3204 - Avaya Aura Conferencing Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Example Questions

Of the three Media Server roles, which Role is used to prompt for conference codes? After creating a custom theme for Avaya Aura® Conferencing, what must be used to upload the custom theme? Avaya Aura® Midsize Enterprise, Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, Avaya Aura® Session Manager, and Avaya Aura® System Manager and Communication Server 1000, are all supported audio and video servers. What is the minimum software version of Avaya Aura® System Manager that is required with Avaya Aura® Conferencing 8.0 system? When configuring a SIP Entity for Avaya Aura® Conferencing, which two fields are used by the System Manager to enable communication with other SIP Entities? (Choose two.) A technician is installing a large, redundant Avaya Aura® Conferencing 8.0 deployment. When implementing this type of deployment, which third party equipment is recommended for load balancing? What is the script that is used to install Avaya Aura® Conferencing software? Which two statements are true about redundant Media Server deployments within a cluster? (Choose two.) A moderator would like to reuse PowerPoint slides that were previously presented on another web conference. Which procedure does the moderator need to perform? In Avaya Aura® Conferencing, which two options can be defined in the Video Class of Service? (Choose two.) A technician would like to enable the recording role for a new media server that they just installed in a Conferencing system. Where in Element Manager would the technician go to enable the recording role? The Avaya Aura® Conferencing system has ten components. Which two components are parts of the Web Server Group? (Choose two.) Which three are options for viewing data under Reports and Monitors? (Choose three.) Which two configuration parameters will determine whether video will be used in an Avaya Aura® Conferencing conference? (Choose two.) Which deployment has conferencing network elements spread over multiple servers? What does the install script do during installation of the Avaya Aura® Conferencing software? What is used to view the current number of active conferences? On the Avaya Aura® Conferencing system, which action is involved in configuring the Media Server cluster? Which two statements about Active and Hot Standby application servers are true? (Choose two.) You are installing the operating system for Avaya Aura® Conferencing and you turn on the hardware to start the installation. What must you then do at the boot prompt? After an Avaya Aura® Conferencing installation and configuration, the first test call into the bridge through Session Manager generates a 404 SIP Response message. Which statement describes the missing configuration on Avaya Aura® Conferencing that is causing this problem? What is the primary function of Enhanced Audio and Video in Collaboration Agent? A technician is installing Avaya Aura® Conferencing 8.0. What must be done first so that security certificates can be acquired during installation? On Avaya Aura® Conferencing in a Distributed Media Server deployment, the Media Cascading feature is efficiently used during conference calls between two media locations. In this situation, which statement is correct? On the Web Conferencing server, the moderator is able to upload JPG or. BMP picture files to the web conference library, and is also able to share them. But when trying to upload PowerPoint presentations or Word documents, the upload button on the library window in the web conference is greyed out or inactive. What is causing this problem? When adding a new Media Server, where is it enabled? You are adding a new Media Server to an Avaya Aura® Conferencing system, and you have installed the Media Server hardware, and installed the application software on the platform, to start integrating the Media Server into the Avaya Aura® Conferencing 8.0 system. What is the next configuration step you must take? In Avaya Aura® Conferencing, which two options can be defined in the Conference Class of Service? (Choose two.) Under which condition will a redundant conferencing application server failover? Media Cascading is a technique that reduces the number of media streams traveling across the WAN by first consolidating these streams within a location. What are three benefits of Media Cascading? (Choose three.) When viewing alarms in the alarm browser, what is the default order that alarms appear? For video bandwidth optimization, which two factors determine whether SVC video thinning should apply? (Choose two.) Which interface is used to deploy and start the network elements for Avaya Aura® Conferencing? To pull reports on all currently active and past SIP session information on an Avaya Aura® Conferencing bridge, which action can an Avaya Aura® Conferencing administrator or maintenance person perform? A customer has three locations, and they would like to be able to send media back and forth using as little bandwidth as possible over the WAN. Which statement describes why Cascading Media Servers will meet this requirement? When creating a full backup for Avaya Aura Conferencing there are at least three separate backups that must be created. What are the three different types of backups? (Choose three.) A technician would like to configure audio in Avaya Aura® Conferencing to be as secure as possible, but still allow users that do not have a secure endpoint to be able to access the conference. How would the technician enable this feature? After you have defined the Media Servers that make up the Media Server Cluster, what are the next two configuration parameters you need to define for the Media Server Cluster? (Choose two.) What does the extension .active at the end of the log file name indicate? An end user wants to dial into the bridge with the DNIS number, and be connected into the conference room, or be prompted to enter the conference pincode. Which action is necessary to configure the conference bridge dial-in number (DNIS or Call Branding)? A technician wants to configure security between Avaya Aura® Conferencing for Avaya Aura® and System Manager. What is the first step in configuring security? A technician is installing Avaya Aura® Conferencing for the first time, and has acquired the proper hardware needed for the system installation. What is the next step in the installation? An administrator has a new license file for Avaya Aura® Conferencing for Aura®. Which steps should the administrator take to install the new license file? What is the maximum number of Avaya Media Servers that can be grouped into an Avaya Media Server Cluster? To deploy patches on the Media Server, which management tool should be used? To have a trust relationship between Avaya Aura® Conferencing for Aura® 8.0 and System Manager, what must an administrator do? In an Avaya Aura® based solution, which two procedures about location related roles are performed by Avaya Aura® Session Manager? (Choose two.) The conference moderator dialed into the conference room successfully using the moderator code, and was also able to successfully launch Collaboration Agent. However, the web conference could not be launched from the Collaboration Agent. What is causing this problem? To setup a conference call on Avaya Aura® Conferencing for Avaya Aura®, which three tasks are required? (Choose three.) Where can you modify the alert threshold settings for the Avaya Aura® Conferencing? In /var/mcp/oss/acct/AM1/AII/MCPV5/ASl_0, which extension do the most recent log files have?