3001 - Avaya IP Office Configuration and Maintenance Exam

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Example Questions

If ISDN/PRI calls are getting dropped, which tool should be used to troubleshoot the issue? When testing an implementation, users are attempting to dial out of the system and they receive the message "Incompatible" on the display of their telephones, and the call fails. What is the cause of the problem? When implementing a fully integrated multi-site network using only IP500 control units, which license is required to be on all sites? Where can additional IP Office Service User logins be setup? During the installation process of one X® Portal, which application is requested if it is not already installed on the Windows server? Calls into the IP500 are not ringing to the expected user. Which statement correctly describes how the Call routing is validated? Which method will avoid corruption of the data on the SD card when removing the SD card? A customer has a help desk call center with 50 agents. Agent time on call are billable to the clients calling in. which combination of features best meets their needs? A customer is installing an IP500v2 with one hundred 1600 series IP Phones. The customer has an existing Juniper VPN gateway for their remote workers and would like to provide hard telephones for their remote workers to login at home. What is needed to accomplish this? What is the format for an ARS short rode to dial a telephone number on a SIP line with Trunk ID 20? A customer wants to deploy 9600 series IP telephones to all desktops. The desktop computers have 10/100 Ethernet interfaces and will connect to the telephones Which two options would meet the minimum requirements? (Choose two.) Which license will enable VoiceMail Pro database interactions? Which application can be used in conjunction with one-X® Portal to provide full softphone and call handling capability for users? After an IP Office upgrade, the customer reports that "Please Wait" continuously appears on the 5420 DS telephone. What will resolve the problem? Which type of trunking is used between nodes on a Small Community Network (SCN)? The Customer Call Reporter(CCR)installation is now completed, but a user with the name `'Agent 1'is not showing in the CCR Web page. What should the telephone number field N in an ARS short code look like if you want to send out caller ID for the number 3033211234 on an ISDN/PRI line? A customer has UMS enabled on their VoiceMail Pro server. They wish to use Microsoft Outlook to retrieve voicemail messages and are not using Microsoft Exchange as the message store. Which protocol must be configured in Microsoft Outlook to access their messages? Which line must be added to the 46vpnsetting.txt file to inform 4600 Series VPN remote telephones to use IP Office licensing? What is the maximum number of digital stations that would be supported on an IP500 chassis with three DS cards and a combo card? A customer uses a call accounting system and account codes in the IP Office to keep track of billable spent with their clients when on the telephone. They want to have the IP Office automatically associate the account code when calls are made to or from their clients. Your customer wants to have a backup scheme for VoiceMail Pro. Which application can be used to back up the VoiceMail Pro database? A customer has multiple IP Offices connected using IP trunks. The systems have installed and working for over three years. Users recently are reporting that they are not able to dail between sites. Which three actions would be considered best practice approaches for resolving the issue? (Choose three.) On the IP Office SIP line, the customer has marked the Network Topology to "None". The IP Office STUN program is run on IP Office LAN1 and the results show "Symmetric Firewall" on LAN2. How would IP Office route SIP calls? From which application are log files required for escalating issues to Avaya support? Which IP office application can be installed on the same server as CCR? Which two are power options for IP telephones on the IP Office? (Choose two.) An existing IP Office customer currently has an IP500 with l4 analog trunks, thirty 2420 digital stations and 16 fax machines connected to their IP office. They have purchased a 24/30 channel ISDN line from their provider to upgrade the trunk capacity of the system. What must be added to the IP Office to make this work? A customer has an IP500 and wants to install 28 IP hard telephones and 20 Digital telephones at the main site. A single PRI circuit is used for incoming and outgoing calls. A dedicated VoiceMail Pro server will be used for incoming call flows and user voicemail. Incoming calls are being dropped when hitting the auto attendant in VoiceMail Pro. You have gathered the latest configuration, data/time of failure, and incoming caller information. What other information should you gather to troubleshoot this issue? The design for an IP Office has two locations. They will need telephones, voicemail, and meet-me conferencing ability. They will have a PRI at the main office and the remote office will use the main office PRI for inbound and outbound calls. The main site has 40 users and one fax machine. The remote site has 15 users and one fax machine. Which cards and modules are required in the IP Office at the main site to support all digital telephones? Which outcome can be prevented with a correctly designed multi-site SCN solution? A customer is installing ContactStore 7.8 on a separate Windows server from the VoiceMail Pro Server. What must be set in the servers so that the recordings move from the voicemail server to the ContactStore server? An IP Office CCR administrator examines a CCR agent's user profile in Manager. The administrator discovers that on the user's Telephony tab the "Forced Login" checked box is grayed out. What does this mean? An IP Office with Embedded Voicemail (EVM) has the time set using the system telephone. Each time the IP Office reboots the time changes to the wrong time. Which Windows command can be used to determine if there is a time server on the network causing the change? In Windows Services, which tab would you use to allow the VoiceMail Pro service to run as a specific user? A customer has an IP500 with one server running the IP Office Admin package (Manager, Monitor, System Status). Which application CANNOT be installed on the server without impacting the IP Office Admin package functionality? A CEO has a dedicated line for private incoming calls. As the company does not use voicemail, the CEO would like these calls to be routed to the Sales hunt group, if "Do Not Disturb" has been set up. Which two steps are needed to create the incoming Call Route (ICR) to meet the CEOs needs? (Choose two.) A customer want to take advantage of the VPN software integrated into IP Phones without replacing all of their IP Phones. Which model of IP Phones can be converted to VPN Phones with a .bin file upgrade? When configuring an SCN backup link on the IP Office, what is the maximum number of links that can be programmed on a system? Which application can be used to show available resources in an IP500v2? Which applications are provided with an IP Office Application Server DVD? (Choose two.) Which method can be used to verify if the IP telephone .bin files have been upgraded? Before attempting to connect an IP Office to a one-X® Portal server, which settings must you check? The Customer Call Reporter (CCR) server IP address is After installing CCR and creating a Supervisor, what is the correct link for a CCR Agent to login? A customer wants to implement the Avaya IP Office solution. They have five analog lines and would like implement a basic four-port voicemail with an Auto Attendant. They would like to use one-X Portal for five users. What is the minimum number of servers they will need to accomplish this? Which IP Office Small Community Networking (SCN) feature ran help free up VCM resources site when calling from one remote site to another remote site? When planning an IP Office upgrade to a new software version, which four factors should be considered before upgrading? (Choose four.) Which Windows command is used to determine which ports the server is currently using? A customer has an IP500v2 and would like the ability to monitor the IP Office system resources from anywhere in the network. Which two will allow thorn to do this? (Choose two.) A customer wants to set up two IP500v2 Office control units at different sites. They want to automatically exchange Information about users and extensions, allowing remote users to be called without any additional configuration on the local IP Office. Which H.323 supplementary service signaling method do you implement?