3304 - Avaya Call Center Elite Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Example Questions

A customer wants to avoid an abandoned Call if an agent leaves their position, and an Incoming automatic call distribution (ACD) call rings at the agent's phone. Which call center feature provides this capability? What provides built-in real and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, including reports for Splits/Skill, Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and trunk groups? A customer wants to start "Service Observing" while off site. Which two parameters must be configured to allow this? (Choose two.) You are implementing a new contact center and gathering all information for the new agents. The Communication manager (CM) Agent Login ID form is populated from information gathered on the Agent Skills Worksheet. Which three items are included on this worksheet? (Choose three) How many days of historical data are shown in the Basic Call management System (BCMS) Split 50 day report? Which two statements describe the benefits of the Business Advocate (BA) feature? (Choose two.) The claims department of an insurance company must separate calls by area code. Some groups of agents can only handle calls Item one area code, while other groups of agents can handle multiple a codes. Which group of vector steps would satisfy this requirement? A customer has Elite Call Center package and wants Basic Call Management System (BCMS) for reports. Which statement is true about this scenario? You are asked to resolve an Issue with little information except that there are reports of calls being disconnected and calls in queue not receiving announcements. When you check the display events In the Communication Manager (CM) there are several events that need to be researched. Using the information in the Events Report, how do you determine which vector(s) to begin troubleshooting? Which three parameters of the list command provides information about the Policy Routing Table (PR)? (Choose three) The Vector Directory Number (VDN) of Origin Announcement (VOA) provides agents with a short message about a callers city of origin or requested service based on the VDN used to process the call. Which three items should be verified if the agents are not receiving this message? (Choose three.) Which two statements about Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with Expert Agent Selection (EAS) disabled are true? (Choose two.) Improve call handling and agent productivity you set up a vector using Look Ahead Interflow to check id site can accept a call and has an agent available. You only want to Interflow calls that are at the top two positions of the queue. Which command would be entered in the vector to accomplish this? A situation has come up where it is necessary to have more than one service observer active against a Vector Directory Number (VDN). Which two parameters are necessary to make that happen? (Choose two.) Which vector object can replace the Time of Day (TOD) global Vector Variable? As a call center supervisor you have 12 agents that report to you. The Basic Call management System (BCMS) is reporting a particular agent taking 10 calls during a 1 hour interval. The agent is claiming to have taken 100 calls. You find that one of the calls spanned more than one time interval. Which statement about Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) explain, the discrepancy in the BCMS report? When planning a call center implementation, what is the Agent Skills Worksheet used for? You are tasked to run Basic Call Management Reports (BCMS) on your call center agents. You need to run a report to find out how many calls each agent took the previous day. Which command is used to run this report? A customer informs you that they are unable to service observe a new agent. Which three items would you check to verify the ability to service observe? (Choose three.) While configuring the Service Observing feature, which three forms should be configured and/or verified? A customer wants the ability to track the call types for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) calls answered by agents. These call types will be defined by the customer. Which call feature can the customer use to track their defined call types? What are two of the benefits of using Expert Agent Selection (EAS)? (Choose two.) Which two benefits to a Call Center does the Call Vectoring feature provide? (Choose two.) A customer uses multi site Best Service Routing (BSR) and IP trunks to handle callers in the most efficient manner. To conserve bandwidth they would like announcements to be sourced at the local, regardless of which site is deemed "best". Which licensed feature must be activated to accomplish this? Before beginning a customer contact center design, which three design elements are needed? (Choose three) Best Services Routing (BSR) allows adjusting the idle time of agents in determining agent selection. When considering the step adjustment being set to 20 for a given location, which statement about agent adjustments for the consider location step is true? A call center operations manager wants agents to manually enter a code to identify the reason for being in auxiliary (AUX) work status. Which feature must be activated on the system-parameters custom-options to allow this? How can an installer identify if a customer has the Call Center Elite package? A customer has provided one specific customer toll free number. The customer should have some (but not total) advantage over the typical call to the same skill as other callers. Which Business Advocate (BA) feature is used to adjust the service level for the customer to this particular skill? You are preparing the implementation call flow documents for a customer in the balancing industry. One of the customer's requirements is to have a forced two minute After Call Work (ACW) for calls regarding credit fraud. All other calls need to have a 15 second ACW. How can this be accomplished? Which three statements about circular hunt groups are true? (Choose three) In an Expert Agent Selection (EAS) Call Center, the customer wants queued calls to be answered by the agent that has been available the longest. Skill level is not an important factor when routing the queued calls to an agent. Which type of call distribution method should the hunt group be configured to achieve this? Which two Vector Variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.) A very large contact center needs to have several agents logged into as many as 20 skills simultaneously as a backup. Which feature must be licensed to allow for this number of assignments? The first administered extensions in the hunt-group screen is usually serving a call, and is often referred to as `hot seat'. What is the name of this call distribution method? A customer has Business Advocate (BA) features turned on. Which technique can be used to protect the predetermined level of service to a valued skill, II volumes or agent staffing levels change abruptly? Direct Agent calls are not getting counted correctly in Call Management System (CMS). What must be administered so that Direct Agent calls are measured properly? An agent has just logged into a skill, but has not made themselves ready to answer queue calls. Which work mode is the agent using for that skill? A supervisor with console permission can enter an agent's login ID, and add or remove- an agent's skill via feature access code (FAC). Agents can also dial FAC to add 01 remove a skill. Which statement is true about the configuration of this feature? Agents/Supervisors want to have the ability to login/logout of splits/skills, change their work mode, and perform service observing. What is used to facilitate this ability? You want to view the most detailed Basic Call management System (BCMS) data for hunt group 100 for only the current day. Which command will accomplish this? A customer wants to routinely monitor their vectors for unexpected results. How would they monitor their results? Which two Vector Directory Number (VDN) parameters are associated with the active VDN? (Choose two) A supervisor like a summary report from Basic Communication Management System (BCMS) and is not sure what data items are available for this report. Which three objects are available for a summary report? (Choose three) Which three monitor commands are available with Basic Call Management System (BCMS)? (Choose three) A call center supervisor uses Basic Call Management System (BCMS) to monitor a split. When running the command monitor bcms split 30 there are two agents shown with the state of "other". Which three statements describe why the agent's state would be "other"? (Choose three) Which three statements are true about configuring a Call Center with the Elite offer? (Choose three) Why would a vector skip the step "queue to skill" and go to the next step without planning the call in queue? Which three items are needed to properly configure a hunt group in an Expert Agent Selection Call center? (Choose three.) You need to troubleshoot Best Services Routing vectors to verify that they are operating as intended. Which two commands would you use to do this? (Choose two.)