350-029 - CCIE Service Provider Written Exam

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Example Questions

What is the maximum capacity of a single Cisco CRS-1? Which of the following statements regarding Selective Packet Discard(SPD) is correct? Which option describes a benefit of IPv6 VPN Provider Edge? Which two statements are correct? What are the differences between LLQ and CBWFQ? (Choose two.) Cisco IOS XR software is partitioned into three planes: control, data, and management. Which three of these belong to the data plane? (Choose three.) What is the effect of turning on all available downstream carrier tones in a DMT DSL transmission systems? Which of the following IOS commands can detect whether the SQL slammer virus propagates in your networks? Which of the following is a correct arrangement of APS Action Requests in order of priority, with highest priority first? Which of the following events can NOT be tuned via router configuration to provide for faster convergence following a link failure? Select the three valid LMI extension. Which BGP attribute can be used to influence inbound traffic flow? Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (Urpf ) can work in the following modes: Which statement about the Link Control Protocol (LCP) is true? Which statement about the Cisco MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) node protection operation is NOT correct? Which of the following statements is correct regarding PIM Sparse Mode operations? Which statement about Frame Relay is not true? What is the data encapsulation method for the VPLS virtual circuit (VC)? What protocol does an IP phone use to learn the voice VLAN ID it should use for voice traffic? ATM carries IP and PPP information with ATM cells. What ATM adaptation Layer is used when an ATM cell carries IP packets and PPP frames? Which option describes a benefits of IPv6 VPN Provider Edge? What does FRTP stand for? What is the minimum hardware configuration of the multishelf Cisco CRS- 1 system? Which two statements are TRUE ? What is the order of preference for these commands when all of them are applied to one neighbor in the BGP inbound filter direction? Which of the following IOS commands cause syslog messages to be stamped with time and dates? Which statement about standard STS-1 SONET framing is true? A Successor is: What is the relationship between the Domain Name System (DNS) and LDAP? Option 10A (back-to-back VRF) is an implementation of inter-AS MPLS VPN. Which of four statements about option 10A are not true? (Choose four.) How would you characterize the source and type in a denial of service attack on a router? Which three of these statements about the IP service level agreement (SLA) sender are true? (Choose three) router bgp 1 Neighbor remote-as 2 The above bgp configuration has what effect on the configured router? What statement is true? In which modes does selective packet discard (SPD) operate? (Choose three.) Which three of these are optical channel data unit (ODU) overhead fields? (Choose three) In the IS-IS Designated Intermediate System (DIS) election process, which criteria is used for DIS selection? What is the action of "pop" in the context of MPLS switching? What is periodically multicasted (every 10 seconds) by the DIS on a LAN to ensure IS-IS Link State Database accuracy? When configuring Multicast VPN (MVPN) over an MPLS core, both the Default and Data MDT is configured under which configuration mode? Which three statements about L2TPv3 are true? (Choose three) Which statement describes a restriction of inter-AS MPLS VPN? An ISP provides MPLS L3VPN services and is required to set up a multicast VPN. Which routers will be enabled with MDT to support a multicast VPN? What are the benefits of using TCAM technology in high-end routing products? (Choose two.) What is the main difference between the information displayed on the dspload and the dsptrkutl screens? Which statement about PIM sparse mode operations is true? Based on the following output in R1, which statement is true R1#show mpls forwarding-table detail Local Outgoing Prefix Bytes Outgoing Next Hop tag interface tag tag or VC or Tunnel Id switched 19 17 0 Et0/0 ------- Which two statements about VPLS are true? (Choose two.) When will the primary processor core dump run in case of a switchover? Select 3 AVPs (Attribute-Value Pair) which MUST be present in the ICRQ: