when callers are placed on hold. Each department in the company needs to have a specific MoH message for their callers. There are 12 departments in the company. Eleven of the departments are sales oriented and need to market to customers with MOH. The 12th department is administration and will require specific messages for each group within that department. How should the MoH services be configured for this company? CCIE WRITTEN v 3.0 How often, by default, is a keepalive sent between an IP Phone and its active Call Manager?: Company CADORNA's INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP Telephony using the Centralized Call Processing model. The company has 1 HQ and 25 branches in a hub and spoke configuration. Additionally, there will be an interconnection with multiple Telephony Service Providers using H323. Which Call Admission Control methods should be used in this network? Compressed Real-Time Transport Protocol (CRTP) is used on a link-by-link basis to compress the: On Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express with a B-ACD application that is provisioned for four hunt groups--aa-hunt1, aa-hunt2, aa-hunt3, and aa-hunt4--which hunt group will be chosen when a caller dials 0? What percentage of a standard G.729a packet is taken by IP, UDP and RTP headers? (NOTE: cRTP not used) A software media termination point should be deployed to support which call processing models and services? Suppose your business has a need to send and receive real-time fax over a VoIP network. Which fax protocol(s) could you implement? (Choose 2) An AS5300 is configured to authenticate a user for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) RADIUS server by prompting the user for a PIN number, etc., by using application clid_authen_collect. Users are dialing 5551000. What is the correct configuration? What is considered a node in a H.323 network? Which of the following is true about the 802.1q frame header? Cisco SIP Proxy can NOT perform what task? On a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway with a voice ISDN PRI connection to the PSTN, which two PSTN signals are processed locally by the gateway? (Choose two.) What SIP header is a SIP Proxy allowed to change? Which statement correctly describes symmetric signaling in SIP? What is the default switchback method for an SCCP hardware transcoder when a higher-priority Cisco Unified Communications Manager becomes available again? Consider: Phone A's device calling search space is CSS_Dev_A. Phone A's Line 1 is assigned calling search space CSS_Line_A. Route Pattern 2XXX is placed in Partition Part_1. Route Pattern 20XX is placed in Partition Part_2. Route Pattern 200X is placed in Partition Part_3. CSS_Dev_A contains partition(s) Part_1. CSS_Line_A contains partition(s) Part_2. If a call is made to 2001 from Phone A, using Line 1, what route pattern will be chosen by Call Manager? What is the default switchback method for a Cisco IOS MGCP PRI gateway when a higher-priority Cisco Unified Communications Manager becomes available again? In a VoIP deployment, which two protocols satisfy the following three requirements? (Choose two.) Requirement 1: the protocol has a mechanism for a centralized dial-plan Requirement 2: the endpoints are considered to be unintelligent Requirement 3: the protocol is text-based In a distributed AVVID call-processing model, an IOS gatekeeper is used for call Admission Control. What function does the IOS gatekeeper perform? The IOS command "call rsvp-sync resv-timer 10" is used to set the timer on the: Design a WAN edge LLQ/CBWFQ policy to accommodate voice, call-signaling, transactional data, bulk data, best effort and a "less than Best Effort" scavenger traffic class. Enable class-based cRTP on the voice class. Enable RFC 2597 congestion avoidance techniques only on application classes assigned an AF PHProvision a "less than Best Effort" queuing policy for scavenger traffic (assume a non-distributed router platform). Also assume that these traffic classes have been correctly classified and marked according to Cisco's best practices. Which option meets this criteria? Two H.323 gateways are engaged in an active call. How many RTP and RTCP packet streams exist between these two gateways? To provide for a standard approach for offering voice and fax over Frame Relay, the Frame Relay Forum released a standard, which describes frame formats, conformance requirements, and compression algorithms to support voice and fax over Frame Relay. The standard is: What is the default DTMF relay for Cisco Unity Express when integrated via SIP? Which of the following is NOT true about DHCP snooping? What protocol does an IP Phone use to learn the IP Address of its TFTP Server? Unity extensions will increase the Active Directory size by approximately what percent? Consider phone A, assigned to Calling Search Space A. Calling Search Space A contains the following partitions (in the order shown), listed with their respective Route Patterns: If Phone A dials "1001", what statement is true? A customer purchased 10,000 phone license units for a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. How many phone license unit overdrafts are permitted in this Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster? Company CADORNA's INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP Telephony using the Centralized Call Processing model, using Cisco CallManager 4.1(3). The company has 1 HQ and 25 branches interconnected with an MPLS network that provides "full-mesh" connectivity between all sites. Which of the following statements is NOT true? The Cisco AXL Web Service belongs to which feature service group on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? When using the CCMAdmin page of a Subscriber CallManager, changes made to the configuration are: When configuring IP Manager Assistant (IPMA) in a shared line mode, how are the manager and assistant Directory Numbers (DN) configured? Which three statements describe best practices when implementing Unity Unified Messaging in an Exchange 2000 environment? (Choose 3) Which two descriptions apply to the Calling Search Space function in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) AMIS is used to: Which pins are used to supply Inline-Power to an IP Phone when using a Cisco Inline-Power Patch-Panel? When Direct Inward Dial is used on a POTS dial peer and an incoming POTS call enters the router: (multiple answer)