3200 - Avaya Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Example Questions

A customer had a catastrophic failure, and has just finished reloading a system. They would like to restore all their data horn an ftp/sftp backup. Which statement described the first Step to restoring their data in this manner? An installer is implementing a Modular Messaging Single Server configuration. Which kind of file can the installer use to pre-populate data such as networking information in the pre- installation web pages? The customer has just installed an anti-virus program on a working Messaging Application Server (MAS), and finds that messages are no longer being sent. It has been verified that "on- demand scanning" has been chosen at scheduled intervals. What is causing this problem? The customer is not using a vendor for administration, and has administrative responsibilities that need to be completed before and/or during the initial installation of Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2? Which are two responsibilities that need to be completed? (Choose two.) Which two data types are backed up by the Messaging Application Server (MAS) during its nightly backup? (Choose two.) A technician is installing a now Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 Single Server. The customer wants to include a Web Client server in the installation. Which two statements about the Web Client are true? (Choose two.) What is used for the Host ID of the license for Modular Messaging 5.2? A technician wants to take the information in the Operational History Viewer, import it to a spreadsheet, and then search for certain data. How can the data he saved in a comma delimited file? A technician wants to determine if Messaging is running and also the state of Internet Messaging and Enhanced List Application Software. On a Modular Messaging Message Storage Server (MM MSS), in which location of the Web Administration pages can this information be found? Which step is required to install a license for Modular Messaging 5.2? An installer is manually configuring a Message Storage Server (MSS). Which special mailbox must be configured for message delivery to function? User are reporting that they are getting "Please wait" when they retrieve their messages. The technician notices that the disk drive on the Message Application Server (MAS) is over 85% full, and would like to see if there are any other alarms on the MAS. The technician has checked the Windows event viewer logs which did not show any alarms. What should the technician do to view additional alarms? A customer has just finished migrating to Modular Messaging 5.2 on the S8800-family server. A technician is about to restore the data on the migrated Messaging Application Server (MAS) from the most recent backup. This data includes any customized caller applications, prompts, and tone files. Which statement about restoring this backed up data is true? A customer has just installed Modular Messaging 5.2, and wants to take advantage of the ability to turn off Outcalling, Broadcast Messages, and the abbreviated prompt option for Aria TUI. In which two locations can these new features be set? (Choose two.) A supervisor is reviewing the overall call statistics for the month to study the effectiveness of the voicemail system. Which report analyzes the percentage of total calls for which a caller left a message? As part of the initial installation, configuring the "Offline Access" is important in case there is problem with the Message Application Servers (MAS) accessing the Message Storage Server (MSS). At which point in the insinuation process should the "Offline Access" be configured? A subscriber complains that urgent voice messages are not being presented before normal voice messages by the TUI. When talking to the subscriber, what information helps to resolve the problem? Which two tools are used for Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 licensing? (Choose two.) Where should the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) service be running? A customer is running a four Messaging Application Server (MAS) system with a tracing server. The tracing server is not part of the voice mail domain. While researching an issue on call processing, the Operational History Viewer cannot be opened. Which two actions must be taken to resolve this problem? (Choose two.) On a new installation of Avaya Modular Messaging 5.2 with Avaya Message Store, which two are supported switch integrations that do not utilize any third party gateway device? (Choose two.) A customer is reporting a delay in receiving messages with their system. They have a 2 Messaging Application Server (MAS) and a Message Storage Server (MSS). The user did not have any messages when leaving for the day. The next morning the message waiting indicator was on, and the message was from a client that called the day before. Which reports should be reviewed to troubleshoot this Issue? A subscriber has a mailbox on a MultiSite Modular Messaging system, and the full mailbox number is 19089531234. Which list of partial mailbox numbers could be valid for this subscriber? The first time a Messaging Application Server (MAS) is selected in a voice mall domain, what does the System prompt