350-026 - CCIE SP Content Networking Recertification Exam

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Example Questions

In BGP, why should a Route Reflector be used? A root CA certificate distinguishes itself from other certificates because: What is Forwarding Equivalence Class assignment NOT likely to be based upon? ATM cells are received across a link on a: A router interface address is with a mask of What configuration statement will allow this interface to participate in OSPF Area 0? A router is set up to redistribute routing updates from OSPF to RIP. What answer best describes issues the network administrator needs to be aware of? What is the standard HTTP 1.1 response code for a proxy that requires authentication of a user? In HTTP 1.1 there is a CONNECT method defined in the RFC. What is the purpose of this method? An HTTP response code of 404 indicates: What does CSG do to traffic that does not match a content rule? set response "This line contain the number 200 OK" set code "100" if { ![ regexp "(\[0-9\]+)" $response match code ] }{ puts "error" exit 5001 } puts "Response matches $code" The CSM platform uses TCL script. Looking at the TCL script above, what should be the result of running this script? What Q.931 message cannot be received in response to sending a Q.931 SETUP message? To maintain schema-consistency in an LDAP Directory Information Tree (DIT), the LDAP standard specifies that: The network administrator has forgotten the enable password of the router. Luckily, no one is currently logged into the router, but all passwords on the router are encrypted. What should the administrator do to recover the enable password? A router is set to boot from flash, but cannot find boot commands in the configuration. Also, valid files do not exist in the default flash device. The router will: What is the usual procedure taken if an unrecognized non-mandatory ISDN IE is received by a network? A router is receiving updates for a subnet from different routing protocols. The administrator wishes to take advantage of a path via a route with a less favorable Administrative Distance. What can be done to affect this without losing any of the updates? An LDAP Directory Information Tree is built of: What network is a supernet? The purpose of Administrative Distance, as used by Cisco routers, is: Commercial browsers such as Netscape or Internet Explorer have knowledge of existing root CA certificates because: How long is an ATM cell header? When configuring the GSS DNS rule balancing method, what do we also call the boomerang method? What describes a technique, used to encapsulate voice (NOT data) over ATM? What is the primary benefit of the "time-to-live" field in the IP header? What is a possible way to avoid assymetric traffic flow when using the CSM for server load balancing and the CSM's server side VLAN has an IP address configured on the MSFC? Select the group of technologies which are listed in descending order of bandwidth scale: In Frame Relay, what devices resend packets that do not transmit correctly? For the spanning tree algorithm, a bridge builds part of its forwarding table based on: SSL Session ID is used to: What type of fiber-optic system is used to distribute cable television signals? OSPF is defined on a Frame Relay interface providing point-to-multipoint connections. The remote neighbors can reach this central site, but are complaining of routing failures between each of the remote sites. The central router has all the routes for each remote site. Based on this information, what can be diagnosed as the biggest potential problem? In ACNS 5.X Content Delivery Network what is the purpose of defining a root Content Engine for a channel? How does Transport Layer Security (TLS) differ from SSLv3? What establishes routing table precedence in a routing table? To restrict SNMP access to a router, what configuration command could be used? What IE is not mandatory in a Q.931 Service msg? GET / HTTP/1.1\r\n Connection: Keep-Alive\r\n User-Agent: Mozilla/4.8 [en]C-CCK-MCD (Windows NT 5.0; U)\r\n Host: www.cisco.com\r\n Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, image/png, */*\r\n Accept-Encoding: gzip\r\n Accept-Language: en\r\n Accept-Charset: iso-8859-1,*,utf-8\r\n In the above listed HTTP request, which lines are required (by RFC) for an HTTP 1.1 request? If a Dialer Profile exists in the local configuration of a router, what is true? To eliminate the need for adjacent routers on broadcast networks to form n(n-1)/2 adjacencies, IS-IS defines a pseudonode or Designated Intermediate System, DIS. All router on the broadcast medium form an adjacency with the DIS. The Backup DIS is called: WCCP is a communication protocol used between routers and cache devices. On what port does this protocol communicate? How is it possible to allow servers to be directly accessed when they are being load balanced through the CSM in routed mode? It is desired to have the CSM match on the following URLs: /index.html /Index.html abc/index.html abc/Index.html What should be used? What route selection options are available for ECMP in the CSS? Which HTTP header attributes can CSG report for billing or accounting? On the CSS, how would you configure a domain name content rule for ? EIGRP applies the principle of Feasible Successor (FS) in resolving a new path to a lost route. What statement regarding the FS is correct? When a user requesting an object via HTTP/1.1 needs to be authenticated? The website is having problems. The PC you are troubleshooting from does not have a web browser or sniffer software installed. Which method is the next best way to verify that the website will return the web page with content: During the SSL handshake phase, both parties negotiate a secure keying material that will be used to encrypt the connection by: