3107 - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Example Questions

What can a Topology Hiding Profile hide? In which interface can you view current SBC system alarms? Which pair of elements are configured in a Server Profile? Where can you find details of SBC operational problems? When installing either configuration on the same hardware, which statement describes the relationship between the standalone SBC and the SBC + EMS ("all-in-one")? What call procedure ensures that the SBC is configured properly for SIP trunking? You have successfully installed the Session Broker Controller Enterprise (SBCE) and want to log in to the CLI. Which port and protocol must you use for CLI access? In the EMS GUI, how do you identify the standby Session Border Controller (SBC) in a High Availability configuration? What is the function of the SBC routing profile? When performing an upgrade on a High Availability system, in which order do you upgrade the servers? Why can you not select an Installation type of "EMS + UC-Sec" for a high Availability (duplicated) configuration? Where can Session Border Controller (SBC) backups be stored? Which entity can also function as the Personal Profile Manager (PPM) for a Remote worker cluster? Which of the SBC administrative accounts has the least system access and privileges? For which users is the Avaya SBC Remote Worker configuration typically implemented? Which troubleshooting capability is useful for monitoring a single telephone (URI)? If the Remote Worker cluster is using a Real Server IP and Real Server Port, over which protocols are these registration requests routed? As part of the Mobile Workspace (Remote Worker) administration, what does cluster administration do? How many networks are subnets are required to commission the SBC and implement SIP trunking on an SBC located in the DMZ? In general, under which condition is an SBC alarm triggered? What is the primary reason for implementing a session border controller? The site survey gathers what kind of information? Prior to installing a Session Border Controller (SBC), which action would highlight a problem with inadequate customer network bandwidth? In a High Availability configuration, which components require the Network Passphrase authentication? In which two flows are Signaling Interfaces administered in SIP trunking? What does deploying the Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise (SBCE) in the "DMZ" mean? In which two flows are Server Flows administered in SIP trunking? You have been asked to create and apply a Time of Day (ToD) domain policy to secure a SIP trunk. What is the correct order of the policy application sequence? What kind and how many routing profiles are required for a SIP trunk? What do Media Interfaces define? How do you view SBC Call Trace information? Which configuration requires a separate (standalone) Element Management System (EMS)? Where do you implement the restriction that equipment can make calls only during a defined period of the day? Which statement describes the best practice regarding the security features for the Avaya SBC Remote Worker configuration? Which condition can alert you of a problem with the SBC? When Integrated with IP Office, which statement describes the SSL VPN connection for SBC remote access? What is the Received Interfaced that is defined in Call Server Flow administration? What are the essential steps to administer a Signaling Interface? Which file is a manually created backup? What do Server Profiles define? In a High Availability (duplicated SBC) configuration, which interfaces carry the heartbeat information? Which element can signaling manipulation modify? For Enterprise SBC customers integrated with Communication Manager or Communication Server 1000, which remote access connection model do they use? What is the recommended interface for the Ethernet Management System (EMS) in a standalone or co-resident configuration? Why is the DB9-to-DB9 or the RJ45-terminated serial cable that is shipped with the SBC necessary for installing the SBC? To which two entities does a Server Profile apply? To alter how the enterprise network appears to the outside world, which type of SBC administration will change the SIP message parameters? What is an example of a confidentiality attack? What are the three essential elements of a SIP trunk? Signaling manipulation relies on which primary scripting language?