350-001 - CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam

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On a router, interface S0 is running EIGRPv6, and interface S1 is running OSPFv3. A redistribution command is issued under OSPFv3, redistribute EIGRP 1 metric 20 under ipv6 router nospf 1. What will happen after applying this redistribution command? Which value is used in the PIM TYPE field to indicate a Join/Prune message? Which three protocols or applications should be placed in a class that is configured with WRED? (Choose three) Two routers configured to run BGP have been connected to a firewall, one on the inside interface and one on the outside interface. BGP has been configured so the two routers should peer, including the correct BGP session endpoint addresses and the correct BGP session hop-count limit (EBGP multihop). What is a good first test to see if BGP will work across the firewall? An 802.1Q trunk is not coming up between two switches. The ports on both switches are configured as "switchport mode desirable." Assuming that there is no physical issue, choose two possible causes. (Choose two.) Which protocol should be used in order to configure first hop redundancy between a Cisco router and a router from another company? Which two tunneling techniques support IPv6 multicasting? (Choose two.) Which two of the following are considered valid router IDs for EIGRPv6? (Choose two.) A technician is working in a sleeping patient's room. A relative of the patient enters the room and requests to know what is wrong with the patient. The technician replies that the patient has congestive heart failure. This is a violation of which of the following? When STP UplinkFast is enabled on a switch utilizing the default bridge priority, what will the new bridge priority be changed to? Which of the following is the MAIN difference between WPA and WPA2 wireless security? An environment that allows multiple operating systems to run on the same hardware independently of each other is called a/an: Which two steps below should you perform on the hub router while configuring EIGRP routing over DMVPN (mGRE tunnel)? (Choose two.) IEEE 802.1w is a Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) that can be seen as an evolution of the 802.1 standard. What are the port roles described by 802.1w? What is the minimum key size to enable SSH v2? Which configuration is used to enable root guard? Why would a rogue host that is running a DHCP Server on a Campus LAN network present a security risk? Which two statements describe spanning-tree BPDU processing for a blocking port? (Choose two.) Which one of the following potential issues is eliminated by using split horizon? What are two ways to force the selection of a root bridge in a network that is running the 802.1D protocol? (Choose two.) Which three fields are optional in an OSPFv3 external LSA? (Choose three.) Though may options are supported in EIGRPv6, select two options from the below list that are supported.(Choose two) Which of these statements accurately identifies how Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding can be employed to prevent the use of malformed or forged IP sources addresses? When troubleshooting duplex mismatches, which two are errors that are typically seen on the half duplex end? (Choose two) Which IOS security feature is configured by the ip inspect inspection-name {in | out} command? A technician is receiving the error "NTLDR is missing". Which of the following files has been corrupted? In which way can the IPv6 address of 2031:0000:130F:0000:0000:09C0:876A:130B be expressed most efficiently? When troubleshooting a network, the output of the command show interfaces indicates a large number of runts. What is a runt? Which two statements about SA caching are true? (Choose two.) Which command will define a VRF with name 'CCIE' in IPv6? A router that acts as an Internet border gateway has multiple upstream connections that are used in a load-sharing setup. The NOC has identified a DDoS attack from a specific source entering its network via interface GigabitEthernet0/1. The NOC wants to block this suspicious traffic on the border router in a scalable way and without major changes to the different interface configurations. Which configuration would block the DDoS attack from the known source ( What effect do these configuration commands have? Line vty 0 4 No login Password cisco Which of the following describes the DHCP "starvation" attack? Select the best response. Which two statements are true about LACP? (Choose two.) In BGP routing, what does the rule of synchronization mean? What is true about IP Source Guard with port security? When would the EEM applet be triggered? Which of these is mandatory when configuring Cisco IOS Firewall? What is true about Unicast RPF in strict mode? Which two of these are differences between traffic policing and traffic shaping? (Choose two.) Which option best describes how the virtual MAC address is composed? Which standard supports multiple instances of spanning tree? The EtherChannel between your LAN switch and the Internet router is not load-balancing efficiently. On the switch, there are several workstations with valid IP ranges. Which load-balance algorithms can you use in the switch in order to optimize this load balancing? (Choose four.) The core of a network has four routers connected in a square design with Gigabit Ethernet links using /30 subnets. The network is used to carry voice traffic and other applications. Convergence time is taking more than expected. Which three actions would you take to improve OSPF convergence time? (Choose three.) A new Ethernet link was added to an existing OSPF network. It is possible to ping the remote end of the link, but the OSPF adjacency does not form. Which two commands configured on the interface could resolve the issue? (Choose two.) A new backup connection is being deployed on a remote site router. The stability of the connection has been a concern. In order to provide more information to EIGRP regarding this interface, you wish to incorporate the "reliability" cost metric in the EIGRP calculation with the command metric weights 1 0 1 0 1. What impact will this modification on the remote site router have for other existing EIGRP neighborships from the same EIGRP domain? Which two IPv6 address pairs can be assigned on a point-to-point link with a /125 mask? (Choose two.) Which statement is correct in reference to IPv6 multicast? Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding can perform all of these actions except which one? Which mechanism can you use to achieve sub-second failover for link failure detection when a switched Ethernet media is used and loss of signal is not supported by the link provider?

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