312-49 - Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

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Sectors in hard disks typically contain how many bytes? In Windows 7 system files, which file reads the Boot.ini file and loads Ntoskrnl.exe. Bootvid.dll. Hal.dll, and boot-start device drivers? What does the superblock in Linux define? John is using Firewalk to test the security of his Cisco PIX firewall. He is also utilizing a sniffer located on a subnet that resides deep inside his network. After analyzing the sniffer log files, he does not see any of the traffic produced by Firewalk. Why is that? Windows Security Accounts Manager (SAM) is a registry file which stores passwords in a hashed format. SAM file in Windows is located at: Data acquisition system is a combination of tools or processes used to gather, analyze and record Information about some phenomenon. Different data acquisition system are used depends on the location, speed, cost. etc. Serial communication data acquisition system is used when the actual location of the data is at some distance from the computer. Which of the following communication standard is used in serial communication data acquisition system? The police believe that Mevin Matthew has been obtaining unauthorized access to computers belonging to numerous computer software and computer operating systems manufacturers, cellular telephone manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, and educational institutions. They also suspect that he has been stealing, copying, and misappropriating proprietary computer software belonging to the several victim companies. What is preventing the police from breaking down the suspect door and searching his home and seizing all of his computer equipment if they haveis preventing the police from breaking down the suspect? door and searching his home and seizing all of his computer equipment if they have not yet obtained a warrant? You have been given the task to investigate web attacks on a Windows-based server. Which of the following commands will you use to look at which sessions the machine has opened with other systems? Attacker uses vulnerabilities in the authentication or session management functions such as exposed accounts, session IDs, logout, password management, timeouts, remember me. secret question, account update etc. to impersonate users, if a user simply closes the browser without logging out from sites accessed through a public computer, attacker can use the same browser later and exploit the user's privileges. Which of the following vulnerability/exploitation is referred above? When NTFS Is formatted, the format program assigns the __________ sectors to the boot sectors and to the bootstrap code Terri works for a security consulting firm that is currently performing a penetration test on First National Bank in Tokyo. Terri's duties include bypassing firewalls and switches to gain access to the network. Terri sends an IP packet to one of the company's switches with ACK bit and the source address of her machine set. What is Terri trying to accomplish by sending this IP packet? Which of the following Wi-Fi chalking methods refers to drawing symbols in public places to advertise open Wi-Fi networks? Which is not a part of environmental conditions of a forensics lab? Computer forensics report provides detailed information on complete computer forensics investigation process. It should explain how the incident occurred, provide technical details of the incident and should be clear to understand. Which of the following attributes of a forensics report can render it inadmissible in a court of law? Area density refers to: What operating system would respond to the following command? Which of the following statements is incorrect related to acquiring electronic evidence at crime scene? You are working as an investigator for a corporation and you have just received instructions from your manager to assist in the collection of 15 hard drives that are part of an ongoing investigation. Your job is to complete the required evidence custody forms to properly document each piece of evidence as it is collected by other members of your team. Your manager instructs you to complete one multi-evidence form for the entire case and a single-evidence form for each hard drive. How will these forms be stored to help preserve the chain of custody of the case? Which of the following email headers specifies an address for mailer-generated errors, like "no such user" bounce messages, to go to (instead of the sender's address)? Which is a standard procedure to perform during all computer forensics investigations? You are the network administrator for a small bank in Dallas, Texas. To ensure network security, you enact a security policy that reQuires all users to have 14 character passwords. After giving your users 2 weeks notice, you change the Group Policy to force 14 character passwords. A week later you dump the SAM database from the standalone server and run a password-cracking tool against it. Over 99% of the passwords are broken within an hour. Why were these passwords cracked so Quickly? What is static executable file analysis? Which of the following network attacks refers to sending huge volumes of email to an address in an attempt to overflow the mailbox, or overwhelm the server where the email address is hosted, to cause a denial-of-service attack? What must be obtained before an investigation is carried out at a location? If you discover a criminal act while investigating a corporate policy abuse, it becomes a public- sector investigation and should be referred to law enforcement? International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) is a 15-dlgit number that indicates the manufacturer, model type, and country of approval for GSM devices. The first eight digits of an IMEI number that provide information about the model and origin of the mobile device is also known as: To preserve digital evidence, an investigator should ____________________ Which of the following password cracking techniques works like a dictionary attack, but adds some numbers and symbols to the words from the dictionary and tries to crack the password? In what circumstances would you conduct searches without a warrant? In the context of file deletion process, which of the following statement holds true? Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a data encryption method for WLANs based on 802.11 standards. Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) enhances WEP by adding a rekeying mechanism to provide fresh encryption and integrity keys. Temporal keys are changed for every____________. The efforts to obtain information before a trial by demanding documents, depositions, questions and answers written under oath, written requests for admissions of fact, and examination of the scene is a description of what legal term? Damaged portions of a disk on which no read/Write operation can be performed is known as ______________. E-mail logs contain which of the following information to help you in your investigation? (Select up to 4) An "idle" system is also referred to as what? The status of the network interface cards (NICs) connected to a system gives information about whether the system is connected to a wireless access point and what IP address is being used. Which command displays the network configuration of the NICs on the system? When a file is deleted by Windows Explorer or through the MS-DOS delete command, the operating system inserts _______________ in the first letter position of the filename in the FAT database. You are working on a thesis for your doctorate degree in Computer Science. Your thesis is based on HTML, DHTML, and other web-based languages and how they have evolved over the years. You navigate to archive. org and view the HTML code of news.com. You then navigate to the current news.com website and copy over the source code. While searching through the code, you come across something abnormal: What have you found? Jim performed a vulnerability analysis on his network and found no potential problems. He runs another utility that executes exploits against his system to verify the results of the vulnerability test. The second utility executes five known exploits against his network in which the vulnerability analysis said were not exploitable. What kind of results did Jim receive from his vulnerability analysis? Data Acquisition is the process of imaging or otherwise obtaining information from a digital device and its peripheral equipment and media Which table is used to convert huge word lists (i .e. dictionary files and brute-force lists) into password hashes? What is the first step that needs to be carried out to investigate wireless attacks? What is a good security method to prevent unauthorized users from "tailgating"? You have used a newly released forensic investigation tool, which doesn't meet the Daubert Test, during a case. The case has ended-up in court. What argument could the defense make to weaken your case? Which of the following steganography types hides the secret message in a specifically designed pattern on the document that is unclear to the average reader? With Regard to using an Antivirus scanner during a computer forensics investigation, You should: It takes _____________ mismanaged case/s to ruin your professional reputation as a computer forensics examiner? Billy, a computer forensics expert, has recovered a large number of DBX files during forensic investigation of a laptop. Which of the following email clients he can use to analyze the DBX files? Which of the following commands shows you the username and IP address used to access the system via a remote login session and the Type of client from which they are accessing the system? Depending upon the Jurisdictional areas, different laws apply to different incidents. Which of the following law is related to fraud and related activity in connection with computers?

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