3203 - Avaya Aura Messaging Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Example Questions

For which three options does the Application Role use Dial rules? (Choose three.) A user with an Avaya Aura Messaging mailbox on a Zimbra server does not receive voice mails deliver to the Zimbra mailbox even though the user's colleagues have been leaving messages. Other users with Zimbra mailboxes are receiving their voice mails. The other users who are receiving their voicemails are on a different Zimbra mailbox server even though the Zimbra LDAP server is the same for all users. What is the first step you would use to diagnose the problem? A user was unable to login yesterday but can login today. The user does not remember the exact details but may have received a timeout or an invalid password. If the user is unable to login again, which two actions should you perform to troubleshoot this situation? (Choose two.) While configuring Avaya Aura Messaging 6.x for SIP Integration, we can provide a list of servers with which it can integrate. When the Messaging Server places an outgoing call, which server in the list would it use to send the call? A client wants to add a new set of user mailboxes with support for fax messages and a simple call answering voice message feature set. Which feature license type seats availability would you verify before proceeding with user creation for the system to continue working under the Normal license mode? You have Just finished installing the last Avaya Aura Messaging Application server in a multi- server configuration. You attempt to reload the User List from this last Application Server but find that reload fails and presents an error message. The User List reload was successful on the other servers. What are two reasons you are receiving this error? (Choose two.) Which IP codec set is supported for Avaya Aura Messaging? You are using the server console to install System Platform software on an Avaya Aura Messaging server. You have turned on the server. Inserted the DVD software into the DVD drive, and the Avaya screen is displayed. Allot about 30 seconds the system displays a 'waiting for Telnet connection-message and the installation process halts. Which process will allow you to continue using the server console to complete the installation? A customer has reported that an employee attempted to send a voice message to the entire Marketing team, but was unsuccessful, the customer reports I hot they successfully send messages to the team regularly. Why is this particular employee having problems? During the installation of the Avaya Aura Messaging template file, you are promoted to enter a value for the "MSG IPv6 Address". The customer states that they are starting to convert to IPv6 addressing but did not supply an IP address for this entry. How should this server request be handled? An end user has a completely functional mailbox but complains that when using Notify Me to Phone is configured with a long distance number, calls are not received. The user is one of a group of users will this problem. Other users can use long distance numbers for their Notify Me to Phone numbers successfully. Your testing reveals that the problem is exactly as described using the same long distant number; one user successfully uses Notify Me to Phone and a non working user cannot. What is causing the problem? In Avaya Aura Messaging, a toolbar is used to integrate it more closely with Microsoft Outlook. As an Exchange administrator, what are the three prerequisite you need to perform? (Choose three) Which types of servers can be used for storing messages addressed to users in Avaya Aura Messaging Rls.6.1? What is true In relation to Avaya Aura Messaging system topologies? You have installed an Avaya Aura Messaging system and the customer wants you to create a user login for administrative purposes to include restoring data and rebooting the server as necessary, but they do not want this login to have permission to install or upgrade software. How would you accomplish this? The installation of System Platform software has been completed on the Avaya server in preparation for the customer's Installation of Avaya Aura Messaging. You have obtained the Avaya Aura Messaging Template and are ready to download the template to the server. What are three possible locations from where you can download the software to the server'' (Choose Three.) You are attempting to load the Aura Messaging template from within System Platform but it is falling ill due to an "Insufficient resources to install this template- error. What would cause this error? You are performing an installation which includes three application servers and one storage server. You complete I he administration of one applic.il ion server to include integration with the telephony server. I then backup the application server, To save time; you restore this backup to the remaining two application servers. After completing the Installation, you notice that only the first application server receiving calls. The System Status (Application/AxC) page shows the AxC status as online for each application server and the Voice Messaging Application on each is running. Why is only the first server receiving calls? The customer wants to access their voicemail through their email client. They have set up then email client with an IMAP connection to their message store. You have verified the client configuration but no one can see their voicemail in the mailbox. What is a reason for this problem? On which component is the WebLM server software installed on an Avaya Aura Messaging server? You have administered a network connection to a remote messaging server. You leave the Avaya Aura Messaging system ports at their default settings and administer the remote. LDAP port on the network machine as 55000. When you test the network connection, updates between the Avaya Aura Messaging system and the networked machine fail. What it is the likely reason for the failure? You are working with a customer to plan their deployment of Avaya Aura Messaging. They inquire the Telephone User Interface (1UI) choices available. Which option(s) do they have available to them? A use cannot access the mailbox. The Avaya Aura Messaging 6.1 system indicates that "You have exceeded the number of password