3308 - Avaya Contact Recording and Avaya Quality Monitoring R12 Implementation and Maintenance

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Example Questions

What is required for Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) with CS1000? Which page of the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) web client is used for SIP recording configuration? Which tool can be used for migrating evaluations from Quality Monitoring (QM) R11.0 to QM R12.0? When an Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) server is installed with more than one Network Interface Card (NIC), what should be set to indicate which NIC to use for audio and screen content streams? Using a new computer, you are trying to log into the Enterprise Manager for the Application Server. Enterprise Manager is accessible from your old PC. When navigating to http://"frameworkserver":7001/wfo, Internet Explorer closes with no error. What is causing this problem? You are planning to install Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) on a customer site that is using an Avaya Communication Manager as a PBX. Which two devices should be reachable by the ACR? (Choose two.) Prior to starting to delete the calls from the calls partition, by default what is the free space that the diskmanager will attempt to keep free on the calls partition? A technician is configuring the Avaya Contact Recording to work in a CS1000 environment with multi-DN recording. To support multi-DN recording, what is the minimum release of software on the CS1000 and Avaya Aura® Contact Center? Which three types of reports are included with Quality Monitoring (QM)? (Choose three.) A subset of the information sent to the application logs can also be forwarded to one or more Syslog servers. Which steps are necessary to configure this Syslog on the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR)? Which procedure should be completed before upgrading an Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) to R12? On a standalone Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR), which switch type must be configured for SIP recording? You are planning to install Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) on a customer site that is using an Avaya Communication Server 1000 as a PBX. Which two devices should be reachable by the ACR& (Choose two.) A customer's Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) has been in production for the last 5 years. Recently you have noticed that that the var partition is low on disk space, even after performing the database vacuum and clearing unwanted files from the partition. What is the first step that must be performed to bring the size down? In Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) R12, where can you check the total calls observed by ACR via CTI today, or since startup? Which statement describes a part of the Avaya WFO/Framework server validation process? When deciding on the setup of Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) you need to choose between Which statement describes the Recorder Number that is given to the Master Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR)? To license Avaya Contact Recording a three digit code is needed. What is this code called, and where can it be found? Where can an Avaya WFO/Framework administrator view all user changes in its administrative pages? A customer would like to expand their Avaya Contact Recording solution with new channels. They are already close to the limit for a single physical recorder and would like to have all channels available for the Quality Monitoring (QM) server to access. Which solution would you suggest? Where are Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) alarms logged? Which statement regarding the Communication Manager configuration for the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) is true? A customer needs a solution for their Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR). They currently have an ACR master and three slaves. Which action can the customer take to turn their solution into a high resiliency solution? While waiting to activate an Avaya Contact Recording license, some tests are run with the five-day license. Once the full license is obtained, what is the path to update the Avaya Contact Recording to the full license? Which statement about the Avaya WFO/Framework Management Service Account is true? Which command backs-up the postgres database on an Avaya Contact Recording Linux server? A technician is trying to integrate the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) with the Avaya Aura® Contact Center, in a SIP based Contact Center. Assuming that the only requirement is to record inbound calls through the hunt group or the queue, where does the Avaya Contact Recorder obtain CTI information? You are playing back a contact in the interactions application under contacts. The audio is playing fine, but you have no screen replay. You have confirmed that the screen has recorded, and is replayable from the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR). What is causing this problem? An installer has just integrated Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) R12 with the Element Manager module of Avaya WFO/Framework to use the Quality Monitoring (QM) feature. Which statement describes how the Integration with QM component can be validated to be working? You are planning the installation of an Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) on Linux. Which three settings can you set using the Kickstart application on the ACR installation disk? (Choose three.) Which data source type does Avaya Workforce optimization (WFO) Quality Monitoring require to record audio? Which process is designed to verify that the server has passed the prerequisites, and is ready to install? Which statement describes Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) R12 on Windows or Linux? A technician is installing Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) with Avaya Aura® Communication Manager on a customer site. What is the path to verify that the link to ACR is "UP"? Which two servers require a License Activation Key? (Choose two.) Which statement describes how to backup the Audio and Screen recording for the Quality Monitoring (QM) system? Where can an Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) backup be restored? A customer has installed two Network Interface Cards (NICs) on an Avaya Contact Recording Server, and they are unable to capture Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) packets. What are three possible reasons they are encountering this problem& (Choose three.) Which three parameter filters can be used to customize a report query? (Choose three.) Which three Avaya WFO/Framework maintenance tasks should be completed on a daily or weekly basis? (Choose three.) Which two statements describe the prerequisites for installing the Avaya WFO/Framework server? (Choose two.) You have the following servers. 1. Avaya Contact Recorder Master 2. Avaya Contact Recorder Standby 3. Avaya Contact Recorder Slave 4. Centralize Search and Reply server What is the correct order for upgrading the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) servers? It is strongly recommended to install the RedHat operating system (OS) from the Kickstart file (ks.cfg). When running the Kiskstart.exe for Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR), which three components are necessary to create a ks.cfg file? (Choose three.) Before connecting to the Enterprise Manager server, on which ACR must unlimited strength encryption be enabled? Which two statements about the Server Readiness Validation tool are true? (Choose two.) For integration with the Enterprise Management server, on which server does the EMA component of the recorder need to be enabled? After a successful installation, what is the only page accessible from the Avaya WFO/Framework administrative pages? You are installing the Linux version of an Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR), and you have installed the operating system using the required Kickstart script. Which two accounts should you check before you continue with the application installation? (Choose two.) Which Quality Monitoring related licensed feature must be disabled?