the installer to complete? A group of users have just moved their extension from a soft number to an IP telephone. Now they reporting that when someone leaves a message, the Message Waiting Indictor (MWI) does not come on. What are the first steps to debug the problem? A customer is asking about a solution that would allow end users to make changes to their subscriber options. They have over 500 sales people traveling worldwide and 300 support personnel at the company's headquarters. They have a three Messaging Application Server (MAS) system, with all three MASs in the voice mail domain. MAS 1 is running mailbox monitor, Call Me, and Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) services. MAS 3 is used for the tracing and report server. They also have a customer provided Web Client Server. On which server can the Web Subscribe Option run? A technician is reviewing the Application events in the Messaging Application Server (MAS), and notices a high number of the Event ID 1766, which is an internal event where Message Waiting indicator (MWI) operations failed. The technician found that this is due to invalid stations, and feels these events are slowing MWI. Which action can be taken to eliminate these events? Which three configurations are possible for WebLM? (Choose three.) A customer reports they see the following error in the Application Event Log: "Failed to translate number 2003 for switch ASM" Given the site configuration information, which two statements describe possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about configuring the Web Client user interface for accessing a Modular Messaging mailbox? (Choose two.) A technician is installing Outlook Thick Client (OIC). Which ports on the network need to be opened to allow communications to the Modular Messaging system? A customer has an Avaya Modular Messaging system consisting of a Message Storage Server (MSS) and a Messaging Application Server (MAS). Depending on configuration needs, an optional Supplementary Server can be ordered. Which two application'- can be installed on a Supplementary Server? (Choose two.) After completing an Avaya Message Storage Server (MSS) install, the installer has found that the time zone is incorrect in the Administer Linux data and Time page. Alter changing the Time Zone, which step must the installer take to enact the change? When using MultiSite, which three rules apply when designing a mailbox number scheme? (Choose three.) A customer is concerned that their system peak usage is exceeding the capacity of the system as it was originally designed. Which two reports help the customer understand whether the system is being used beyond design capacity? (Choose two.) When considering password security, mailbox passwords can be required to have a specific length. What is the default minimum subscriber password length, and what is the maximum length the word can be set to? Which three are steps to finish Message Storage Server (MSS) administration? (Choose three.) Which three statements are true about the Enhanced List Application (ELA) lists that can be used? (Choose three.) A technician is installing a service park on a Modular Messaging Single Server. The technician has copied the updates to the server using the System Platform. In which folder on the Messaging Application Server (MAS) will the technician find the updates? Which statement describes the type of licensing used for Modular Messaging 5.2? Given the information below: A mailbox has a canonical PBX extension + 1/204448234. Outgoing translation Rule: Match: ^\+1720444([8-9\]\d{3})$ Output: 5$1 What is the resulting number used for the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) sent to the PBX for this mailbox? Which backup type is supported for the Avaya Modular Messaging Single Server? An Installer is implementing a Modular Messaging system with a Message Storage Server (MSS) placing the servers in a private Windows domain. What must the installer do to ensure the Modular Messaging Fax Sender server is functional? Users are reporting the Web Client server is unresponsive and slow. What is the first step to solve this problem? A customer wants to set up a backup over the IAN for their now Avaya Modular Messaging 5.7 system. Which two are valid server types to which backups can be made? (Choose two.) A customer is migrating from Modular Messaging 3.0 on a S3400 server to Modular Messaging 5.2. Which two pieces of information must be obtained to successfully complete this migration? (Choose two.) When MultiSite is being used, which two types of integration are supported? (Choose two.) A technician is installing a service pack on a system that uses an Avaya Message Storage Server (MSS) in a private Windows domain. To ensure that the updates for the MSS are successfully Installed, on the Messaging Application Server (MAS), which account should the installer log in as? For a new installation, which three are supported Message Stores for the Avaya Modular Messaging Message Application Server (MAS)? (Choose three.) A technician is manually configuring the Message Storage Server (MSS). To test system functionality, boxes need to the created. To successfully create mailboxes, where are the current mailbox length and range located?