attempts allowed and you ran no longer access your mailbox. Please contact your system administrator". What are the two you can resolve this issue'? (Choose two.) A customer has a single server configuration, whose the application role and The storage role are on the same server (as in the Single server configuration). Users are able to leave messages and retrieve well, but when they log into the mailbox it prompts, "Some features may not be available at the moment". Additionally, when they review and press 7 to delete the message, they receive the error deleting messages did not work temporarily. What are two troubleshooting checks that should be conducted? (Choose two.) What is entered into the "IP address of each appliance" field when defining a cluster? The customer is using Microsoft Exchange Server as a storage server with Avaya Aura Messaging. How will the customer access the mailbox? Avaya Aura Messaging 6.x supports SIP for telephony integration and is certified with Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Communication Server 1000, Session Manager, and SIP enablement Server (SES) 5.2.1. What does Avaya Aura Messaging 6.x require for use with other telephony integrations? A technician is asked to create a new caller application for a company using Aura Messaging 6.x. The technician could not get the Caller Application Editor to work on a laptop that runs 32-bit Windows Vista. How would you resolve this issue? In a single-site, multi-application server configuration containing application servers named: Ap1, App2, and App3, a user logged into App1 and updated their password. A few minutes later the back into Avaya Aura Messaging and this time the call is handled by App7. When the user attempts to log in with the new password, the login attempt on App2 fails since the system does not recognize new password. What would be the reason for this? Greg calls Judy, who is not available. The call is transferred to an application server (named App1). App1 handles the call where a call answer message was recorded. The network connectivity to the storage server is lost and Judy logs into another application server in the cluster (App2). What is the expected outcome? A technician is performing an upgrade of an Avaya Aura Messaging server from 6.0 to 6.0.1. What Is the correct sequence to successful upgrade the system? Your customer has purchased an Avaya High Capacity Storage Server to be used with their deployment of Avaya Aura Messaging. Which additional hardware needs to be added to the server prior to installation? To finalize the installation of your Avaya Aura Messaging system, you want to test alarm organization which screen in the System Management Interface do you send a test alarm? Which type of data do you need to enter in the Connection field of the SIP specific configuration? What are two ways to delete a user from Avaya Aura Messaging 6.1 system? (Choose two.) The system you are installing serves users with five different languages. All users have Microsoft Outlook and will use the Outlook Avaya Voice Message form. The exchange system consists of 10 different servers in a default (typical) configuration. Assuming no existing form libraries (folders) are found, how many form libraries (folders) do you create? In preparation for an installation of an Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) server, you notice the customer's provided server rack contains several other existing components but that it meets the space and physical requirements to house the addition of a new AAM server. What should you do? A user has a completely functional Avaya Aura Messaging mailbox arid the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light is working. The user informs you that text notifications are not being received on the cell phone. You log on to the system and see that text notification has been set up correctly on I user preferences page. What can you do to test the connectivity to the user's cell phone service provider? You are completing the initial configuration of the Avaya Aura Messaging system and have added the system postmaster mailbox under the User Management menu. When you continue adding user mailboxes, you are prompted that the system postmaster mailbox has not yet been configured. Which additional steps must you complete for the messaging system to recognize and accept the postmaster mailbox you have created? In which three locations can service packs be retrieved to install an Avaya Aura Messaging system? (Choose three.) You have currently setup the dial rules on two clustered application role severs. To enable E.164 for your telephony integration, you must reconfigure your dial rules based on site definitions What is the correct work flow? As part of the installation, the customer will create a DNS record called "avayamsg". Where should the DNS record be directed in a multi-server system? What are two accurate statements regarding the safety requirements for installing the Avaya Aura Messaging server into the rack? (Choose two.) You have installed the messaging template and are attempting to log in using the browser Interface are receiving an error in the browser that indicates the server is not responding. Where would you go to see the status of the messaging virtual machine? How versatile is Avaya Aura Messaging Release 6.1 regarding where voice messages are stored? A user is unable to listen to the voicemail on laptop when an email notification is received from the company's Avaya Aura Messaging 6.x system. What can be done to resolve this situation? A customer wants to use the high encryption method to encrypt their messages. Which option under ip codec-set should be set to "high encryption" while integrating Avaya Aura Messaging with Avaya Communication Manager? Where do you define topology properties for an Avaya Aura Messaging system? The WebLM server controls the use and access of Avaya Aura Messaging features through licenses which must be purchased including the number of Avaya Aura Messaging enabled mailboxes the customer wants to us. Which two statements are accurate regarding licensing the Avaya Aura Messaging system? (Choose two.) On which two virtual servers do we install the WebLM license file received from the Avaya licensing and Delivery System (PLDS)? (Choose two.)