350-021 - CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam

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Example Questions

Which addresses below would be valid IP addresses of hosts on the Internet? (multiple answer) In BGP, why should a Route Reflector be used? HFC cable television return path networks are aligned to provide: (multiple answer) The main purpose of tags within cisco network registrar is to: A router is set to boot from flash, but cannot find boot commands in the configuration. Also, valid files do not exist in the default flash device. The router will: What would be the proper recommendation to an MSO's marketing department for offering data services? The purpose of Administrative Distance, as used by Cisco routers, is: An old head-end hub site is inherited that services 30,000 HHP and the DOCSIS cable modem services must be made operational. There are 15 fiber nodes serving the area combined 4:1. The HFC is a 2-way 550 MHz system but is old and leakage has been found measuring 150 uV/m in multiple locations. Extensive ingress has also been found in the return path on the analyzer on each return leg. Given the above conditions it would be best to design the network to use: To eliminate the need for adjacent routers on broadcast networks to form n(n-1)/2 adjacencies, IS-IS defines a pseudonode or Designated Intermediate System, DIS. All router on the broadcast medium form an adjacency with the DIS. The Backup DIS is called: The "Rec Power" field in the report produced by the "show cable modem" command includes an exclamation point (!) with the power level for a particular cable modem. This is an indication of: What statement is correct? The two label distribution protocols that provide support for MPLS traffic engineering are: The name of the DOCSIS config file to download will be offered to the cable modem in what DHCP field? What is the nominal bandwidth of a DOCSIS 2.3 Mbps QPSK or 4.5 Mbps 16-QAM digitally modulated carrier? What is an Inter Switch Link (ISL)? In a Distance Vector protocol, "counting to infinity": In MPLS what is an LSP? When configuring the smart-relay feature on the CMTS, what command allows you to populate the GIADDR with multiple secondary addresses? Given a PAL HFC and 8 MHz channel lineup in the downstream, is it possible to utilize 6 MHz DOCSIS cable modems and signals on the network? Entering the command "cable downstream if-output prbs" from the interface configuration prompt of the CLI will: (multiple answer) Interlaced fields are separated by: Within OSPF, what functionality best defines the use of a 'stub' area? What are the 4 bridge port states in a transparent bridging environment? Running BPI, the "cable privacy mandatory" command: When allocating address space within Cisco Network Registrar which statement is most correct? What command on the Ubr7246 can help find the possibility of a problem with ingress noise on cable x/y upstream? (multiple answer) What establishes routing table precedence in a routing table? The "show controllers cable x/y upstreram x" command does not detect impulse noise because: When doing a show cable modem it is observed that a few modems are displaying the online(d) state. Users are complaining that they cannot surf the internet. One possible cause is that: During the modem boot process, how is the modem's power level set to communicate reliably with the headend ? What is the recommended minimum carrier-to-noise ratio for downstream DOCSIS 64- and 256-QAM digitally modulated carriers? What is the primary benefit of the "time-to-live" field in the IP header? What is true about the DLCI field in the Frame Relay header? What Q.931 message cannot be received in response to sending a Q.931 SETUP message? At what level relative to adjacent channel analog visual carrier levels should a DOCSIS 64- or 256-QAM digitally modulated carrier be operated? If there are two different headends with two different frequencies available sharing the same plant, what frequency will the two groups of cable modems, which are brand new, and have never been on-line, lock on? What statement is correct regarding Virtual LANs (VLANs)? What is the best IOS command for determining the channel bandwidth on an upstream port for slot 3? In order to avoid loops when sending routing updates, what is the correct technique to prevent a network from being forwarded on the same interface it is learned? An incoming frame is received by a transparent bridge. If the destination address of the frame is not present in the database, the bridge will: Given an address of with a subnet mask of, how many hosts can be addressed in this subnet? What would be the best method for determining the cause of CPEs not getting provisioned an address? The CLI command "show cable hop":(multiple answer) The correct search order for policies in Cisco Network Registrar is: An ISP complains that users are changing their QOS profiles to faster rates than they are paying for. What command would provide the most effective solution? You have been assigned to disable modem to modem communications to stop gaming on the recently built plant. What command would you implement? In Frame Relay, what devices resend packets that do not transmit correctly? What Delimits the beginning and the end of the Frame Relay frame? The optimal power level input for the upstream port on the CMTS is: What is the recommended minimum carrier-to-noise ratio for upstream DOCSIS QPSK and 16-QAM digitally modulated carriers?