3101 - Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging - Embedded Maintenance and Troubleshooting Exam

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Example Questions

Which two functionalities does Avaya Aura® Utility Server provide? (Choose two) You are configuring a subscriber's mailbox and need to enable the call answer and other standard mailbox capabilities. Which type of permission should you choose to allow both capabilities? Which command would you use to determine whether an LSP is registering with Communication Manager? Communication Manager Messaging users are reporting that their message lights do not come on when broadcast messages are delivered to their mailboxes. How can this be resolved? If you need to investigate increased activity or unusual usage patterns, such as a heavy call volume on ports assigned to out-calling in Communication Manager Messaging, which report will help establish traffic trends? Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.x designed to preserve calls during a failover and failback. Which statement describes call preservation during failover and failback? Which two SAT commands are useful in monitoring overall system performance? (Choose two) You are planning a Communication Manager update What two methods can be used to determine whether the update is service affecting? (Choose two) Which action should be completed prior to installing a new service pack on Communication manager (CM)? In which failover scenario is the Alternate Gatekeeper List used? Which two types of violations does the Communication Manager Security Violation Notification (SVN) feature monitor and report? (Choose two.) You need to create a now mailbox so that subscriber can send priority mail messages and file attachments using Internet Messaging. How do you enable a subscriber to send priority mail messages and file attachments using internet Messaging from the Messaging/ Administration > Subscriber Management COS Sections > PERMISSIONS > menu? When using SIP integration for Communication Manager Messaging and fax Messaging is going to be used, to what should the mode for fax on the ip-codec-set form be set? A mailbox must have a valid entry in the Type Field. Which four options can you use In the Type field for a subscriber mailbox? Avaya Communication Manager uses the International Telephone union's Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) Recommendations for Voice over IP (VoIP) Which two ITU-T protocols suites does Communication Manager use? (Choose two) Avaya Communication Manager uses Network Regions for network bandwidth efficiency and to help ensure voice quality. Which statement describes the group for which Network Regions was designed? How many Call Answer ports are supported in Communication Manager Messaging 6.0? Avaya communication Manager utilizes several timers that facilitate gateway and endpoint recovery when either is disconnected from their respective resources. Which types of link recovery does Communication Manager Support? Avaya Communication Manager (CM) translations and data sets on saved and managed through two CM Interfaces: the System Access Terminal (SAT) and the System Manage Interface (SMI). Which statement states how you use these two interfaces to manager translation and data? Avaya Aura System Platform (SP) is necessary for all Communication Manager (CM) Release 6.0 and higher. What procedures do you use to update system platform supporting duplex services without interrupting service? A subscriber is connected to the server through a LAN session and accesses the subscriber mailbox using an email client but is not able to download message on the client computer. (Choose Two) Which linux command allows you to see what updates are currently loaded on Communication manager and CM Messaging? Which audit checks and deletes new, old, and unopened messages that exceed maximum retention time? In which two Interfaces can you look up a registered branch gateway serial number? (Choose two) Which two switching processes work together in an external call process setup? (Choose two) You need to perform an encrypted backup of all the data types from Monday through Friday. You want to ensure that a recurring backup is done using FTP and it begins at 9:30 AM. From the Administration/ Server (Maintenance) menu, which option should you choose? In Which three places can you look up the branch gateway firmware version? (Choose three) A technician is initially dispatched to diagnose a system issue. A DSI connection is receiving slips and timing errors. What steps should the technician take to diagnose the problem? Which two statements are true about shuffling? (Choose two.) The Communication manager trunk group that carries calls to Communication Manager Messaging in H.323 integration should have which option in the Group Type field? Which SAT command lists the status of LSPs and ESSs? The main server has failed and several G650 gateways have reconnected to alternate servers. What mechanism controls G650 failover? You are performing an update of Communication Manager Messaging (CMM). How do you update the Communication Manager Messaging software beginning in release 6.0.1? Avaya Communication Manager 6.0 offers the Feature and Evolution server options. Which two IP station protocols do the Feature and Evolution server options support? (Choose two) Which administrable Quality of Service (QoS) parameter can minimize packet delay, and thus improve voice quality? A user is unable to complete a call and you have initially determined that the user dialed a valid number. You have replicated the conditions and have run a list trace station report; however you would like a complementary log file to confirm the report. A subscriber is locked out of the messaging system after three unsuccessful login attempts. The administrator needs to unlock the subscriber's mailbox. Which basic parameter from the messaging/Administration> Subscriber management > Manage > menu should the administrator edit to unlock the subscriber's mailbox? It is 10 AM and you are responsible For maintaining a Communication Manager System. Your local electric company just Informed you that there will be a power outage between 6-10 PM tonight. At 1PM you are expected to add equipment, extensions, and mailbox for four temporary workers who are working onsite through tomorrow afternoon. Your regular CM (full) backup is scheduled for 9 PM but it does not include CMM. What information should you save, at what Interface, and when to ensure that there are no problems tomorrow morning? When making a call outside of the system, a user periodically gets an audio message, "cannot complete call as dialed." Which commands helps diagnose this problem? An IP telephone is registered and has dial tone, but Telephones In the same work area work properly. What Is the likely source of the problem? You are calling a station and it continues to ring but does not go to voicemail. The Communication Manager Messaging hunt group number can be called and It works fine. What can the problem be? With the trend toward convergence, more customers have been connecting their port networks at remote locations across a WAN connection from Communication Manager. Which timing consideration typically affects these remote port networks? Your company has received notice that Communication Manager (CM) update is available, and CM update also requires an update to System Platform (SP) How, and In what order, do you perform the updates? A user is a new employee of ABC Co. and their manager supplies them with 9600 desktop IP telephone and login information and tells the user to plug the cord into the jack near their desk. The user plugs in the telephone, lifts the handset, but there is no dial tone and call cannot be made. What should the user do? (Choose two) How would you configure auto attendant so that mailbox number is announced first when a call connects directly into mailbox or extension? Which command can you use to troubleshoot port network routing/tracing problems to devices greater than six hops away? You have administered a mailbox as an auto attendant but calls are not redirected when a presses 0 or *0. Which option is most likely cause? Users at a branch office report that they can make and receive calls, but the system is behaving differently: 1. Caller ID previously displayed on incoming outside calls but does not now The name and number of the calling party displays on internal calls but is different now Users can place callers on hold, but there is no music on hold while the caller is waiting What condition explains the system behavior? You periodically run traffic measurement reports to monitor system performance. From the Administration/Messaging web interface Server reports menu, you select the following traffic measurements requirements: Type: Feature Cycle: Hourly Start Date: March 1 2011 Hour 8 If today is March 3 2011, what information would you expect the report to return? Which non-Communication Manager tool or interface is helpful in monitoring virtual machines like Communication Manager Release 6.0?