3103 - Radvision Scopia Solution for Video Communications Exam

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Example Questions

After using the system for more than a year, a company decides to add support for scheduling. Which Radvision Scopia® solution component needs to be added? Which statement about scheduling a meeting is correct? Which two statements regarding the use of UDP port and Tunneling options by the Scopia® Desktop Client are correct? (Choose two.) What is the maximum High Definition (HD) resolution supported by SCOPIA XT Desktop? Which statement is correct when the MCU service is set Strong Encryption Required mode? Which three Interfaces are available for scheduling an iVIEW conference? (Choose three) Which activity cannot be performed by an MCU operator? Is registration to a Gatekeeper or SIP Proxy required when using the Video IVR/Auto Attendant? What is the minimum number of ports that need to be opened on the firewall to enable connectivity through the PathFinder server? Through which operation can new meeting types for iVIEW be created? What role must a user have to change PathFinder server configuration from the web interface? Which DTMF type is supported by the MCU? An organization is expanding and would like to add video conferencing to all the 10 meeting rooms they have. Which is the most cost effective conferencing solution for the organization, if concurrent meetings are required? How can you limit the default call bandwidth for a specific user in a deployment that includes the iVIEW Management Suite? When can the No-Self-See feature be applied during a conference? What is the maximum High Definition (HD) resolution supported by the Elite MCU? How do you enable dual NIC support on the PathFinder? How do you schedule a video meeting from Microsoft Outlook? Which two parameters can be defined under Scopia® Desktop Administration for Desktop Administrator for Desktop client video quality and connectivity? (Choose two.) What are two indicators that connectivity to the MCU is lost? (Choose two) In which slot can you insert the Master Blade in the Scopia® Elite 5000 series 3U chassis? Does the MCU support mixing H-323 and SIP terminals in the same conference? Given the Raise-Hand option is enabled in the Scopia® Desktop Administrator Client tab, when is this feature available during the conference? What connectivity method(s) are available for H.323 clients to dial-in into the PathFinder server? Which statement regarding the difference between Geo cascading and Capacity cascading is correct? When outside the company and traversing a firewall, which port does not a Scopia® Desktop Client need to use in order to connect to the server? When using the SCOPIA XT Desktop, what additional hardware is required? How do you configure an Audio-only service in the MCU? What is the purpose of the STUN server in a Scopia® Desktop deployment? Your organization is planning to implement a visual communications solution. You have approximately 25 employees with one main meeting room. The requirement is to be able to join meetings from both the meeting room (with H.323 and SIP) and the desktop. Which deployment scenario will satisfy the requirements for only one conference at a time? Which specification regarding a Radvision Scopia® Elite MCU deployment is correct? Which two tools can be used to troubleshoot call failures? (Choose two) How can you dial to the video IVR/Auto Attendant? (Choose two.) What must you ensure if you want to work with virtual rooms? (Choose two.) When iVIEW Management Suite is configured to use Directory Integration, how are users authenticated? (Choose three.) If a call from an H.323 endpoint to a Scopia® Desktop Client fails, which two logs are required to determine the root cause? (Choose two.) Which statement regarding tin resolution supported by MCU is correct? Which two actions are not available for Moderators when using Elite MCU DTMF conference control? (Choose two.) Which statement regarding Telepresence is correct?