350-023 - CCIE Service Provider WAN Switching Recertification Exam

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Example Questions

What statement is true concerning Frame Relay UNI LMI? What command must be executed in order to ensure that configuration images will be saved cleanly? The load model: What is the total length of a Frame Relay header without extended addressing? What network is a supernet? When using Frame Relay service interworking, what is true when building a connection? In the internet core, routers communicating over ATM typically use: The time of day on the BPX command screen is determined by: A Permanent Virtual Path (PVP) connection switches cells by looking at the: Which pins are controlled by the DTE device? When using Frame Relay network interworking, what is true for the Switch that performs the Interworking Function? Which are the correct ways to release IBGP from the condition that all IBGP neighbors need to be fully meshed? (Select two.) What is NOT a reason to deploy MPLS? What situation would never cause an FRP port communication failure by itself? If two time-stamped FastPackets fit into one ATM cell, how many bytes will be allocated to header overhead? While entering commands on a console, the break key is pressed accidentally and the router reboots. What action could disable this problem? What is true about the DLCI field in the Frame Relay header? The purpose of Administrative Distance, as used by Cisco routers, is: OSPF is defined on a Frame Relay interface providing point-to-point connections. The remote neighbors can reach this central site, but are complaining of routing failures between each of the remote sites. The central router has all the routers for each remote site. Based on this information, what can be diagnosed as the biggest potential problem? In PNNI networks, AESA has the following general format: Intelligent Packet Discard Methods work on what premise? What is the purpose of using a null timing (dejitter buffer)? What ISDN timer is started after Q.931 SETUP msg is sent? What is an advantage of cell technology? Select the group of technologies which are listed in descending order of bandwidth scale: The network administrator has forgotten the enable password of the router. Luckily, no one is currently logged into the router, but all passwords on the router are encrypted. What should the administrator do to recover the enable password? In order to avoid loops when sending routing updates, what is the correct technique to prevent a network from being forwarded on the same interface it is learned? Which compression technique provides near toll quality sound using 8kbps? If a Dialer Profile exists in the local configuration of a router, what is true? What is the overhead required to encapsulate a 100-byte Frame Relay frame into FastPackets? What is the advantage(s) of B8ZS over ZCS on a DS1 facility? What establishes routing table precedence in a routing table? The CLP can be set to 1: Which are valid combinations? When connected to a T1 ISDN line from a PBX, how can the on-hoof/off-hook status be monitored on a CDP/CVM? Which mechanism maximize "Goodput?" In ATM: With VAD set, a utilization rate of 40%, and 16K ADPCM set, how many voice channels can be routed on a T1 trunk? A network administrator is using debug commands to check the performance of a network. What steps can the administrator take to ensure that the "debug" will not require too much CPU, or at least that she will not have to reboot the router to disable debug? (Multiple answer) Which bits or sets of bits are not found in a Frame Relay header? The usage control parameter (UPC): What is not true concerning ATM to FR Service interworking? What is Forwarding Equivalence Class assignment NOT likely to be based upon? How would a Central Office telephone switch instruct a D4 channel bank to ring an analog phone? Regarding PNNI, what statement is true? A fast Ethernet connection supporting multiple VLANs is referred to as: If the Frame Relay switch receives data from the CPE device above the configured CIR, frames will be discarded: MPLS traffic engineering routing information is carried by: Which statements are true?